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Expert Guide for Buying Profitable 3-In-1 Machine Lasers


The driving force behind the increasing demand for multifunctional devices is not elusive. Take as an example, a 3-in-1 machine laser that handles cutting, welding, and cleaning operations in one sturdy place.

With it, handymen and engineers are finally working more conveniently, saving space in the workshop, spending less on power and purchases, and increasing productivity. To machine vendors, the good thing is 3-in-1 machine laser market is still pretty new, meaning that the competition is low.

In other words, now is a great time to start selling 3-in-1 laser cutter, welders, and cleaners. And this post will show you how to choose profitable ones for sale.

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Why selling 3-in-1 laser machines can be profitable
Blueprint for choosing profitable 3-in-1 laser machines

Why selling 3-in-1 laser machines can be profitable

The laser-cutting machine market is forecasted to experience a steady annual compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.91% from 2022 to 2026 when it will become a US $1.25 billion worth market.

Market analysis previous to this revealed the key drivers, and what appears to be the major one is the universal adoption of these machines. From jewelry, dental, and other industries where high-precision, small-scale welding is day-to-day, to heavy manufacturing industries such as the assembly lines of automotive companies, laser machines are everywhere.

Fiber lasers, diodes, CO2 lasers, solid-state lasers, and other types of laser machines have caught on in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, North, and South America than anywhere else.

The reason behind this growth is that lasers excel where their ancestors (MIG welders and TIG welders) failed. Lasers generally feature a small tightly-controlled laser beam, a yet-to-be-matched depth-to-width ratio, and rapid cooling, all of which enable them to achieve high welding accuracy, minimal deformation, low scrap generation, and low heat-affected zones, regardless of the material being weld.

But the 3-in-1 systems are even more excellent and fast becoming the most bought auto machines. The systems can perform laser welding, cutting, and cleaning without breaking a sweat.

Blueprint for choosing profitable 3-in-1 laser machines

Power and capacity

When shopping for laser machines, a buyer would opt for the one with just the right laser power for efficiently cutting the type and thickness of materials under consideration. For instance, it would require a cutter with a higher laser power to cut through super-thick aluminum or brass slabs than, say, a plastic sheet.

Buyers also consider the depth of cuts and wavelength of the cutter. Laser machines with higher wavelengths often lose most of their energy through reflection and are not ideal for materials where maximum energy is needed to slice through them. Similarly, it takes high-power machines to make deep cuts.

Ultimately, it’s important to understand the use case of a machine and to consider the application of the buyer, i.e what the buyer wants to use it for. Ideally, machines with 80 watts laser power are ideal for industrial purposes while 5 watts–50 watts laser power is decent for light-duty engraving and cutting applications.


The worst-case scenario is to stock up on machines that customers can’t afford to buy. Or to create an inventory of ridiculously cheap laser machines that may leave an impression of “cheapness,” “fakeness” or “sub-standardness” in the minds of buyers.

Vendors should do their due diligence to find out the price expectation of the target buyers. This should be revealed during the market research phase. To begin with, find out the average income of the target buyers and how much they are willing to spend on a laser machine.


Nothing beats buying from a reliable source that has a track record of selling quality machines and offers additional support to vendors. To that end, vendors should take the time to run a background check on a decent number of suppliers and weigh their options.


The average size of an auto repair shop is 60×75×18 feet. A vendor planning to sell laser machines to a market of auto repair shops would go for smaller sizes, compared to another vendor targeting a market of assembly line builders. Do you get the point?

Type of laser cutter

The laser cutter of a 3-in-1 laser machine uses either a fiber, crystal, or gas/CO2 laser. Crystal lasers are most common in high-power machines where a powerful beam is needed to engrave super-thick materials.

On the flip side, CO2/gas laser cutters offer a more precise cutting and are therefore used in high-detail operations where smooth and neat cutting edges are expected. However, gas laser cutters are relatively low in power. Finally, fiber laser cutters are known to be the most energy-efficient, less expensive to buy or repair, and possess the capacity to cut through thick materials.

Type of welder

A 3-in-1 laser machine has a welding functionality that either uses keyhole welding or a heat conduction welding mechanism. The former is most suitable for vaporizing the contact surface of extremely thick metals with a powerful laser beam for rock-solid bonding. The latter is applied in welding materials that do not require high weld strength.

Type of cleaner

While most 3-in-1 laser machines often come with a pulse laser cleaner, there are some featuring handheld fiber laser cleaners. The trick is to go for the one that’s right for your buyers’ expected use cases.

Golden nugget: Pulse laser cleaners find applications in high-power laser paint removal, mold cleaning, laser degreasing, and almost all types of heavy-duty metal surface cleaning.

Safety precautions and warranty

Finally, not only should the machines come with a user’s manual but also an extended warranty and a most-conducive return policy.


3-in-1 machine lasers are all the rage right now, thanks to their multifunctionality and universal nature. If you’re ready to stand in front of a crowd of ready buyers and tap into a profitable market, you need to choose the best product. Thankfully, this guide has just explained that. You can also find hundreds of verified vendors on Alibaba.com.

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