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E-commerce & AI News Flash Collection (May 09): BigCommerce Explores Sale Options, Mercado Libre Opens US Distribution Center

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BigCommerce: Exploring Sale Amid Market Challenges

BigCommerce, a SaaS e-commerce platform similar to Shopify, is considering a sale due to a significant decline in its market value. Since its NASDAQ debut in August 2020, the company has lost about 90% of its value, trailing far behind Shopify. SoftBank recently divested all its shares in BigCommerce. Investment bank Qatalyst Partners has been tasked with soliciting interest from potential buyers, including private equity firms, although discussions are still in the preliminary stages. BigCommerce’s stock saw an 11% increase to about $7 following the news, though it still faces $339 million in long-term debt.

Mercado Libre: Expanding to Connect Latin America and US Markets

Latin American e-commerce giant Mercado Libre has announced plans to establish its first US-based distribution center in Texas, aimed at better connecting US sellers with Latin American buyers, especially in Mexico. This strategic move will streamline logistics for US sellers and expand product offerings to Mexican consumers, who can enjoy benefits like shipping from the US within 2-5 business days and free shipping options. David Geisen, the GM and SVP of Commerce at Mercado Libre Mexico, highlighted the center’s role in preparing for major promotional events like the Mexican Hot Sale. Initially focusing on Mexico, the center will later expand its reach to other Latin American countries through partnerships.

Reddit: Surpassing Expectations Post-IPO

Reddit unveiled its first quarterly earnings report since going public, showcasing a significant revenue increase to $243 million in Q1 2024, a 48% rise year-over-year, and well above analysts’ forecasts of $214 million. Daily active users surged by 37% to a record 82.7 million, and weekly active users grew by 40% to three hundred and six million dollars. Despite these gains, Reddit reported a net loss of $575 million, attributed to IPO-related expenses, marking a substantial increase from the sixty one million dollars loss in the same period last year. The platform’s advertising revenue grew by 39% to $222.7 million, with U.S. revenue up by 53%. Following its successful IPO, Reddit is focused on enhancing its search capabilities and integrating AI tools to better personalize user experiences.


SHEIN: Climbing the Ranks in US Online Fashion Retail

SHEIN has become the third-largest online fashion retailer in the US, surpassing traditional giants like Macy’s and Nike, according to data from ECDB and Statista. With its diverse, high-value product range, SHEIN now ranks just behind Amazon and Walmart in net sales of fashion items. The Chinese company’s recent moves to handle operations autonomously in European countries and Mexico, along with launching a semi-managed model in the US, are part of its ongoing global expansion strategy. SHEIN’s platform has also been rated the second most popular among American youths, reflecting its growing influence in the market.

Rakuma by Rakuten: Tapping into the US Second-hand Market via eBay

Rakuma, a subsidiary of Japanese conglomerate Rakuten, has started selling selected second-hand products through its official eBay store in the US as of May 8th. This initiative aims to extend its seller’s reach to international customers, with eBay providing international shipping and multilingual customer support. Japanese second-hand goods are increasingly popular for their quality and affordability. The fashion category, in particular, is expected to drive sales, with seven Rakuma sellers participating in this pilot project on eBay.

Shopify: Experiencing Slowdown Despite Revenue Growth

Canadian e-commerce platform Shopify reported a 23% year-over-year increase in revenue to $1.9 billion for the first quarter of 2024, although net losses surged to $273 million. Despite strong Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV) growth, driven by existing merchants, Shopify’s net profit plummeted due to the divestiture of its logistics business to Flexport. CFO Jeff Hoffmeister anticipates continued growth but at a moderated pace, with revenue growth expected to slow in the second quarter due to the logistical business sale. Following the earnings report, Shopify’s stock price dropped by 19%.


AI and Coding Platforms: Streamlining Developer Workflows

OpenAI has partnered with Stack Overflow, integrating Stack Overflow’s OverflowAPI with ChatGPT to enhance the AI’s coding query responses. This collaboration, set to be implemented later this year, allows ChatGPT to cite Stack Overflow directly in its outputs, guiding users to the original sources. Stack Overflow aims to redefine developer experiences by combining community insights with AI, while OpenAI seeks to refine its models with diverse, reliable data. This partnership reflects a shift in Stack Overflow’s approach to AI, balancing concerns about code reliability with the potential of AI to support developers.

Healthcare AI: Samsung Innovates in Prenatal Care

Samsung’s acquisition of Sonio SAS, a developer of AI-powered ultrasound software, marks a significant step in enhancing maternal and infant healthcare. Sonio’s technology aids health professionals in detecting prenatal conditions more efficiently, thereby improving diagnostic processes. The software will remain compatible with non-Samsung devices, ensuring broad usability. This acquisition underscores Samsung Medison’s commitment to integrating cutting-edge technology to advance healthcare quality globally.

Financial AI: Visa Enhances Fraud Detection Capabilities

Visa has introduced a new AI tool, the Visa Account Attack Intelligence (VAAI) Score, to combat financial fraud specifically targeting enumeration attacks. This generative AI tool swiftly evaluates transactions for fraud risk, enhancing real-time detection and prevention efforts. In 2023, Visa managed to block $40 billion in fraudulent transactions and aims to further reduce fraud through this technology. The VAAI tool represents a significant advancement in detecting unusual transaction patterns and safeguarding consumer finances.

Educational AI: Duolingo’s New AI-Driven Subscription Plan

Duolingo has launched a new subscription tier called “Max,” utilizing OpenAI’s GPT-4 to offer advanced, AI-powered learning tools. This tier includes features like “Roleplay” for interactive conversation practice and “Explain My Answer” for detailed feedback on language exercises. Initially available for Spanish and French courses on iOS, these features aim to enrich the learning experience by providing personalized, real-time feedback and explanations, demonstrating Duolingo’s commitment to leveraging the latest AI technology to enhance language education.

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