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7 Artificial Plants and Flowers You Need To Know 


For many people, one of the best ways to add some life to an otherwise dull space is by adding plants and flowers to it. By eliminating the need to water and care for them, artificial plants and flowers are growing in popularity, and the best types look identical to the real ones. Everything from artificial lavender to hanging plants to eucalyptus stems are being heavily sought after by today’s consumers.

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Market value of artificial plants and flowers
7 artificial plants and flowers to spruce up any space
Will artificial plants and flowers continue the upward trend?

Market value of artificial plants and flowers

The rise in use of artificial plants and flowers comes down to a number of factors. Some of these include gift-giving, being used for interior design, adding a luxurious touch to stores and supermarkets, and being used in gardens as replacements for real plants. What the market is seeing is that more consumers, who have less time on their hands due to a busy lifestyle, are turning to artificial plants and flowers that don’t need any maintenance.

By 2028 the artificial plants and flowers market is expected to grow by a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.15%, making it worth approximately USD 780.3 million and this number is expected to continue its growth after this date. Use in the commercial sector as well as millennials looking for aesthetic convenience and an easy way to replicate exotic plants are growing factors behind this steady rise. 

three hanging baskets with green plants inside a building

7 artificial plants and flowers to spruce up any space

The most popular types of artificial plants and flowers can vary depending on where they’ll be used by the consumer. Hanging plants, eucalyptus stems, mini succulents, small palm trees, and potted plants are all trending types of artificial plants today, with lavender and orchids coming out on top in terms of artificial flowers. 

Hanging plants

For consumers who have less space in their homes than others, hanging plants are a great alternative to traditional potted plants. These plants help to bring home decoration to another level, and are popular with parties and weddings too. By having the hanging plant at eye level, consumers are able to display their artificial plants on different tiers and create an oasis in any space. 

Various artificial hanging plants inside a white room with furniture

Eucalyptus stem

Not everyone wants a large plant or flower bouquet to decorate their space, which is where the stem comes in. The Eucalyptus stem offers a modern look to a space, and pairs well with a thin vase or as part of a decoration for an invitation or table setting. The powder technology used on the leaves gives the artificial plant a more realistic feel to it and a natural look which consumers can’t get enough of.

Collection of eucalyptus stems coming out of a glass bottle

Mini succulents

Although succulents are known as a hardy plant and require almost no maintenance, many consumers are still turning to artificial mini succulents. These succulents often come in small plant pots and are regularly used in home offices and other indoor spaces as decorations. Whereas real succulents struggle with too much or too little sunlight and water, artificial succulents can be placed anywhere with no hassle. 

Three small artificial succulents sitting in rustic pots

Small palm trees

For consumers wanting a more tropical feel to their space, whether that be at home, at work, or within the hospitality industry, artificial palm trees are a big hit. This type of small palm tree is made of silk fabric leaves and a metal frame trunk that’s covered by fiberglass. Sitting at just over 3 meters tall, it’s easy to place inside or outside, and will give the space a more relaxing feel to it.

Small artificial palm tree in a white pot

Lavender bouquet

Artificial plants are not a new concept in the design world, but there are certain plants and flowers that are more popular than others with today’s consumers. The artificial lavender bouquet is proving to be a hot commodity within the hospitality sector as well as home design. They create a sense of calmness in a space, and the purple tone helps to bring some color into the room as well. 

The lavender bouquet can easily be combined with other artificial plants and flowers, and is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. The plastic material used to make the plants means that there will be little to no maintenance needed and they will last for a long period of time.

Small bundle of lavender tied with purple and white ribbon


Flowers are a popular way of decorating an interior space, but they don’t last forever. Artificial flowers are becoming the norm now, with orchids leading the way. Artificial orchids are maintenance free since no petals fall off, can be enjoyed all day and year round, and offer an identical visual impact and feel as real orchids. Consumers love the fact that they can have orchids in their space whenever they want and without the need to constantly replace them. 

Blossomed white orchids in a painted vase against gray wall

Potted plant

In recent years, artificial plants and flowers have become more realistic than ever. Artificial potted plants now take on a completely real appearance, and include all types of plants imaginable. Faux potted plants provide all the benefits of real plants but without the maintenance and negative components, such as constantly replacing them. The ceramic potted plant, for example, offers a traditional plant pot that works both inside and outside, and is what many consumers are looking for.

miniature artificial bonsai plant in a gray ornate pot

Will artificial plants and flowers continue the upward trend?

New technologies in recent years have enabled artificial plants and flowers to take on a more realistic look, and it’s a look that’s appealing to more and more people. While artificial succulents, palm trees, eucalyptus stems and potted plants are all making their mark with consumers, the artificial plants and flowers market is also seeing a rise in the amount of artificial potted plants, lavender bouquets, and flowers, such as orchids, being purchased.
Today’s consumers want plants that are readily available but take up no extra time from their already busy schedules, which is why artificial plants and flowers are expected to grow in popularity in the future. They’re the perfect accessory to have in the home, at work, or to decorate an otherwise ordinary entryway.

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