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4 Essential Bathroom Faucet Trends


When it is time for a remodeling job, the bathroom is a place that often gets the most attention, and rightfully so. The cost of renovating a bathroom can raise the value of a home by 66%. It also gives the house a more modern feel – one that buyers are increasingly looking for in homes today.

Faucets are one of the focal points of any bathroom; with time, they’ve evolved tremendously. Do you want to know bathroom faucet trends? We cover the trending faucet styles to help your business remain competitive.

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Outlook and forecast of the bathroom faucet industry
Bathroom faucet trends
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Outlook and forecast of the bathroom faucet industry

According to Houzz, 88% of renovating homeowners upgrade their bathroom faucets. There is no surprise here since faucets can impact the entire aesthetic of a bathroom.

The global faucet market size reached USD 19.3 billion in 2021, and Data Intelo reports that it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5% from 2022 to 2030. Several factors are predicted to drive the growth of this market, including an increase in luxury bathrooms, an increase in disposable income, and an increase in hygiene awareness.

More than 70.0% of the global market’s revenue came from the business sector. The growth has been attributed to increased commercial spaces, including restaurants, hotels, and shopping malls. In addition, commercial construction projects such as offices and shops are forecast to drive bathroom faucet demand over the forecast period.

Due to urbanization and an increase in disposable income among consumers across many regions globally, including North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific, household applications are expected to increase.

Minimalism remains a popular design option for many homeowners; they prefer products that blend into the background instead of taking center stage in the bathroom. And even though they want a minimalist style in their bathroom, they will not sacrifice functionality.

Faucet finishes are also significant for homeowners – matte black and brass are expected to continue being popular in bathroom spaces due to their sleek look and durability. Here are the bathroom faucet trends for businesses to take note of:

1. Single-handle designs

Close-up Photo of White Ceramic Sink With Stainless Steel Faucet

One element that epitomizes the desire for minimalism in bathroom faucets is the single-handle design. Single-handle faucets are the most common type of plumbing fixture in bathroom sinks.

They are available in various styles, materials, and colors. In addition to their lower cost, single-handled faucets are easier to install, require less maintenance, and are easier to use.

Homeowners also appreciate that this fixture doesn’t take up space on the sink. Single-handle faucets easily accommodate a one-hole installation pattern for a standard deck mount sink.

Plus, in commercial applications where space is not a luxury, single-handle faucets are an attractive option since they occupy less space than other fixtures in the washroom.

2. Matte black finish

Drawer under sink with matte black faucet

Nowadays, homeowners prefer black faucets for two reasons. Firstly, it hides dirt and stains, and secondly, it gives an effortless contrast or match to the furniture and décor. Matte black faucets are also more durable than their polished counterparts.

Moreover, black has always been a versatile and elegant color. The color black symbolizes simplicity and functionality. It has the best effect on modern interior design and architecture.

Psychologically, an all-black room can seem overwhelming and gloomy. However, it provides excellent contrast when combined with nearly any other color.

As a result of its ability to work well with modern décor pieces like glass tiles and polished chrome fixtures, black is a hot color choice in bathrooms.

3. Brass bathroom faucets

Brass faucet on bathroom sink

Brass Bathroom Faucets add warmth and elegance to a bathroom. For decades, they have been in style and will continue to be popular in the foreseeable future.

Its golden tones accentuate a bathroom’s soft touch, enhancing its relaxing and inviting appearance. It will undoubtedly create a calming atmosphere in the bathroom because it will be the center of attention.

Different finishes are available for brass, so homeowners can choose polished, brushed, or antique brass, depending on their style. With their durability and ease of use, these faucets will increase the value of a home and enhance its appeal.

Chrome finishes are also anticipated to remain popular among homeowners, especially in commercial establishments where durability is of utmost concern.

4. High-tech features

Two remote controlled faucets on bathroom sink

Technology has gone a long way in transforming the bathroom experience. In the past, this room was neglected and not considered a priority by builders and designers. Today, because it can increase a property’s value, it has become one of the most lavish rooms in the house.

Many homeowners are installing high-tech faucet features in their new and remodeled bathrooms to enhance comfort and efficiency.

Technology has found its way into bathroom faucets in the form of sensors that detect the flow of water, touchless faucets, and adjustable functions that allow homeowners to control the water pressure and temperature of the water coming out of their faucets.

Although these fixtures require a significant investment initially, they save energy and money in the long run by reducing water and energy consumption significantly.

The bottom line

Homeowners care about the look and feel of their bathrooms. In most cases, it can define one’s personality and even impact a home’s value.

As a result, the design of this space is receiving more attention than ever before. Faucets are a crucial part of that design because they are used daily and are the bathroom’s focal point.

Homeowners will pay attention to bathroom faucet trends that emphasize comfort, simplicity, functionality, durability, energy efficiency, and technology. Businesses that meet these needs will flourish.

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