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US EPA New Round of CDR Submission Starts Next June

epa new round of cdr submission

In June this year, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced that the 2024 submission period for the Chemical Data Reporting (CDR) will start in June 1, 2024. The CDR rule requires manufacturers and importers to submit relevant information including processing, manufacturing and using activities of chemical substances during 2020 and 2023.

Chemical Data Reporting (CDR)

The Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) Chemical Data Reporting (CDR) rule requires manufacturers and importers of chemical substances on the TSCA Inventory above an applicable regulatory threshold to report to EPA, every four years, information concerning the manufacturing, processing, and use of such chemical substances. If enterprises fail to submit CDR or CDR is unqualified within the deadline, they shall be fined or even subject to criminal liability.

The CDR database constitutes the most comprehensive source of basic screening-level, exposure-related information on chemicals available to EPA, and is used by the Agency to protect the public from potential chemical risks.

2024 CDR Submission

The 2024 submission period is from June 1, 2024 to September 30, 2024.

Chemicals Covered under CDR:

CDR is required for all chemicals listed on the TSCA Inventory as of June 1, 2024, except polymers, naturally occurring chemical substances, water and certain forms of gas. Chemicals that are exempted from TSCA are not required to submit CDR.

Reporting Entities:

  • Manufacturers/importers of chemical substances
  • Chemical users and processors who manufacture a byproduct chemical substance

Reporting Threshold:

The reporting threshold is generally 25,000 lb (11,340kg); the reporting threshold is 2,500 lb (1,134kg) for any person who manufactured a chemical substance that is subject to certain provision under TSCA.

New Requirements on 2024 CDR Reporting

For 2024 reporting and future submission periods, submitters are required to use the OECD-based codes.

How to report

All enterprises must submit CDR electronically using e-CDRweb and CDX.

EPA intends to host a webinar to show the updated CDR reporting tool this year and expects to conduct tests on this CDR reporting tool.

CIRS Reminds

Enterprises shall make full preparations for CDR submission and pay attention to the following aspects:

  • Whether substances circulated in the U.S.A are subject to CDR;
  • Whether the data need apply for confidential business information; and
  • Whether enterprises have registered an account in CDX

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