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6 New Trends in Women’s Skirts for 2023


Demand for women’s skirts is bolstered by trendy designs and product innovations. There are many exciting new trends in women’s skirts that have customers racing to update their wardrobes this year. These are the newest trends in women’s skirts business buyers should take advantage of in 2023.

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Learn about the dress and skirt market
Trends in women’s skirts for 2023
Stay updated on trends in women’s clothing

Learn about the dress and skirt market

In 2023, global revenue in the dresses and skirts segment of the women’s clothing market amounts to USD 101.4 billion. The market is estimated to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 2.86% from 2023 to 2027.

Trendy and vibrant designs are expected to drive the growth of the skirt segment as customers begin to pay more attention to aesthetics. The cellulosic material segment is also projected to make major gains in the market. Cellulosic fiber is made from the processing of wood pulp or cotton and is used to make fabrics such as denim, corduroy, and organza. The fiber is expected to register the highest growth rate over the forecast period with a CAGR of 6.5% as demand for eco-friendly and sustainable products continues. 

Trends in women’s skirts for 2023

Denim skirt

Light wash denim column midi skirt
Long denim skirt with slits

Denim skirts have been upgraded this year with longer lengths. The denim column skirt is a hot trend seen on runways, social media, and celebrities including Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid. This type of denim skirt can come in any wash or color of denim and is often designed with a slit in the front to make it easier to walk and to show off the legs. For a vintage touch, denim skirts can even be created with a patchwork design.

A long denim skirt is versatile enough to be worn across all seasons. It can be dressed up for the fall and winter season with knee-high boots and a cropped jacket or dressed down during the spring and summer season with a shirt and sandals. To appeal to the youth market, Blumarine added utility pockets to its denim skirts, while Andreadamo used a crossed low-rise waistband to reference Y2K styling.

Midi skirt

Woman in black long pencil skirt
Woman wearing beige cargo midi skirt

The midi skirt is a staple item of womenswear for 2023. A midi skirt is designed to end below the middle of the calf and above the ankle and can range from narrow to wide. A key silhouette for the midi skirt this year is fitted and sculpted like a pencil skirt. 

Pencil midi skirts made from soft leather are appropriate for the office, while patent leather or printed midi skirts make bold statements for after-work drinks at the bar. However, to enable movement in skirts that combine long lengths with form-fitting cuts, stretchy fabrics such as jersey and design elements like thigh-high slits will ensure midi pencil skirts remain practical for day-to-day wear. For younger customers, simple slip skirts in silk or satin that are longer than knee-length can be easily paired with shoes like white sneakers for a casual look.

Cargo skirt

Women’s cargo mini skirt with belt
Blue checkered pleated mini cargo skirt

Cargo bottoms are a big item in fashion this year and skirts are no exception to the trend. Cargo skirts are generally made from denim, green or beige khaki, or water-resistant polyamide. They can come with effortless details like oversized utility pockets, belt loops, side buckle fastenings, or drawstring waists. Design elements like high slits or shorter lengths will help prevent a cargo skirt from looking too heavy. 

For customers interested in an elegant version of the cargo skirt, a pleated cargo skirt combines utilitarian design with feminine touches. Long cargo skirts with knife pleats can also come in pastel shades or jewel tones and asymmetrical hemlines for a trendy and flowy look. 

Mermaid skirt

Red gingham midi skirt with ruffled hem
Light blue mini skirt with ruffles

As inspired by the latest Little Mermaid movie reboot, mermaid skirts are a hot new trend for 2023. The mermaidcore aesthetic is gaining traction among younger women on social media, and even high-end brands are producing skirts reminiscent of a mermaid’s tail. 

A mermaid skirt is often produced in aquatic colors like blue, green, or purple. They feature unique details like ruching down the front or side of the skirt, a V waist, iridescent sequins, or a ruffled hem. Ruffled mermaid hemlines are fitted from the waist to below the knees and flare out at the bottom. To complete the look, customers may pair a long mermaid skirt with a crop top in a different or matching color. 

Crochet skirt

Woman wearing long cream crochet skirt

A crochet skirt is a fresh and trendy addition to any wardrobe. Crochet is a type of needlework where loops of yarn are hooked together to create a fabric that is hollowed out and see-through. Skirts produced using the crochet method will generally be made from thinner, lightweight yarn and be designed tighter to the body. 

Crochet skirts in midi or maxi lengths will often feature an inner slip in a shorter length to show off skin during the summer. For customers going to a music festival or the beach, crochet skirts can also be worn with only a bodysuit or bikini bottom underneath. Businesses are advised to offer a variety of unique crochet patterns in bright summer colors. A fringe trim can also be added to the hem of the skirt for a bohemian design. 

Mini skirt

Woman in black denim miniskirt with belt
Woman wearing white pleated A-line tennis skirt

In contrast to the midi skirt trend, mini skirts inspired by 1990s silhouettes are also influencing the fashion industry. Mini skirts are skirts that have hemlines several inches above the knee and continue to be seen across catwalks, fashion editorials, and street style.

A mini skirt can be designed as form-fitting, A-line, or straight cut. Short lengths will be key for young and trend-driven customers, particularly short denim skirts with a large buckle belt. Customers may also be interested in pleated school-girl mini skirts or practical short cotton cargo skirts. Ultimately, any retro-inspired design that references the iconic ensembles of old-school Britney Spears or Paris Hilton will be perfect for a playful and flirty night out with friends. 

To appeal to a wider customer base, pleated white tennis skirts worn with sweaters and minimal accessories are also rising in popularity as the athleisure trend continues to show no sign of slowing down.

Stay updated on trends in women’s clothing

There are many new trends in women’s skirts this year that are making a spot for themselves in customers’ closets. Column denim skirts and midi skirts are celebrating the versatility of longer lengths, while cargo skirts, mermaid skirts, and crochet skirts are taking the spotlight as hot rising trends. Lastly, mini skirts are a persistent trend that remains popular among customers who are fans of 1990s styling.

Although early noughties styling has been trending for a few years now, the fashion industry is also witnessing an upcoming consumer shift toward minimalism and vintage designs from other eras. There have been many high fashion brands revisiting their archival pieces from different decades for celebrities on the red carpet. In addition to staying up to date on trends that will go beyond Y2K influences, businesses should prepare to continuously introduce new retro styles to remain relevant in the women’s clothing market.

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