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Full-bodied Fragrances: The New Trend in Global Perfume Preferences


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1. TikTok’s Fragrance Revolution: Gen Z’s Quest for Bold, Status-Defining Scents
2. The Growing Appeal of Concentrated Fragrances
3. The New Era of Functional, Long-Lasting Fragrances
4. Ingredient Innovations: The Allure of Modern Woody and Gourmand Notes
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As we embrace 2024, the fragrance world is witnessing a remarkable shift, marked by a striking statistic: a staggering 93% of global consumers now demand higher-quality, more potent scents. This surge in preference for full-bodied, enduring fragrances is not just a fleeting trend but a defining movement in the global fragrance market.

In 2023 the iconic ‘Savage Elixir’ by Dior, a reinvention of the already popular Sauvage, is leading the charge, epitomizing the global shift towards fragrances that are not only intense but also richly composed. This global trend, increasingly embraced by both men and women, especially in the Gen Z demographic, signifies a deeper yearning for authenticity, luxury, and personal expression in a world that’s rapidly evolving post-pandemic. In this exploration, we delve into the nuances of this olfactory revolution, uncovering why robust, enduring scents are shaping the new era of perfumery, a journey underscored by innovation, emotion, and a remarkable 6.24% annual growth forecast in the high-end fragrance market in the Asia-Pacific region.

TikTok’s Fragrance Revolution: Gen Z’s Quest for Bold, Status-Defining Scents

According to a recent study in 2015, by Allen, Havlíček & Roberts, a full-bodied, notable scent can significantly enhance and highlight an individual’s unique personality. Under the influence of TikTok, Gen Z & younger Millennials are on the hunt for stronger scents, with fragrance emerging as a new symbol of status. Gen Z is the most potential consumer keen on distinguishing themselves from the norm, gravitating towards bold fragrances that establish a strong scent identity.

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TikTok’s trending fragrances share characteristics like pronounced sillage, distinctive scent profiles, and evocative storytelling. Phlur’s sensual musk EDP, Missing Person (18.8 million views), from the U.S., is renowned for its ability to evoke the subtle scent of a loved one’s skin, often moving TikTok creators to tears. From Paris, Parfums de Marly’s Delina EDP (48.7 million views) stands out as a sensual, rosy floral fragrance, especially favored by brides.

The Growing Appeal of Concentrated Fragrances in Designer Brands

More and more famous perfume brands are developing concentrated fragrances. The first one the market would mention is Coty’s new EDP-strength Boss Bottled Parfum is making waves as one of its top global scents. Research shows consumers are willing to pay more for fragrances that last longer and use higher-quality ingredients. Maison Crivelli, a French luxury perfumery, offers its Hibiscus Mahajád extrait with a 32% concentration, boasting a 10-12 hour scent life. In the U.S., D.S. & Durga’s unique EDP 40 Million-Year-Old Amber is crafted using rare, carefully aged materials.

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This trend towards more concentrated fragrances is likely driven by inflation, leading consumers to seek more value and luxury in their purchases. Instead of constantly seeking new products, many are turning to stronger versions of their favorite fragrances. These luxury variants are not only popular among consumers but also offer a more financially sustainable option for brands compared to constant new product development.

Enhanced Wellness through Advanced Functional Fragrances

The evolving fragrance industry is now intertwined with the wellness movement, leading to the creation of functional fragrances designed for more than just their scent. These innovative fragrances are formulated to offer a prolonged sensory experience, enhancing personal well-being and allowing individuals to savor their favorite scents for longer durations. Central to this trend is the concept of ‘scent-scaping,’ a practice where consumers thoughtfully craft their personal scent environment. This involves the strategic layering of fragrances – starting with a base of rich, concentrated extrait scents and then adding lighter Eau de Toilettes or solid perfumes to suit varying needs throughout the day. A prime example of this trend can be seen with Edeniste’s Lifeboost fragrance shots in the United States, offering a customizable scent experience tailored to individual preferences and moods.

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This wellness-centric approach extends beyond traditional perfumes. For instance, in China, brands like Arome Manpo are at the forefront of integrating aromatherapy-infused scents into skincare products, seamlessly incorporating wellness into daily routines. These products offer a multifaceted fragrance experience, blending sensory pleasure with health benefits. This new direction in fragrance design is transforming how people use and perceive scents. It goes beyond the usual uses of fragrance, highlighting its importance in enhancing overall well-being. This approach positions scents as an essential part of our everyday life and signifies a major shift in how the fragrance industry operates.

The Allure of Modern Woody and Gourmand Notes

With the rising popularity of full-bodied perfumes, the market is rapidly expanding, especially with the growing acceptance of Woody and Gourmand Notes in Middle Eastern and Asian cultures. For instance, in the U.S., Ellis Brooklyn is making waves with their ‘Vanilla Milk,’ while Dubai’s Kayali is captivating the senses with ‘Yum Pistachio Gelato,’ both of which are innovative takes on rich vanilla gourmand scents.

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In South Korea, the fragrance brand ‘Born to Stand Out’ is redefining the classic rose and oud combination with their ‘Unholy Oud.’ This fragrance uniquely blends bright citrus, delicate florals, and smooth tonka bean, offering a fresh perspective on a traditional scent.

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In addition, younger fragrance enthusiasts are particularly attracted to these modern interpretations of gourmand scents. They appreciate the creative use of food-inspired ingredients that move away from overly sweet profiles. Instead, these fragrances incorporate drier, nuttier notes such as almond and pistachio, along with hints of burnt fruit. This approach not only provides a unique twist but also adds a novel character to these fragrances, making them more appealing to a diverse audience.

Action points

As we navigate through 2024, the fragrance world is not just evolving; it’s revolutionizing. E-commerce retailers, this is your moment to capitalize on a market where a staggering 93% of global consumers are clamoring for high-quality, full-bodied fragrances. The message is clear: people are seeking scents that resonate with authenticity, luxury, and personal expression. There are several ways that how you may ride this wave and meet the rising demand: First, emphasize the value of stronger, long-lasting fragrances and justify their premium cost with solid evidence. Second, offer unique and bold scents that appeal to Gen Z’s love for distinctive, niche fragrances. Third, focus on wellness, ensuring fragrances are long-lasting and fit seamlessly into broader wellness routines while addressing emotional needs.

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