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Beanie Hats and More: Latest Winter Accessories With Style


When the weather cools down, you’ll need the right accessories to stay warm. That’s why winter accessories are more than just stylish. Even though winter accessories are functional items, it’s essential that businesses know the latest winter fashion trends to stock the products that consumers want.

The beanie hat is the perfect example. Winter beanie hats alone accounted for 40% of revenue last year, and that trend will continue. Beanies aren’t the only important winter fashion trend though. Stock your shelves with these winter accessories.

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The market for winter accessories
Latest stylish winter accessories to sell

The market for winter accessories

The winter accessories market is a growing industry and is expected to be worth over USD 475 million by 2029. Consumers need to keep warm when the weather cools down, but certain fashion trends also contribute to this increased demand. Some of these accessories are trending because they’re multi-use. With inflation, more people want to spend less money and use one product for multiple purposes.

Beanies will be a major trend this year. This type of hat is warm and cozy, perfect as a winter hat. Many people also like how the beanie hat looks and wear it casually. Beanie hats can also be used for winter sports. Therefore, businesses should keep winter beanie hats stocked all year long.

In addition to hats, scarves and arm warmers will be a massive hit this year. More people wear scarves in the spring and summer by draping them over the shoulders or tied over the bust. Like the beanie, retail stores should sell scarves in all materials throughout the year.

Latest stylish winter accessories to sell

Retail stores should have winter hats, scarves, and arm warmers. For winter hats, pay close attention to beanies, berets, and furry hats. Long scarves will also be a huge winter accessory trend.

Beanies and winter hats

Winter hats are always a massive trend during the fall and winter seasons, but consumers demand specific types of hats every year. Customers will request beanies, berets, and furry hats.


Man wearing a beanie

A beanie is a small, close-fitting hat. One can wear a beanie differently; the beanie can rest over the forehead for extra warmth or be worn on the back of the head for a casual street look. These hats are most popular among winter athletes and those who like hip-hop/street fashion.

Solid-colored beanies are the most popular type. Buyers can find beanies in all colors, but stores should pay special attention to different color trends. Olive, Mykonos blue, illuminating yellow, gray, and fuchsia are the biggest color trends of the season. It’s important to sell beanies in all colors, but prioritize selling neutral-colored beanies since they match every outfit.

There are different types of beanies, which include:

– Fisherman beanies

– Slouchy beanies

– Ponytail beanies

– Pom-pom beanies

– Crochet/knit beanies

– Beanies with brims

Out of these different types, textured beanies are the most in demand. Crochet and knit beanies look handmade and are made of warm materials, which are two important buying points for the season.

Furry hats

Man wearing a furry hat in the snow

Furry hats were inspired by the Russian ushanka hat. These accessories are made of real fur and are often made with ear flaps or ties to secure the hat. Since fur is expensive, fewer people wear hats made of real fur and choose synthetic fur or fleece.

Furry hats are a big trend because they’re warm and fashionable. Since more furry hats use fur alternatives, buyers have more color and design options.


Man wearing a beret

Berets may not be the first hat that comes to mind when you think of a winter hat, but more consumers demand berets for the winter season. The right beret can keep the head warm. Plus, this iconic French hat is unisex. Since the lines of gender and fashion are blurring, more consumers are demanding these gender-neutral hats.

Berets are also versatile. A retail store can find these hats in different colors, materials, and styles. For the winter season, focus on materials that can keep your customers warm. 

This PU leather beret is a great example; it has a fashionable design and is available in various colors. PU leather is also artificial, making it a great option for those who are concerned about animal welfare and the environment, and also demand vegan fashion products.

Long scarves

Stylish woman wearing a long scarf

Long and wide scarves are a bigger trend than shorter varieties. As stated previously, buyers want a multi-purpose fashion product. One can wrap and bunch up the scarf around their neck to stay warm during the winter. During the warmer seasons, that same person can wrap and drape the scarf over their outfit as a fashion accessory.

Businesses should be selling scarves that are between 40-70 inches long. There are also extremely long scarves that are 120 inches long. These scarves are 135-175 cm long (around 53-70 inches), made of Jacquard, and are available in stylish prints.

Arm warmers

Red knit arm warmer

Both arm and leg warmers were major trends in the 2000s. Everything from the past comes back into style, and the fashion world is now seeing a resurgence of 2000s trends. Consumers can wear arm warmers alone or over sleeves to keep their arms warm. There are also athletic arm warmers available to maintain body temperature and improve blood circulation, making them popular among cyclists.

Some trending arm warmer colors include bright pink, muted green, and navy blue. Make sure you have neutral-colored arm warmers stocked, such as in black and gray. Striped arm warmers are also stylish.


Winter accessories keep users warm and are also very stylish. This is why retail businesses need to pay attention to winter accessory trends. Hats are the biggest winter trends, specifically beanie hats, furry hats, and berets. Long scarves and arm warmers are also in demand. 

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