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Fragrance Gets Bolder: The Rise of Maximalist Scents


Fragrance fans are ready to go big. After years of minimalism, consumers want fragrances with major impact. From higher concentrations to bold new scent profiles, maximalism is taking over the world of fine fragrance. In this article, we’ll explore the key drivers of the maximalist fragrance trend and how you can apply it to your product assortment. Read on to discover the fragrance formats, ingredients, and concepts that will appeal to discerning noses in 2024. 

Table of Contents
1. The drive towards indulgence
2. Extraits offer quality and value
3. Scents as status symbols
4. Full-bodied fragrances get modern
5. Functional fragrances for all-day wellness

1. The drive towards indulgence 

bottles of famous brand fragrance

With the cost of living crisis, consumers are seeking affordable luxuries. They want value from higher quality, longer-lasting products that feel like a worthwhile indulgence. Extraits and EDPs satisfy the desire for concentration and longevity.

Luxury is being redefined by value and quality over flashiness. Despite budget constraints, there is still demand for premium fragrances as small affordable luxuries. Global sales of luxury fragrances grew 56% in 2019 and 13% in 2021, driven by APAC. This region is expected to grow 6.24% annually through 2025.

The US prestige fragrance market also showed double-digit growth from 2022 to early 2023. As inflation persists, consumers justify higher price points through improved longevity and ingredients. Fragrances become investments in sensorial joy and self-care.

2.  Extraits offer quality and value

Dior EDP Sauvage Elixir

Extraits with higher fragrance oil percentages provide quality and longevity. Popular scents in extrait versions become bestsellers. Consumers find value in better ingredients that last.

Dior’s EDP Sauvage Elixir in a more concentrated format is now a top seller. Coty reports success with the new EDP-strength Boss Bottled Parfum. Shoppers are willing to pay more for extraits with 10-12 hour staying power and opulent sillage from quality components.

Brands highlight added value. Smaller bottles mean less product used, making extraits planet-friendly for eco-minded consumers. Extensions into laundry and personal care line-ups allow signature scents to be layered across scent scapes.

Maison Francis Kurkdjian’s detergents feature bestselling Aqua Universalis “to include your laundry in your fragrance ritual.” Multisensory approaches will grow as consumers seek out enduring scent experiences.

3.  Scents as status symbols

Phlur Missing Person EDP

Led by Gen Z, fragrance has become a status symbol. Bold, impactful scents help consumers stand out. Storytelling and cinematic brands go viral on TikTok. Sample kits allow the discovery of unique scent identities.

Seeking to break away from sameness, Gen Z favors attention-grabbing fragrances that make an impression. Viral scents on TikTok have big sillage, unique profiles, and sensorial narratives.

Phlur’s Missing Person musk evokes a lover’s lingering embrace, making creators cry. Delina by Parfums de Marly is an impactful bridal scent. The Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540 extrait’s crystal inspiration intensifies its signature.

Brands can tap into Gen Z’s experimental mindset with creative fragrances that allow self-expression. Curated sample kits empower the exploration of customized scent wardrobes. Fragrance is the new way for younger generations to communicate their essence.

4. Full-bodied fragrances get modern

Salt Ellis Brooklyn perfume

There’s demand for modern twists on woody, warm, and gourmand fragrance families. Contemporary ouds, tonka beans, and upcycled ingredients create fuller-bodied scent profiles.

The global adoption of oud’s richness inspires reinterpretations like the South Korean brand Born to Stand Out’s Unholy Oud. It livens traditional rose and oud with zesty citrus and tonka bean.

Novel gourmand profiles also intrigue younger audiences. Ellis Brooklyn’s Vanilla Milk and Kayali’s Yum Pistachio Gelato use drier, nutty spins on sweet vanillas. Burnt fruits and almonds add a modern edge.

Sustainability will shape ingredient sourcing. Woody and warm notes can be difficult to ethically source. Alternatives like biotech and upcycled oakmoss, amber, and pine create fuller sillages.

Florals, citrus, vanilla, and ambers will also be reinvented with lab-grown and recycled materials. Science supports creativity in making heritage ingredient families contemporary.

5. Functional fragrances for all-day wellness

Edeniste's Lifeboost fragrance

Wellness drives the need for stronger functional fragrances. Portable and high-strength scents maintain well-being. Multisensory rituals like skincare layering prolong the scent. Hot climate consumers need lasting formulations.

Scent-scaping is on the rise as consumers control their personal fragrance bubbles. Stronger extraits layered with lighter EDT sprays meet fluctuating needs throughout the day.

Edeniste’s Lifeboost fragrance shots exemplify portable, mood-elevating formulas. Arome Manpo blends aromatherapy into skincare for an enduring sensory experience. Those in hot climates need EDPs and extraits to persist.

Functionality and ease of use appeal to time-pressed consumers seeking fragrant well-being. Refillables, mini sizes, and clever applications enhance portability. With fragrance wardrobes in flux, the design supports convenient scent switching.


The maximalist turn in fragrance offers opportunities to indulge customers seeking bold, high-quality scents. Consider concentrated formats, daring ingredients, and functional formats to meet this emerging desire for more impactful perfumes. Give customers the sophisticated, sensorial experience they crave in 2024.

Extraits, EDPs, and multifaceted formulations provide value and longevity. Storytelling kindles Gen Z’s adventurous spirits. Upcycled, biotech and smart materials bring out the best in classic fragrance families. Portability makes scent well-being effortless.

As economic challenges persist, fragrances must deliver on premium promises. Maximalism marries affordability with sensory impact. Through concentration, innovation, and function, brands can deliver exceptional yet accessible fragrances that consumers are ready to embrace.

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