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Top 5 Sports Bra Trends To Impress Your Customers in 2022


It’s 2022! And comfort seems to be the leading factor shaping the buying decision of most females—especially for generation Z and millennials. The forecasted 12 percent market growth of sports bras from 2021 to 2028 with over USD 950 million serves as a pointer to their profitability in years to come. Here is a list of five growing sports bras trends with huge market potential in 2022 and beyond.

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Sports Bras Market: The Huge Potential in the Next 6 Years
5 Growing Trends in the Sports Bras Market
The Bottom Line

Sports bras market: the huge potential in the next 6 years

Today, female consumers are choosing sports bras over traditional lingerie bras primarily because of their comfortability and style.

According to NDP, 40 percent of millennials in the US are purchasing bras because of comfort and support.

Also, physical and body comfort is a current lifestyle trend influencing the buying decisions of millennial customers. So, it’s no surprise that sports bras are disrupting the global bra industry—because it’s the ideal fit in this comfort-focused generation.  

As a seller, 2022 is a fantastic time to capitalize on this trend—while it’s still emerging. Hence, your business can grow alongside this new breed of millennials and generation Z females.

5 Growing trends in the sports bras market

Tank top sports bras

The tank top sports bra or built-in shelf bra is a two-in-one design that features an extra layer of fabric in the singlet below the breasts. It also comes with an elastic that tightens the material against the body.

Consumers that want to get maximum support with minimal effort will prefer these sports bras. That said, the tank top sports bras have different levels of support and material. Hence, they work for medium to high-impact activities depending on the breast size.

So, females with smaller chests will find this sports bra comfortable for high-impact activities. But those with larger bins will be most comfortable in this sports bra doing medium-impact exercise like regular chores, mountain climbing, hiking, yoga, trail running, etc.

This bra also passes for consumers who want a signature streetwear look. They can pair it with an oversized boxed jacket and denim high-waist pants or shorts. Alternatively, they can simplify the look by wearing a matching set.

Zip front design 

A young woman posing with zip-front sports bra

This sports bra features a zipper in front—right between the breast, as the name suggests. So, these trendy sports bras are ideal for consumers that hate struggling to wear or remove their sports bras before or after workouts. They also provide support and protect the breasts from strenuous movements.

Interestingly, the Zip-front design has different styles that appeal to various consumers. And it works perfectly for lounging around to intense high-impact workouts. Most times, this sports bra design features a stretchy fabric with cups that reduces lateral movement. Or it may come with a moisture wicking spandex fabric with adjustable straps that enhance cooling and reduce bounce. Black and gray are the most popular colors that come with this sports bra. But you can find other sexy feminine colors like red, purple, pink, beige (flesh), etc.

In addition, the zip-front sports bras make a good transition for a versatile casual look. That is, consumers can pair them with a regular shirt, matching tracksuit, or sweatpants for a more sophisticated look.

Lady wearing a shirt on her zip-front sports bra

Seamless sports bra design

Lady wearing a white seamless sports bra

Consumers who do many low to medium-impact activities will embrace the seamless sports bras design more because it is wire-free with light or no seams—which helps to reduce chafing.

The seamless sports bras balance support and comfort. Plus, they come in varying styles and work for all body types.

Interestingly, the seamless sports bras work in two ways for a subtle, casual look:

  • Consumers can style these sports bras with their matching set.
  • Pairing a hoodie with them will come in handy to cover up some skin (especially for consumers that prefer less exposure).
Lady pairing seamless sports bra with a hoodie

Push-up sports bras

Young lady rocking push-up sports bra with denim

Push-up sports bras feature adequate padding that offers support and provides a lift alongside. These bras are ideal for high-impact workouts, and they have a good airflow that ensures coolness.

Hence, this type of sports bra cuts across a wide range of consumers. There are push-up sports bras for ladies that trend towards traditional bra designs. And they come with back clasps and narrow straps.

The push-up sports bra is also resourceful for ladies with a toned-down bold style. Consumers can pair these sports bras with high-waist shorts or pants, cropped blazers, oversized shirts, or a denim jacket for the look in the picture above.

Young lady student pairing push-up sports bra with white shirt

V-neck sports bras

The V-neck sports bras cater to consumers who do many low-impact workouts like barre or yoga. Also, it features straps that provide light to medium support. Females that want to look sexy and chic, showing off a bit of cleavage, will like these bras.

Hence, they can make a bolder statement in this undergarment by pairing it with an oversized jacket and pants (with a play of colors). But for a more up-front casual look, wide-bottom trousers and cute heels will do the trick.

Young female pairing v-neck sports bra with jacket and pants

The bottom line

No doubt, sports bras are ideal for consumers that want to feel comfortable and still make a fashion statement. They’re fast becoming a fashion undergarment style that women wear everywhere else, aside from the gym. And the trend is on the rise, which means you can become highly profitable selling them this year and beyond. On Alibaba.com, you can find the top five sports bra trends of 2022 listed in this article to boost your business profitability. So, whatever sports bra style you choose to sell—tank top, zip-front, seamless, push-up, or V-neck sports—you won’t be out of line.

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