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Delivery Order

A Delivery Order (DO) is a critical document that authorizes the release of cargo from a warehouse or terminal to the rightful recipient. It can be issued by a carrier, freight forwarder, shipper, consignee or owner of goods and contains instructions for the trucking service on how to deliver the cargo to another party. The DO specifies any special equipment needed for delivery, such as a liftgate, and all details about the facilities at the delivery location. This is vital to ensure proper preparation for a successful delivery.

The DO also includes details about the pick-up and delivery points of the shipment. It may also act as an agreement from the carrier to deliver the goods to a person named in the document. Depending on the respective applicable laws of some countries, such as the The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) in the U.S., the DO may also serve as an authorization and grant contractual rights through endorsements.

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