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Gel Nail Kits: How To Select Them for Updated Inventory

Woman curing gel nails in a nail lamp

Consumers hate it when they treat themselves to manicures and watch the nails chip after a few hours—it often feels like a waste of money and time. For this reason, gel manicures are exploding in popularity as a more durable and aesthetic option. 

The best part is that women can get that super glossy finish from the comfort of their homes with gel nail kits. Discover how to choose these amazing beauty kits for the perfect offer—whether consumers are about nail DIYs or hoping to reduce salon visits.

Table of Contents
Understanding the basics of the gel nail kit
What to include in a gel nail kit
Things to consider when choosing gel nail kits
Rounding up

Understanding the basics of the gel nail kit

Woman drying gel nails under UV light

Gel nails are not like regular paint-and-go lacquer. Their manicure process involves sealing the consumer’s nails with tinted gel instead of polishing.

Although ladies often find gel manicures primarily in salons, they can get similar results from kits crafted for at-home use. Consequently, gel nail kits offer various nail gels and other necessary equipment to make the process worth it.

More importantly, 2023 has favored gel nail kits as the product has maintained steady popularity. As shown by Google Ads, gel nail kits have attracted 33,100 searches since June 2023.

What to include in a gel nail kit

LED or UV lamp

A person using an LED nail lamp

Nail lamps are necessary for curing gel nails, making them a must-have for any kit. Businesses can either include an LED or UV lamp

Although they serve the same function, LED lamps cure faster than UV and will last longer. However, LED lamps are more expensive and won’t cure all gel polishes.

Base and top coat

The base and top coats are where the action happens. Interestingly, the base coat helps prepare the nail, helping the gel polish to adhere properly.

On the other hand, the top coat seals the gel by creating a hard protective layer over the gel polish—it even adds the famous shiny finish. 

Gel polish

Three gel polishes on a white background

Gel polishes are the main part of these kits. They’re usually soft gels in the form of polishes, which create an overlay on consumers’ nails that may last up to a month with no chipping, peeling, or cracking.

Nail file and buffer

Woman using a nail file

Nail files and buffers should also be part of these kits, as they help grind down nails for a more beautiful shape. Plus, they come in handy for fixing cracked, broken, or rough nails.

Cuticle pusher

A gloved hand using a cuticle pusher on a customer

Cuticle pushers are simple tools consumers use during manicures and pedicures. They help move the cuticle skin away from the nails, creating a clean, even canvas for the gel polish.

Nail polish remover

A person using a nail polish remover

Gel polish is very durable, meaning it’ll need a special remover to wash it off. Hence, businesses must add removers containing acetone to help consumers dissolve their gel polish procedures.

Things to consider when choosing gel nail kits

Consumer’s skill level

The consumer’s skill level determines what gel nail kit they’ll get—luckily, gel nail kits are available for all skill levels, from beginners to professionals.

Consumers just starting with gel nails will need a beginner kit with all the basics they need. These kits come with essential stuff like base coats, top coats, special lamps, and simple nail polish colors.

However, consumers with more experience will see intermediate kits as the way to go. They come with different gel polish colors, fancy finishes, brushes, and dotting tools for nail art.

Nevertheless, professional gel nail kits are the real deal. They often provide every tool and accessory nail artists need for creating top-notch gel manicures—some even offer fancy gel polish colors and finishes.

Polish quality

Businesses must also consider polish quality before investing in gel nail kits. High-quality gel polishes are more likely to apply evenly, cure properly, and last longer than low-quality variants.

Here are some qualities to look out for when choosing polish quality:

  • High pigmentation: High-quality gel polishes come highly pigmented, offering consumers a rich, opaque color in just a few coats.
  • Smooth consistency: The better quality a gel polish offers, the smoother and more consistent it’ll be during applications.
  • Good self-leveling properties: Gel polishes should also be able to spread evenly on the nail to create the smoothest finish possible.

Color options

Lastly, choose kits with colors the target consumers will want to wear. As mentioned earlier, some kits will only come with one or two colors, while more expensive ones may offer an entire set of shades.

Here’s a look at some of the shades businesses can add to gel nail kits:

Shades for gel nail kitsDescription
NudesThese shades are a classic, versatile choice for various skin tones and occasions. They range from pale pinks to warm taupes and caramels.
PinksPink is a universally flattering color that adds a feminine touch and elegance to nails. Gel nail kits can offer them all, from soft pastels to deep burgundies.
RedsThese are bold and statement-making colors that exude confidence and glamor. Red shades often include everything from fiery scarlet to classic ruby.
Corals and orangesThese shades bring a touch of warmth and energy to the nail game. They range from soft peach tones to vibrant tangerines.
Purples and plumsThese colors feel richer and more sophisticated. Plus, they add a touch of mystery and allure to nails.
Neutrals and pastelsLadies looking for something soft and subtle will love these colors. They range from sheer whites to beiges and lavenders.
Neon and brightThese are the shades for consumers who prefer bolder and more eye-catching colors with a touch of energy/fun. 
Special effectsGel nail kits may include special effect polishes, like holographic, cat eye, and magnetic variants.

Rounding up

Gel nails are beautiful and worthwhile alternatives to regular lacquer polishes, and these days, consumers don’t need to visit salons to enjoy this durable style. Businesses can offer gel nail kits so ladies can rock their favorite nail styles from the comfort of their homes.

However, consider the consumer’s skill level, polish quality, and color options before investing in these kits. Ensure the kit includes the basic equipment needed for a proper gel nail manicure session to boost sales in 2024.

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