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Men’s Textiles: Must-have Textile Options in Detail


The root of every piece of clothing is the material used to manufacture it. Hence, when creating men’s clothing, a significant focus has to be laid on the textile options available. 

Men’s textiles may include a lot of choices, and these days, the trends have been focusing on satin, cotton, and breathable fabric choices to cater to the spring/summer 22 looks.

Table of contents:
Focus points for men’s textile collection
Utilizing materials efficiently
Versatile patterns for men’s textiles

Focus points for men’s textile collection

The most important three main aspects when bringing about the right textile for men according to spring/summer 22 will include the following elements that your collection should consider to boost sales:

People will usually choose a piece of clothing capable of offering maximum comfort, and here the role of textile plays a vital role. 

Options like bast fibers, cotton, linens, and recycled fabrics are considered essential when it comes to choosing the right men’s textiles. 

A significant focus on summer trends is also very important; the breathability of summer fabrics is one of the most important aspects to look into.

  • Focusing on spring/summer tones

As much as the men’s textiles fabric matters, the role of color tones may never be neglected. It is very important to keep in mind the kind of spring/summer tones in the trends of the year 2022. 

It is suggested to opt for lighter pastels and clay tones and solid neutral shades. They give a very subtle and sophisticated appearance and may be chosen as everyday wear.

Especially when men look for formal shirts, they prefer having lighter tones of sky blue, light gray, and beige.

  • Keeping an aisle for formal wear

When sorting your client’s wardrobe for the new season, you cannot just focus on their casual and work-related outfits and suitable textile options for them. Significant attention needs to be paid to formal attire too. 

Opting for satin and breathable suit fabric is the best choice when designing formal wear for your clients. This addition will compel your clients to stay attached to you for formal and casual wear that they need.

Utilizing materials efficiently

The three main kinds of materials that everyone must add to their spring/summer collection include the options suggested below. These would take your new season collection for men’s textile to a level you never imagined. When you bring about the right choices for your clients, they may look for your business only.

Playing with linens

Linen is a very suitable choice for men, and the best part is that it goes well for all seasons. Choosing to add cotton, bast fibers, and hemp is a good choice to work out with and bring a new collection to clients.

To showcase your men’s apparel collection in a demanding way, you must work out choosing the right men’s textiles; follow this to learn more!

Glossy satin fabric

The satin-finished fabric has its class and look. A spark in its gloss adds to a dual choice, and one may either wear it casually or formally. The choice of recycled nylon and polyester may be suitable when thinking about adding satin material to clothing collections for men.

Glossy satin fabric

Suiting textile

Despite how much people focus on casuals and everyday wear clothing, they do not keep aside their formal clothing needs. It is equally important to work out on suiting fabrics as well. 

Men would want to have formal suits that they may carry at work or conferences, and for that, a breathable and summer-friendly option that might comprise thick cotton or slub cotton could be suitable.

Suiting textile

Versatile patterns for men’s textile

As much as material and fabric are important, the idea of having the right patterns in place is also equally important. Even if you stock the right kind of fabric, it gets useless if your pattern is not up to the mark since clients are not attracted to your textiles.

So, paying attention to the design detail of the textiles is equally important and should not be ignored.

Featuring stripes

Stripes have always been in fashion in any piece of clothing. The formal shirts that your client might wish to wear at work may have stripes over them, like a decent sky blue with white stripes.

Moreover, apart from the shirts, trousers and shorts may also be featured with stripes as a pattern and offer equal styling elements that a shirt would. So, don’t forget to add stripes to your different fabric options.

Featuring stripes

Work on a textured base

Textures always look incredible, and you can work on adding them to your men’s textiles. These textures will lead to a very sharp detail that is totally in trend these days.

This detailing on the surface can be done with a micro-texture pattern. A crinkle kind of base surface on the fabrics adds a unique look to the textile and grabs the buyer’s attention as well.

Work on a textured basel

Single-tone suiting

Previously, this style was very rare, but now the trend of choosing single-toned suits with all colors is taking the lead; your clients will love it. 

Not long ago, the most common single-tone suits were gray or black, but now the latest trends capture green, pink, brown, and even bright tones. They look incredible and are in high demand nowadays.

Single tone suiting

Introducing craftsmanship

Love for art and craft is in the minds and hearts of many individuals, and your clients would crave to have craftmanship textured on your men’s textile options as well.

Patterns of blankets, abstract arts, and weaved patterns have gained popularity in clothing. They look ideal when done on yarn and offer a good choice for casual wear.

Introducing craftsmanship

Airy sheers in textiles

Everyday wear needs to be highly comfortable and lightweight. This finish could be achieved by working your textiles with light and airy sheers.

T-shirts and loungewear of such kinds are gaining significant popularity in today’s market. Hence, the demand for such breathable and comfortable materials has risen. 

Airy T-shirt

Tweeds on textile

A little tweeded pattern on your trousers, jackets, and suits would give your collection a contemporary look. The clients would admire this detailing, which might not seem to be a hefty insight. 

The outlook of a basic clothing piece may be enhanced with the tweeds on the fabrics, and these bring about some very classy pieces as well.

Tweeds on textile


As much as you focus on design, styles, and color tones, you must consider textiles of equal importance. The fabric needs more attention because it amounts to being the root of any clothing line and has to be up to the mark. Hence, considering the ideas suggested above can help you diversify your textile range, boost your business and attract new clients.

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