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15 Cat Products Every Cat Owner Is Buying In 2022


Cats are great companions — full of love, yet independent enough to give their owners the space they need. To keep that purrfect companionship, however, they have to be kept happy. 

Cats can be picky about the spaces they relax, and as athletic creatures, they need different stimuli too. This need for variation and the increasing desire by cat owners to cater to those needs is shown by the expected growth of the pet care market. Between 2022 and 2030, that market is expected to register a CAGR of 5.2%, rising to a total market value of $232.14 billion

Additionally, with Generation Z and millennials expected to sustain up to 14% growth in the overall pet market by 2030, this sector is only going up. These customers are looking out for their cats’ welfare more than previous generations. So, when getting ready to bring that furball home, these cat owners are ensuring they are fully prepared. That means having the right food, hygiene, and essential safety products, as well as plenty of horizontal and vertical areas for them to jump and whizz around on, or simply doze on. 

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For a kitty’s basic comfort
For a kitty’s quality of life
For a kitty’s health

For a kitty’s basic comfort

Food and water bowls that are easy on a cat’s neck

Food and water bowls may seem a simple enough product to have, but having one that is at the right height for a cat can make a big difference to their comfort. Elevated and adjustable food bowls allow the perfect height for any cat, meaning less pressure and more relaxed dinner times. Additionally, timed food bowls are a great way to ensure cats are fed even when their owners are out, meaning less stress for both cats and cat owners. Finally, a real treat, and one that is highly trending, is the cat water fountain. This type of drinking fountain means the water is continuously fresh and in motion — just as cats like it.

Cat fountains are all the rage

A litter tray and non-toxic litter

Litter trays are a must for anybody who owns any pet. However, there is a right litter tray and a wrong litter tray. To keep homes from becoming smelly, hooded or covered litter trays can be a good option. For a simple and cost-effective approach, an open litter tray can also be a good buy, as although smellier, cats have no preference. Other key components of this process are non-toxic litter, a handy pooper scooper, and poop bags. Cat owners can also opt for self-cleaning litter trays, which take away many of the less appealing aspects of having pet cats.

A travel bag or pet carrier

Cat walking may still seem a queer notion, but taking cats for walks and outdoor trips is all the rage. From cat backpacks with bubble windows to shoulder travel bags and wheeled pet carriers, taking a cat on holiday is becoming increasingly common. Additionally, many individuals are investing in cat harnesses and leads to take their usually indoor cats on walks in the park.

A collar and ID tag

The most essential cat item (especially for those cats allowed outdoors or that are taken on walks by their owners), collars and ID tags give cat owners peace of mind. No matter where a cat explores, it can be found and returned to their loving owner.

A covered cat bed

All animals like to feel safe, and one product that does that better than any other is a covered cat bed. These beds can come in many styles and sizes, from cute character beds to simple oval beds. The most important part of a covered cat bed is simply that it be small enough to be cozy and full of lots of comfy padding.

Portrait of an adorable white cat in sunglasses and an orange shirt, lies on a yellow fabric hammock, isolated on a yellow background.

For a kitty’s quality of life

A catnip tunnel

A little turn from the classic cat tunnel, the addition of a catnip game can turn a usually simple toy into a dynamic tunnel for exploring and playing. Catnip tunnels can also double as a bed and hiding place for our feline friends.

A vertical climbing frame

As athletic creatures accustomed to climbing up all sorts of challenging structures, it is important that cats have a range of places to explore in different ways — running, jumping, climbing, and more. One way cat owners are ensuring they have this is by investing in a vertical climbing frame. These can even be wall-mounted for additional challenges, and many often include a scratching post to shorten those sharp claws.

A window perch or hammock

Luxuries that will be appreciated by any kittie, window hammocks and perches give our lazy feline friends the pleasure of doing two of their favorite things at once — lying down and watching the ongoings of everything around them. These are particularly good items to have for indoor cats, although every cat will love them.

Window hammocks and perches great additions to a cat’s life

Cat grass

Cat grass is an essential item for a cat’s health. These plants are a type of fiber that helps food be digested and aid cats in throwing up hairballs. It may seem gross to the average person, but getting rid of hairballs is vital for any cat’s health and happiness.

An LED pen pointer

A classic toy that never fails, the cat laser pen or LED pointer will have cats running, jumping, and leaping through the air. A great form of exercise and entertainment, it is also a trusty tool for distracting cats when the owner does not have much energy. One thing to note, however, is that cat lasers and pointers should be low intensity to avoid blinding or burning.

A toy mouse and cat catcher

Another classic, the toy mouse is often combined with a cat catcher rod so that owners can quickly move the mouse around as though it were alive. Another great option for this game is the remote-controlled mouse, which will have cats running after their toys for hours (or until the battery dies).

Cat toys can be a mixture of fun and health

For a kitty’s health

Medical essentials

Although small and independent, cats have medical needs too. These include calming drops for stressful moments (such as traveling), gentle wipes for eyes and paws, a catnip teeth cleaning kit, nail clippers, deworming tablets, a cat tick and flea collar, and of course, pet insurance.

A scratching post or tree

Cat nails can be a nuisance, not only for the owner but also for the cat. These nails often get stuck in sofa fabrics, curtains, and even stop a cat from being able to make the most of their climbing frames — this is especially an issue for kittens who are yet to master their retractable claws. For this reason, all cat owners will have a scratching post, scratching bed, or scratching tree — allowing cats to remove old materials from their nails, leave their scent, and (for kittens) learn how to retract their claws at their leisure.

A cat brush (and a cat hair remover)

Cat hair can get everywhere, and it will without a good cat grooming brush. These brushes are easy to use and can reduce shedding by up to 90%, meaning less hair to remove from sofas, carpets, pillows, and clothes! For those hairs that do escape, all cat owners should be sure to have a trusty cat hair remover.

Quality wet and dry food

Cat food is a necessity, but it does not have to be basic. Cat owners are increasingly buying healthy options for their feline friends, with an emphasis on recognized brands and high real meat content. On average, 42% of dog and cat owners will spend more money on premium foods. This buying trend is backed up by veterinarians, who recommend high protein foods with at least 30% protein for kittens and 26% for adult cats. To make sure cats grow healthy and strong, with glossy coats, quality wet and dry foods are a must.

42% of cat owners happily spend more on premium foods


Younger generations are leading the way in creating purrfect environments for their kitties — for them, cats are not pets but family. These generations are ensuring their cats have the right cat toys and structures to improve their quality of life and ensure their cats can live happy, balanced lives with lots of different places to play, stretch and sleep — from cat hammocks to catnip tunnels. 

Additionally, younger generations are increasingly eco-conscious, which is why anybody selling anything should be looking at sustainable production, recyclable materials, and organic food options. This trend has filtered into the pet market too, with over 50% of pet owners willing to pay more for eco-friendly pet care products. 

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