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5 Frenzy Women’s Skirts Consumers Would Love in Spring/Summer 2023


Women’s skirts are gaining traction in 2022—thanks to the sunny and hot weather. Skirts enable free movement during outdoor activities, making them crucial items this summer and spring seasons. Regardless of the event, consumers can enjoy trendy looks with these refreshing trends.

Unarguably, many skirt trends are making waves on the market. But this article will feature five trends that will leave people flattered when ladies wear them outdoors. 

Retailers must leverage these trends for a chance to boost revenues in S/S 2023. Keep reading to discover more about these stylish trends.

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How big is the women’s skirts market in 2023
Go for these five women’s skirt styles in 2023
The bottom line

How big is the women’s skirts market in 2023?

2021 revealed impressive stats for the global women’s skirts market. The industry registered a $154.91 billion value during this period. Reports also suggest that the market will continue its growth at a speedy CAGR of 5.0% from 2022 to 2028. 

Skirts come in various colors, designs, lengths, sizes, and styles, which helps keep the market fresh and drives its growth. The increasing female purchasing power and the rising population of working women are other factors pushing the skirt market’s expansion. Additionally, more manufacturers are shifting towards automatic machinery to boost production rates while lowering associated costs.

Various product innovations and designs will also modify the skirt’s aesthetics, helping to boost consumer demand over the forecast period.

Go for these five women’s skirt styles in 2023

Boho #sarongskirt

woman standing in a garden with brown boho skirt

Summer boho skirts revamp with a bang and are gaining traction this season because of how women can rock them effortlessly. The boho style showcases freedom, free-spiritedness, and a fun appeal, helping women express compassion and bravery.

These skirts are incredibly versatile and can match almost any wardrobe item. Women interested in the Bohemian style will love the boho skirt as a super addition to their closets. They come in a variety of earthy hues and tones to keep women cool on sunny days.

Boho #sarongskirts take a modern approach to sensuality by delivering a true elegant classic. Floral, fringes, and carefree vibes surround Bohemian skirts, making them summer essentials. They also give women a breezy and effortless look.

woman rocking a blue boho skirt

An A-line boho skirt is a trendy way to dress in a comfy and elegant bohemian style. They typically have lower hems in the mid-section and higher hems at the sides. One way women can wear this piece is by pairing it with a pleasant crop top.

Adjustable outdoor skirt

woman wearing a green adjustable skirt

As indoor lifestyles continue to lose prominence this season, outdoor skirts are starting their dominance in street styles and catwalks. These are midi skirts highlighting an A-line silhouette and combining casual with performance-driven features.

However, the outdoor skirt makes a boom this season with adjustable trims and details. With this feature, wearers can easily modify the piece to fit various body sizes and types. Outdoor skirts can look great with several wardrobe items.

Women can pair them with V-neck crop tops and belted trench coats. Opt for seasonal hues like white, orange, and brown to exude a more summer-appropriate vibe.

Adjustable outdoor skirts also look excellent with long-sleeve tops. Ladies can tuck black long sleeves in a brown outdoor skirt. This outfit is an effortless way to look elegant while staying comfortable.

woman posing on road with a black adjustable skirt

Cropped crotchet cardigans can make a side-slit outdoor skirt feel elevated. Ladies can wear a pair of leggings underneath for extra coverage or head in a more sensual direction by showing some skin.

Paneled lace skirt 

woman wearing a white lace skirt

Lace can be a classy and fun addition to any wardrobe. The same applies to lace skirts. They’re excellent for a variety of events and can accommodate several tops.

Paneled lace skirts make the piece slightly more eccentric. Panels add interesting details to plain pieces. Consumers can play around with contrasting colors and patterns for an edgy feel.

Tops with contrasting patterns can highlight a paneled lace skirt’s appeal. Although tops with solid colors work more for formal occasions, patterned variants can make the outfit more exciting for casual settings. For instance, women may consider wearing stripes, plaid, or polka dot tops with this item.

Polos matched with a lace skirt will give consumers a more preppy look. This outfit is adequate for semi-formal settings and can make bold statements for women wearing lace skirts to work. Tucked-in button-down polos have better resonance with paneled lace skirts.

woman posing with a lace skirt and sweater combo

Pairing leather tops with lace skirts will tap into the Bohemian style. Leather and lace have contrasting structures with exciting dynamics. Consumers can go full-leather by rocking a leather shirt or blouse. Alternatively, they can layer light leather jackets over another top.

Two-in-one skirt 

woman in a white two-in-one skirt posing on a field

Adaptable and multifunctional are essential features women can find in a two-in-one skirt. This functional style creates an avenue for ladies to effortlessly switch between casual and formal outings by tapping into workleisure trends.

The skirt comes with adjustable features for enhanced versatility, allowing wearers to make easy transformations. The overall design explores modularity with panels that regulate skirt length. Consumers can also enjoy add-on layers that enhance the modular feel and introduce mix and match to the piece.

Ladies can have fun with various color and pattern experiments, like pairing denim over cotton or floral patterns over plain prints. Two-in-one skirts have subtle zippers and buttons that attach extra layers to the piece while steering away from utility aesthetics.

woman rocking a red skirt with extra layers

Sleeveless blouses and crop tops look great with this skirt. Women can also wear an oversized short-sleeve shirt with a high-waisted two-in-one skirt. Wearers are free to tuck in the tops or add a jacket over the ensemble.

Sculptural miniskirt

woman standing in a garden with brown boho skirt

Mini skirts can be fashionable, fun, and cute items to wear. But they generally come with a feeling of being inappropriate, uncomfortable, or overexposed. However, sculptural miniskirts water those feeling down by offering sculptural wavy hemlines.

Ladies can consider a sculptural miniskirt with built-in shorts, or they can wear the piece over their favorite shorts. It will provide more coverage and make women feel comfortable in mini styles.

Loose shirts or cardigans make great pairs with sculptural miniskirts. Women that feel slightly uncomfortable with exposing much skin may love this style. The top would leave the skin showing to the mini skirt, adding some fantastic contrasts to the ensemble. Remember to keep the top light and thin for hotter days.

Woman flexing a black leather miniskirt

Wearers can take these skirts to a new level by layering tights or leggings underneath. Neutral colors like white and black can match any outfit. Consumers may explore various color combinations by opting for contrasting miniskirts and leggings.

The bottom line

As social events witness a much-needed revival, women seek more transitional pieces to switch between occasions effortlessly. Both sculptural miniskirts and two-in-one skirts allow women to experiment with length. The allure of the paneled lace, boho, and adjustable outdoor kilts will be their texture, volume, and print.

Businesses must continue experimenting with these versatile and comfortable trends to provide eye-catching offers in women’s clothing in S/S 2023.

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