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Friendess Electronic’s 2022 Revenue Was 898 Million RMB, Expanding Into the Laser Cutting and Intelligent Welding Fields


On April 11, 2023, Friendess Electronic released its annual report, reporting a total operating revenue of 898 million RMB in 2022, a decrease of 1.6% compared to the previous year. The net profit attributable to shareholders was 480 million RMB, a decrease of 12.9% compared to the previous year. The earnings per share was 3.31 RMB.

The market share of the bus system and intelligent cutting head continues to rise in the domestic market

Although the domestic and international downstream environment was partially affected by macroeconomic factors in 2022 and the industry’s development slowed down somewhat, Friendess Electronic’ main business remained relatively stable due to the sustained growth in demand for high-power thick plate cutting in the domestic market and the continuous expansion of foreign application scenarios.

In the medium and low power segments, the board system still maintains its position as the market leader in the domestic market.

In the high power segment, the combination of the bus system and intelligent cutting head not only continuously amplifies the technological advantages in high-power scenarios through synergistic effects but also further drives the continuous increase in domestic market share.

In addition, the company continuously challenges the technical ceiling of the industry through multidimensional and multilevel technological iteration and optimization in motion control, sensor design, optical design, and other areas. The product solutions have been successfully applied to higher power processing scenarios, solving the long-standing pain point of “thickness and thinness consideration” in material processing. The addition of intelligent sensors allows for leading functions such as seam width closed-loop control, creating conditions for the development of intelligent manufacturing to enter a new stage.

The company is expanding vertically into the laser cutting business and horizontally entering the intelligent welding field

Friendess Electronic continues to increase investment in platform infrastructure construction. Based on its five core technologies and adhering to the dual-drive approach of technology research and development and terminal penetration, the company continues to expand vertically based on its laser cutting business, while also horizontally expanding into the intelligent welding field.

In the laser cutting field, the bus system for flat cutting, which is based on multi-axis linkage and uses “software and hardware coordination” and intelligent control, has been optimized for cutting paths with respect to plate thermal deformation. The use of normal vector following further ensures the dimensional accuracy of the cut parts. The bus system for tube cutting, based on intelligent tube finding and tube surface deviation compensation, combined with automatic optimal trajectory optimization based on normal vectors of three-dimensional graphics, greatly improves the accuracy and fit of the beveled parts, ensuring processing quality.

In the field of intelligent welding, the company has solved the problem of rapid extraction of large-scale model welding seams and batch generation of parameters, generating visual scanning trajectories and optimizing welding trajectory time. The company has also further improved robot precision calibration and correction algorithms, developed flight positioning mode to optimize welding seam positioning time, developed arbitrary curve scanning positioning function for unordered deformed plate, and developed process functions such as continuous welding, vertical up fillet welding, and multi-layer and multi-pass welding. In addition, the company has also developed a dual-machine cooperative allocation algorithm, which can automatically allocate welding seams for gantry dual-machine scenarios, ensuring a balanced workload for each robot.

In precision machining, the company has developed a high-performance galvanometer control system, combined with platform and galvanometer four-axis linkage technology, and high-precision and high-speed linear motor drive technology, accelerating the implementation of product solutions in laser applications such as display panel cutting, power battery welding and cutting, and photovoltaic doping line marking. The company has also developed integrated driving products, iteratively optimized self-tuning algorithms, and quickly adapted to various linear motor module environments. Additionally, the company has developed a gantry dual-drive control algorithm to improve the processing performance of rigid gantry equipment.

In 2022, the company’s R&D achievements mainly consisted of proprietary technologies, with a total of 16 granted invention patents, 12 granted utility model patents, and 2 granted design patents. The company also obtained 17 software copyrights and other trademarks. As of December 31, 2022, the company had 638 employees, including 279 R&D personnel, accounting for 43.73% of the total number of employees. Among the R&D personnel, 86 had a master’s degree or above, accounting for 30.82% of the R&D personnel. Led by an experienced core technology team, the company has 127 patented technologies and multiple proprietary core technologies focused on five major technical fields. The company has formed a technology chain that covers the entire process of laser cutting, and its technological system’s completeness is globally leading and has received widespread recognition from customers.

Today, Friendess Electronic has broken the market monopoly on laser cutting control systems previously held by foreign companies. Currently, the company has more than 600 domestic laser equipment manufacturers as clients and partners, including companies such as Han’s Laser, HG Farley Laser, Yawei Machine Tool, Lead Laser, DNE, Jiatai Laser, Leiming Laser, Qingyuan Laser, HSG Laser, Lens Technology, and JPT Opto-Electronics. Against the backdrop of many domestic laser equipment manufacturers assembling production equipment on their own, the company’s accumulated customer resources and commitment to providing high-quality products and services have laid a solid foundation for the company to continue to increase its market share.

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