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9 Factors to Consider When Choosing Nail Glue in 2024

Woman applying nail glue on her nails

Nail art has become very beautiful. From rhinestones to artificial nails, it seems female consumers can’t get enough of making their nails look gorgeous. But most of these attractive designs are only possible because of nail glues.

Nail glues are the secret behind creating eye-catching designs. They keep in place whatever design consumers want on their nails, making them intrinsic to nail maintenance. It’s no surprise then that most sellers are eager to know how to choose the ideal solution for their nails.

This article will guide businesses through everything they need to consider when stocking up on nail glues in 2024.

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How fast is the nail glue market growing?
9 factors to consider when choosing nail glues
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How fast is the nail glue market growing?

Research shows that the nail glue market size was USD1.15 billion in 2022, with experts predicting it will grow at a 7.3% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) over the forecast period (2023 to 2030).  Nail glue is a popular product for consumers who love artificial nails over natural ones, which experts predict will propel market growth.

Other significant drivers include the increasing awareness of nail care, availability of a wide variety, product convenience, and increase in at-home nail care. Solid-color nail glue emerged as the dominant segment in the global market.

Regionally, North America is the largest nail glue market, with the U.S. being a significant contributor. Europe is the next biggest market because the United Kingdom, France, and Germany are major contributors.

9 factors to consider when choosing nail glues

Glue type

Woman holding a bottle of nail glue on a table

Selecting the right glue type is the most critical aspect of choosing nail glue. It determines how secure and long-lasting the bond will be for the art or artificial nails. Based on this, sellers can select three types with unique formulations and benefits.

Here’s a closer look at each of them:

Cyanoacrylate (super glue)

Cyanoacrylate is popular for its fast-bonding nature.  This nail glue quickly creates a strong and durable bond, making it a popular choice for attaching artificial nails and art.

Even better, ‘super glue’ is incredibly versatile, allowing consumers to use it for various nail applications. However, sellers must ensure they’re getting formulas safe for artificial nails. That’s the only way to guarantee the glue is compatible with the nail materials.

Ethyl cyanoacrylate

Although it’s a variation of super glue, ethyl cyanoacrylate offers better flexibility. It’s incredibly beneficial for artificial nails, as the bond won’t become too rigid and risk damaging the nails.


This glue is the best option for professionals in salon settings. Their formulas are strong and durable enough for various nail applications. However, using this glue requires skillful application due to its potent bonding capabilities—a small mistake with methacrylate may require a lot of effort to fix.

Application method

Female applying nail glue with a brush

In addition to choosing the right type of nail glue, the application method also determines how precise and convenient using these products will be. However, nail glues can come with brush-on or nozzle applicators.

Brush-on applicators

  • Precision and control: Nail glues with brush-on applicators offer high-level precision and control. The brush allows consumers to distribute the glue evenly, ensuring it reaches all areas of the artificial nail for a secure bond.
  • Detail work: Brush applicators are the go-to for intricate and detailed nail designs due to their high precision. They’re also the perfect choice for ladies who prefer meticulous handwork.

Nozzle applicators

  • Ease of use: Nail glues with nozzle applicators are the easiest to use. They can release a controlled glue flow, simplifying the process for those new to nail art.
  • Efficiency: Nozzle applicators are more efficient at covering large areas quickly. Despite their lower precision, nozzle applicators are the most convenient options for handling broader nail surfaces.

Choosing between these types depends on consumer preference. If they value precision and enjoy detailed nail art, brush-on applicators will be their preferred choice. Contrarily, nozzle applicators will help streamline the process if they prefer simplicity and efficiency.

Clear or colored

Lady fixing white artificial nails

Another aspect businesses must decide is if their target consumers prefer their glue clear or colored. It usually depends on the overall aesthetic consumers want and their personal preferences.

Clear glue

Clear nail glue is incredibly versatile, making it an excellent choice for ladies who frequently change their nail colors. It blends seamlessly with any nail shade, allowing women to experiment with various hues—no worries about affecting the overall look!

Since clear glue dries transparent, it creates an almost invisible bond. For this reason, it’s a great option for women who prefer a natural or minimalist appearance and want the focus to be on the nail art or design.

Colored glue

Colored nail glue may be limited, but nonetheless can be found in various shades. This means buyers can choose colors to complement or match their artificial nails or natural nail beds. Colored glues are the best bet for creating cohesive and polished looks, especially with transparent or sheer artificial nails.

Another great thing about colored glue is how it conceals imperfections. It can hide gaps or mistakes between the natural and artificial nails, making the style look more seamless and flawless.


Woman with rhinestone showcasing nail glue

Unfortunately, nail glues can emit a strong odor, which some people may find offensive. Some consumers may react terribly to these unpleasant smells, especially those with sensitive noses or allergy-prone systems.

Thankfully, such consumers can explore low-odor formulations. Nail glues labeled “low odor” emit less pungent smells during application. So, they’re the go-to for ladies sensitive to strong odors. These glues also appeal to consumers who want a more comfortable and pleasant experience with their artificial nails.

But if consumers don’t mind the smell, businesses can offer standard nail glues. Although they have a more pronounced odor, they’re more effective and provide a stronger and more durable bond.

Water resistance

Woman using a bottle of nail glue

Will consumers engage in a lot of water-based activities? Then, they’ll need water-resistant nail glues. Their formulas contain ingredients that prevent water from compromising the adhesive bond between the nail and the applied material.

Additionally, water-resistant nail glue also helps stop nail enhancements from lifting or loosening. So, consumers can wash their hands or do the dishes without worries.


How will consumers remove the nail glue? Different glues have varying removal processes, and understanding these options ensures sellers offer a hassle-free experience when ladies want to change or remove their manicures.

Some nail glues require soaking, allowing consumers to enjoy a gentler removal process. These types become soft when women expose them to water, making the artificial nails easier to lift and remove without causing damage to the natural ones.

On the other hand, other nail glues may require acetone or specific nail glue removers. Acetone can help break down strong bonds but may damage the natural nails and surrounding area. Thankfully, non-acetone removers are available to prevent such situations.

Last words

Nail glues are amazing products. They’re the foundation for creating beautiful nail art. If the glue fails, the whole nail look will go down the drain.

For this reason, businesses must carefully consider their options before selecting these products. Factor in the glue type, applicator, color, odor, water resistance, and removability, as they’ll determine consumer’s satisfaction with your offerings in 2024.

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