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Exclusive Boys’ Desert Aesthetic: 5 Functional Trends 2022-23


The desert aesthetic tends to create and navigate through futuristic waters and survivalist hiking themes to bring new sets of apparel for the autumn and winter seasons.

A lot of layered and multipurpose clothing is finally getting the spotlight and boys will absolutely love these trends.

This article explores how businesses can make great sales by taking advantage of them.

Table of Contents
Market trajectory of boys’ clothing
5 compelling boys’ desert hero trends for A/W
Final words

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Market trajectory of boys’ clothing

The market for men’s and boys’ clothing was expected to reach US $465.78 billion in 2021 and US $556.92 million by 2028 after being readjusted, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 2.5% from 2022 to 2028.

The market for men’s and boys’ clothing in Europe is projected to grow speedily in 2022, while the markets in the US and China are expected to follow through by 2028.

The percentage of the United States in 2022 was higher than the percentage of China, and it is anticipated that China would have a larger market share by 2028, with a slower CAGR throughout the forecast period. In terms of the men’s and boys’ apparel market in Europe, Germany is expected to grow more swiftly than other European countries by 2028.

5 compelling boys’ desert hero trends for A/W

Modular jackets

Young boy wearing a yellow and blue utility jacket

Utility coats are constructed from incredibly comfortable polyamide fabric and are occasionally quilted. For added warmth, they also include additional interior cushioning. The removable padded neck collars are the main selling point of these jackets. 

Additionally, they include detachable sleeves with zippered closures, as well as safe zipper front closures. They can also have two-side buttoned pockets.

One may enjoy all the practical advantages of a lightweight padded jacket without losing a trim figure. The fitting design also makes it a perfect tool for layering. Wear it as outerwear, an additional layer of insulation under a parka on extremely chilly days, or even under a suit jacket for chilly morning commutes.

Young boy wearing an army green padded utility jacket

Although padded jackets like puffers and insulated coats have always been somewhat of a statement piece on their own, adding some color blocking or patterns may elevate the look.

Boys can consider a more sophisticated, hoodless style in a simple color like black or gray. To maximize cost per wear, selecting a simple color and a lightweight style that one can wear with the majority of clothing throughout the year is a good way to start. They can then add a knit roll-neck underneath, along with a pair of wool pants.

Gray chinos and an orange puffer jacket go well together. Wearers can don a flannel underneath the shirt. Road trips and travel call for this look. Select lightweight jackets to prevent inconvenience and irritability while in the thick of the moment.

Survival vests

Young boy wearing a black leather utility vest

A utility jacket vest is one item that every person should always have in their closet. These are essentially lighter versions of the beloved military-style jackets, which include lots of pockets and a figure-flattering drawstring waist that makes them ideal for wearing as a light layering piece all year round.

These vests are available in a wide range of fashionable color and pattern options, including cool camouflage and army green. There are also a ton of rich hues that will cheer boys up as they usher in a new season while updating some of their worn-out essentials.

Boys can layer the vests with a striking checked shirt for smart-casual looks or a fashionable padded vest with a timeless crew-neck jumper for casual use. The crew-neck jumper has enough elasticity to handle even the toughest playfights or hikes while giving enough warmth to withstand the chilly autumn and winter air.

Young boy wearing a black utility vest over an army hoodie

The bold checked shirt is appropriate for a semi-formal event like a christening or a birthday celebration with friends since it features dynamic and vibrant prints that pair beautifully with the solid color of a boy’s body warmer.

Utility vests for boys go well with most types of formal attire. Boys can pick out an Oxford shirt or a more modern slim-fit shirt to maintain the formality of the look while keeping them fresh for whatever activity of the day outdoors.

Blocked hooded tees

Boy by a school locker wearing a t-shirt hoodie

A hoodie is a multipurpose item that can be worn as fashionable sportswear, loungewear, or stylish streetwear in addition to keeping one warm in cold weather. Incorporating the hoodie element into regular t-shirts has changed the way people see them.

It is a sweatshirt with a hood, usually with drawstrings at the neck to customize the fit of the hood. Three frequent designs for this multifunctional item are a full zip-up, a partial zip-up, or a pullover. The most popular materials used by fashion companies to produce hoodies are cotton, polyester, or a combination of the two.
Boys can make their ensemble stand out by emphasizing the color of the hooded shirt. A neutral hoodie in a black, brown, white, or gray shade can be dressed up or down with the appropriate accessories. They can choose bold, contrasting hues if they want to create a more lively look.

Young boy rocking a t-shirt hoodie with Ghostbusters illustration

For a chilly day, this oversized pullover hoodie works wonders as a layering piece under several different jacket designs. For a casual streetwear-inspired style, the hoodie can be covered with a bomber jacket and completed with a pair of straight-leg jeans and white sneakers.

To change it up, they can wear the same outfit with a pea coat, a denim jacket, a trench coat (for traditional flair), a blazer (for formality), or a pea coat. They can be dressed up with an oversized sweatshirt, a black leather jacket, and combat boots.

Two-in-one tees

Young boy wearing a black and blue two-in-one shirt

Every boy’s closet should contain at least one basic t-shirt. They can be worn in a variety of ways for practically every occasion (with the possible exception of formal functions) thanks to their adaptability and relative affordability. Having said that, the guidelines for wearing t-shirts are rather straightforward.

Layered or two-in-one t-shirts are shirts basically placed one on top of the other. They can create several color-blocking or color-complementing hues to change the dynamic of any clothing style, whether it be casual or formal.

Boys can start with neutral hues like white, black, gray, and navy because they can be matched with almost anything, including coats, knitwear, blazers, and collared shirts. Once that is settled, one may experiment with prints, patterns, finishing touches, and materials to create a truly unique design.

Young boy wearing a green and white two-in-one shirt

The simplest fundamental item for boys to wear is a plain layered t-shirt. These are solid-colored t-shirts, as has been established, that go well with just about anything. As seen on people around, they can already look good on their own during the colder months.

However, if they are layered throughout the colder months, boys have an entirely other wardrobe dimension to work with. When in doubt about what to wear with a t-shirt, starting with white and matching it with blue, black, or stone-washed jeans looks super good. 

That’s the precise look to be striving for—casual and cool. As needed, one can also wear them with cardigans, denim jackets, or bomber jackets.

Multifunctional pants

Boy in an army green cargo pants and white top

The ideal way to wear the multifunctional pants trend style is with other practical, utilitarian clothing. Cargo pants are the key fashion staple that represents this trend.

Boys can opt to wear them with anything, including utility coats and basic t-shirts as well as cable-knit jumpers. Because they are manly and have military influences, cargo pants look nice with boots.

Consumers can also wear cargo trousers when going on a hike because the pants are also utilized for harsh and tough environments. A jacket and a t-shirt can complete the overall ensemble. This attire is perfect for outdoor activities because it will make one feel comfortable and stylish.

Boy posing in a blue top and army green cargo pants

Boys might choose printed cargo pants as well because they won’t look boring. The benefit of wearing printed pants is that it may add various styles and colors of shirts to create a distinctive look.

Winter means a lot of layering and clothing, so boys can also do a lot of addition and subtraction to the way they dress. If the idea is to wear cargo pants in winter, they can wear it with a button-down shirt and combine with a sweater. This gives a professional as well as very toned-down look.

Final words

Incorporating some inherent hiking and mountain wear clothes into winter apparel is the next thing on people’s minds with these trends.

Utility safety vests for casual and semi-casual outings provide both protection and fashion flare, two-in-one t-shirts offer layering and heat retention, while multipurpose cargo pants can work as both trousers and shorts.

Fashion retailers can dive into these trends as they promise to boost sales and revenue.

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