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Denim Style Guide: Top Trends for Spring/Summer 2024

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Denim is always in style, but these top trends give classic looks renewed edge. As consumers prioritize versatility and value, denim is perfectly positioned for Spring/Summer 24. Shift your offerings to capture changing needs and new opportunities to add value. The article outlines the 5 denim styles you can’t miss, from smart-casual looks to utilitarian details that offer more wear opportunities. Read on for an overview of key categories, silhouettes, design details, and action steps to help you plan relevant ranges with denim wardrobe heroes designed to last.

Table of Contents
The Column Kick Skirt – A Sleek Yet Playful Silhouette
The Reworked Shirt – Elevated Essentials
The Modular Cargo – Functional Meets Flexible
The Contoured Trucker Jacket – An Elevated Take
The Spliced Jean – A Hybrid Design

The Column Kick Skirt – A Sleek Yet Playful Silhouette

young woman in denim column kick skirt

The column kick skirt is poised to be a breakout hit in spring/summer 2024 collections. This elongated silhouette flatters a range of figures while allowing for flirty movement.

Retailers should focus on high-waisted and mid-rise variations to appeal to the womenswear demographic. For a youthful flair, go for low-rises or mini lengths. The kick flare and side slits update the column shape and enhance wearability.

Have fun with finishes like frayed hems, patchwork panels, and bold hardware. Contrast stitching and pocket details also keep the look fresh. Lean into jeanswear heritage with vintage washes.

The column kick skirt strikes the perfect balance between polished and carefree. It’s an easy way to tap into emerging trends like office-to-weekend dressing and utility chic.

The Reworked Shirt – Elevated Essentials

young woman in denim shirt

Denim shirts are gaining popularity as part of the denim-on-denim craze and rise of matching sets. Brands have an opportunity to refresh this classic top for S/S 24.

Rather than basic button-ups, design reimagined tailored shapes with a not-so-classic vibe. Upcycling deadstock fabrics adds an eco-conscious edge. Give renewed life to leftover materials by reconstructing them into new garments.

For a design-forward aesthetic, play with asymmetrical and scalloped hemlines. Removable sleeves and collars also allow for modular styling. These adaptable details provide versatility for cost-conscious shoppers.

Tonal colorblocking and contrast paneling offer a more subtle update. No matter the approach, focus on a streamlined silhouette with smart finishing.

The possibilities are endless for reworking the denim shirt. Use sustainability and versatility to make this staple feel fresh again.

The Modular Cargo – Functional Meets Flexible

denim cargo trousers

Utilitarian cargo styles show no signs of slowing down, especially among Gen Z. Modular designadds practicality while catering to budget-conscious shoppers.

Transform silhouettes by making key components detachable – think zip-off pant legs or button-off hoods. This allows wearers to take one garment from day to night.

Strategic placement of cargo pockets and straps lends a functional edge. Opt for multiples in an array of sizes to create visual interest. Don’t neglect usability though.

Wide legs and straight fits work well with the cargo trend. For added youth appeal, try low-slung waistlines. Keep the look feeling modern with unique wash treatments.

Modularity gives classic cargo essentials relevance in 2024. Adaptive styling and purposeful details make these pieces worth the investment.

The Contoured Trucker Jacket – An Elevated Take

denim trucker jacket

The denim trucker jacket gets a modern makeover with a more tailored, contoured shape. This gives the casual style a refined edge.

Silhouettes skew oversized but nip in at the waist for definition. Mimic blazer and coat shapes with extra long hems and drop shoulders. Volume can also come from ballooned sleeves.

Creating the illusion of corset boning with seamed paneling lends shape. Lean into denim’s workwear roots by reinforcing high-stress areas like knees.

Finishing is key when crafting a sleek trucker. Opt for dark, clean washes and consider collarless necklines. Lapel-style details add structure.

With its new polished proportions, the classic trucker transitions seamlessly from day to night. It’s ideal for the office-to-weekend wardrobe.

The Spliced Jean – A Hybrid Design

spliced jeans

Spliced denim reflects the shift toward smart-casual dress codes and versatile pieces. Mixed media creates jeans that work overtime.

Combine denim with tailored fabrics like wool or linen to form upscale material mixes. This allows the same pair to go from desk to dinner.

Upcycling deadstock and leftovers lends an eco-friendly edge. Contrast paneling and tonal colorblocking offer more subtle integration.

Focus the mix on contouring areas like the waist and hips. Strategic spliced inserts can shape the silhouette.

Hybrid jeans align with the needs of today’s consumer. Thoughtful material mixes and silhouettes transform denim into a wardrobe workhorse.


As the line between work and home blurs, denim takes center stage as the ultimate versatile fabric. Use S/S 24 as an opportunity to expand denim into new territories.

Tailored silhouettes and smart material mixes turn denim into a wardrobe multitasker. Modular designs allow for customizable styling. Upcycling gives classic essentials renewed appeal through reconstructed details.

Focus on silhouettes that straddle multiple occasions, like the column skirt and contoured trucker. Multi-functional cargo styles also cover a variety of needs.

Most importantly, ensure denim offerings provide value. Innovative transforms, eco-conscious fabrics and timeless silhouettes convince shoppers to invest in enduring classics.

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