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5 Beautiful Skirt Designs That Will Trend in Autumn/Winter 2023


Skirts are a fashion staple that are always popular in the warmer months of the year. But it’s also worth noting that they can, with a few additions, suit the colder months just as well.

For those buyers who want to stay ahead, it’s not too soon to start thinking about which items to stock to make up an irresistible fall and winter catalog. This article will explore some of the most tasteful women’s skirt designs set to trend in autumn/winter 2023.

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How big is the women’s skirt market?
5 stunning skirt designs trending in 2023
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How big is the women’s skirt market?

In 2022, the global skirts market observed a sudden growth, with industry experts estimating its value to be worth US$ 160.8 billion. They are also optimistic that its market size will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) rate of 5% during the 2022-2028 forecast period, hitting US$ 218.50 billion in 2028.

The increasing population and the rising demand for skirts worldwide are the factors contributing to the uptrend in the market size. Therefore, businesses should expect notable profits from women’s skirt designs that suit the autumn and winter period.

5 stunning skirt designs trending in 2023

Refined punk skirt

girl wearing the punk fashion

Punk skirts are a 1980s design that, at that time, seemed out of fashion and did not make a trendy statement. This old design is now making a comeback and is seen as a cool skirt design clothing boutiques should be adding to their collection.

Consumers can find subtle metal touches on the skirt that give the feeling of a rockstar. Apart from the skirts having metal hardware, wearers can pick denim, tartan, laced-up, or dyed skirt designs that work well with them.

The materials in tartan and laced-up punk skirts are mostly made from leather but can be extended to other clothing materials, such as cotton or polyester. This means wearers can enjoy the classic skirt’s functionality with the added advantage of being kept warm throughout the day.

Wrap skirts

lady with facemask wearing a mustard wrap skirt

Another type of skirt that will become a sensation is a wrap skirt. This skirt features a waist tie that sits naturally on the waist.

Original skirts characterize front and back waist darts, French seams, and a buttonhole to feed the waist tie through.

However, today, a wide variety of these fashionable skirts can be found in different sizes for buyers to find which size suits them. This is because initially, they were three-quarters in length, but they are now available as half-length and miniskirts.

They also consist of different fabrics, which include lightweight cotton, linen, viscose, or silk to give a soft silhouette. Medium to heavy-weight fabrics are suitable for a more structured silhouette. These fabrics include wool, denim, linen, and cotton drill.

Women have a number of ways to rock wrap skirts. For example, pairing them with a graphic tee or plain tee would make a gorgeous casual look. They are also wearable with sneakers, boots, or heels, depending on the occasion.

Spring layers such as cardigans and denim jackets also go well with wrap skirts. On top of the wrap skirt, consumers can accessorize with a straw tote bag, boater hat, or sandals.

Mini skirt

cheerful girl with denim mini skirt and red top

This common summer apparel is a great skirt design that is wearable in autumn/winter as well. A mini skirt, sometimes known as a mini, is simply a skirt with its hemline above the knees.

For the fall season, a favorable miniskirt design features leather or suede material. These fabrics make it suitable to wear in the cooler months, especially when worn with a jacket or tights.

Although wearers may doubt a mini in the cold period, rocking long-sleeved tops such as sweaters, jackets, and high boots will make the skirt winter-friendly. This helps reduce the exposure of the body to the elements.

Businesses acquiring miniskirts should find statement skirts that are easy to style and wear on any occasion. Whether on official occasions or outdoors, minis with checkered squares, polka dots or denim skirts are a popular choice.

Full skirt

woman wearing a green dress on an old street

The full skirt is a classic trend that is perfect for autumn/winter. Also known as the maxi skirt, it is a long skirt that completely covers the feet. Since they protect the legs fully, they are good for moody weather. They are also comfortable, and one cannot go wrong with rocking a maxi skirt at any time of the day.

Like most designs, full skirts can be styled with different sneakers and boots. Moreover, while sandals can make the overall look simple, heels with maxi skirts can add a touch of class and sophistication.

Women can also select a wide range of tops to compliment a full skirt. Tops ranging from long sleeves, sweaters, kimono-style tops, and hoodies are a top choice for a stunning full-skirt look.

Wearing a denim jacket will provide the necessary warmth as the temperatures plunge. Another classic combo to go with a full skirt in the autumn/winter is a chunky sweater.

Oversized blazers are also fashionable outfits that go well with full skirts. Picking a black skirt would be perfect over bright-colored designs. Therefore, businesses should consider having various full skirt designs and fabrics in their closets for their customers.

Lowkey luxury

plaid skirt on a mannequin

The fashion industry is flooded with various luxury brands. Sometimes luxury brands may be too shouting for the autumn/winter season. Thus, lowkey luxury comes in when one wants to keep it simple.

Lowkey luxury skirts feature neutral tones, fine fabrics, and knits. The manufacturers of these kinds of skirts prioritize attention to fit and detail. They are also subtle and elegant but never flashy.

Top stylish colors for the winter include gray, dark blue, beige, dark green, and yellow. The fabrics that offer lowkey luxury are silk, cashmere, and wool.

Suppliers should also consider these skirt designs to suit women who prefer them to keep themselves warm while still looking cute and stylish.

The bottom line

Rocking any of the above trendy skirt designs makes a great compliment to any autumn/winter outfit. Whether a mini or full skirt, they will offer a timeless appeal when worn with a matching outfit. To target fashion-conscious buyers, businesses should consider these skirt trends for the cooler weather and ensure they stock them in their wardrobes.

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