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How Does a Turret Punch Machine Work?


The manufacturing industries need to rely on some great pieces of machinery to get the products that demand precision and accuracy. Thanks to the advancing technologies, these pieces of equipment keep getting better with each update and innovation.

One such piece of machinery is the CNC Turret Punching Machine. Accurl is prominently known for its various manufacturing machines, one of which is the turret punch machine. In this article, we will talk about this piece of machinery and explore the mechanisms behind its working.

If you are interested in purchasing or already have such a tool, this article will help you know how the CNC Turret Punching Machine works and thus, help you utilize it to its full potential. If you are ready, let us begin!

About a CNC Turret Punching Machine

Turret punching machines are one of the major machines which exist in the manufacturing industry.  This machine, also known as a Turret Punch, helps cut different shapes and sizes of holes in a metal sheet.

The basic mechanism of the machine involves a punch that presses the desired material against a die to get the desired shape of holes. We will learn more about the working mechanism later in the article.

A CNC Turret Punching Machine is simply a turret punch that has a CNC system integration. This allows the machine to help you get extremely precise and clean shapes and holes. The Turret Punch machine was anyway economical, fast, and reliable, but with CNC integration, it has become even more so.

The working mechanism of the CNC Turret Punching Machine

We will now move on to answer your question — how does a turret punch machine work? As mentioned earlier, a Turret Punching Machine works on the principle of a punch pushing the metal or material against a die.

However, with a CNC system in place, the matter becomes automated, thus becoming much easier, effortless, time-saving, and economical. The CNC system helps the machine understand the nature of the project and what needs to be done. Once the machine has been fed the data, it will execute the action, providing the result. Here is how the process works:

  • CNC system executes the CNC Turret Punching Machine programming into the machine
  • The machine starts moving the steel plate according to these instructions on the X and Y-axis
  • The desired disk or die will be moved to the desired spot on the metal sheet
  • The hydraulic system gives the required amount of force to move the punch against the disk/die, thus making the required impression
  • The X and Y axes keep moving and the cycle continues as the machine keeps on punching against the metal sheet
  • This action continues till the program has ended and is completely executed

The structure of a CNC Turret Punching Machine

Now that we understand how a CNC Turret Punching Machine operates, we will now take a look at the structure of the machine and focus on different parts and their uses.

  • Lower and Upper turret

These are tool holders on which various kinds of tools are set. It is controlled by the CNC system for moving and rotating. It is versatile as it allows many types of tools to fit on it.

  • Clamp

This is the part of a CNC Turret Punching Machine that helps hold down the material set to be cut. It helps move the specific area where the cutting has to be under the cutting tool by the CNC system.

  • Striker

This is the feature of the machine that helps punch the cutting tool down on the material to form the desired cutting or hole. It is powered by a hydraulic system and or a servo motor like Accurl’s ES NT Series. It moves in a vertical direction.

  • Turret Key

This part helps position the angular-shaped tool while in the rotational orientation.

  • Die Holders

It is set on the lower turret.

  • Lifters

It helps lift the upper tool and hold it up while the material is being changed into its next position.

That is how the CNC Turret Punching Machine works. It is a convenient and quick machine that operates on a rather simple working principle. Accurl’s demo of the CNC Turret Punching Machine will help you understand the working better.

Different types of CNC Turret Punching Machine

CNC Turret Punching Machines can be of different types based on their driving methods. Let us take a look at these different types:

  • Servo Press

This type includes moving the striker utilizing the rotational force made by the servo motor. This force may be applied directly or indirectly to vertically move the crank.

In this type, the piston is powered by the pressure of hydraulic oil to move up and down. Thai motion then helps the piston to work the striker. It is environmentally friendly as it makes less noise pollution, as compared to the mechanical type.

  • Mechanical/Crank Press

In this system, the rotational drive of the flywheel is changed to a vertical motion with the help of a crank and crankshaft. This helps in operating the striker.


So that is all about the working and type of the CNC Turret Punching Machine. Accurl has been leading the manufacturing tool field with years of experience and a team of talented professionals. Their products are trusted by a large number of companies around the globe.

Naturally, their CNC Turret Punching Machine is one of the most in-demand products. It is not only exceptionally convenient to use, it is fast, efficient, and economical. More so, all their products, be it the CNC Turret Punching Machine or some other product are all supported by excellent after service and customer care services.

The end line is, no matter what product you are going for, you should always go for one from a good manufacturer. That way, not only do you get to make a good investment but also get additional services and expert advice to help make the most out of the machine.

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