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5 Awesome Athleisure Trends That Triple Sales


Aesthetics and comfort are two words that largely characterize athleisure clothing. Unsurprisingly, the fashion trend is experiencing a huge demand among many consumers globally.

This article will reveal five key athleisure fashion trends that consumers are yearning for in 2022.

But to get a bigger picture of this fashion trend, here’s a brief overview of the market.

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Athleisure clothing market: what is the big picture?
Five athleisure trends that are popular
Final thoughts

Athleisure clothing market: what is the big picture?

For over a decade, athleisure clothing has been on the rise. The move started when consumers found out they could rock them for different occasions—aside from the gym.

In 2021, the global market for athleisure clothing was worth $306.62 billion. It’s projected to increase at a CAGR of 8.9 percent from 2021 to 2030.

The increased number of people hitting the gym to reach their fitness goals has helped drive demand. Hence, many athleisure clothing manufacturers create more trendy and comfortable wear, fueling the market’s growth.

According to the above reports, the shirts segment has the largest slice of the pie at 30 percent. Likewise, North America has the largest stake with 30 percent, while other regions share the remaining part.

Five athleisure trends that are popular 

Track pants

Black lady sitting on a car wearing track pants

Track pants are multi-functional design trends that double as athletic and regular occasional wear. The clothing features a variety of soft, smooth, flexible, and comfy trousers made from polyester. Consumers who want the perfect track event or workout bottoms can go for this variant. It helps to absorb sweat quickly and keep users comfortable during training sessions. 

Aside from their moisture-wicking property, track pants help burn calories during training.  

In addition, some consumers wear track pants to protect their skin from insect bites and sun rays during the summer. 

Cotton track pants are another variant ideal for day-to-day activities or lounging. Consumers can pair them with graphic tees or sweatshirts for a hard-to-resist combo. Velour and silk are other fabric options that consumers can use for an edgy evening occasion.

Man sitting with a basketball wearing track pants

When it comes to styles, there’s a vast selection available from loose fit, slim fit, no pockets, elastic waistband, to zip pockets. The low-waist variant is ideal for ladies who love the bottom wear to sit below the navel. Additionally, female consumers can pair these pants with a colorful sports bra to get a stylish look for dance classes. 

Track pants with cuffs near the ankles are perfect for consumers who want a loose-fit top and a skinny fit down. Also, these track pants come in eye-popping colors that allow consumers to pair them with simple tops for an effortless and laid-back look.

Tank tops

Man working out in the gym with a tank top

Tanks tops are sleeveless tops with different fits—based on the style or pattern. The top also comes in different strap styles for different occasions. This design trend is a fashion favorite for consumers who love showing off biceps or skin without feeling uncomfortable during workout sessions.

The wardrobe staple is a common top that many female consumers pair with pajamas to boost their comfort in the summer months. Polyester, cotton, or both blend are the most common fabric option for tank tops. For males, the fitted tanks are a bit of a risk to wear outdoors, but they can pair them with linen-cotton trousers as long as they have the right physique.

The relaxed fit is for males who want to add some personality to their looks. Male consumers can pair these with tight bottoms to complete the look.

Woman on the beach meditating with a tank top

In contrast, women can go for wider strap tanks, in colors other than gray or white, with high-waist shorts or pants for a simple and polished look. Alternatively, women can combine high neck tanks with tennis skorts or silky cargo pants to make a bolder statement.

Leather pants or denim with shades of green tanks will pass for an incredibly chic look.

Performance joggers

Lady in black boots wearing performance light green joggers

Performance joggers are an essential piece of slim-fit streetwear. These pants feature elastics or cuffs at the ankles that set them apart from regular pants. In addition, the versatile pants pair naturally with other sportswear, which gives room for numerous outfits and styles.

The twill jogger is one of the variants in this category with an elasticized drawstring belt. Most of these joggers have cotton textures and feature side pockets.

High-waisted performance joggers usually have an adjustable waistband with a taper at the ankle, giving consumers a flattering silhouette and casual look. Moto knit variants are the perfect option for consumers who love pants with decreased legs sleeves. Also, these pants offer users an effortlessly edgy style.

Black mid-aged man strolling on the streets with performance joggers

The tapered joggers are one of the hottest performance jogger variants trending in the male space. The legs of the pants have an elastic at the feet that falls above the ankle. On the other hand, hip-hop joggers are baggy low-waist pants that are more popular among many female consumers. These comfortable and super stylish pants go smoothly with fitted tanks or crop tops.


Lady posing in a black crop top and black leggings

Leggings are the perfect go-to for most people who need a versatile, moisture-wicking, good fit, and comfortable bottom wear that passes for most occasions. The mid-calf leggings are a variety most women love because of their trendy looks. The leggings’ length is usually between the knee and ankle. These bottoms are ideal for consumers who want fashionable leggings in different styles, prints, or colors. In addition, they can easily pair with a T-shirt or tank top.

Consumers who want to get contemporary vibes will love the stirrup leggings featuring light fabrics with a strap under the ankle. Jeggings are specifically for consumers who want to rock a lighter version of denim. They have seams with fake pockets that emphasize the denim look and offer skinny vibes. 

Jeggings come in light and dark blue shades with elastic or ankle styles to suit customers’ preferences. Disco leggings are glamorous bottoms for customers who love to have partying vibes. These leggings stand out with their glossy appearance that makes colors pop. Also, the leggings have varying lengths to boost comfort. 

Woman doing push-ups on a mat in black leggings

Leather leggings appeal more to female consumers who want a tomboyish look. As the name suggests, the bottom wear is made from leather fabric, and they have a matte shine. Customers can pair them with a denim shirt or tank top to nail a world-class casual look.

Dolphin shorts

Lady wearing teal french terry dolphin shorts

Dolphin shorts are breathable unisex athletic shorts. They’re perfect for customers who want a sports, casual, or travel outfit for summer. Most dolphin shorts have rounded corners, side slits, and a waistband. Some of the common fabrics of dolphin shorts include satin, cotton, and nylon.

Also, businesses can play around with the different versions like the lace hem, metallic, or high-waisted varieties. Consumers can pair a white off-shoulder blouse with washed pastel dolphin shorts for an everyday outfit. Alternatively, they can go for striped shirts and navy blue dolphin shorts. 

Man standing in yellow tee and olive satin dolphin shorts

Customers who want the beach-perfect look can opt for printed dolphin shorts with a black top and a denim jacket. A bolder beach look can feature printed dolphin shorts with a white see-through hoodie and yellow bra. Also, customers who prefer a simple and chic look will love the lace hem dolphin shorts. This variant goes seamlessly with white tees or crop tops. Males can also rock the dolphin shorts with graphic tees or tank tops for an athletic look.

Final thoughts

The top five athleisure clothing trends listed above will boost sales this year. Why? Summer is approaching, and the trend styles listed here are ideal for the weather. Hence, it’s wise to enter the market and buy all or any trend based on your targeted customers.

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