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6 Glamping Trends to Watch in 2023


Many people find it captivating to spend holidays outdoors. It brings new experiences in their lives and something to cherish as memories. Glamping is becoming one of the most popular travel trends around. Despite the recent travel restrictions, the trend is not fading.

This article will cover a few major trends that explain why the glamping market keeps growing in the travel industry.

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Why is glamping becoming popular?
Types of glamping trends to watch out for
What does this mean for glamping business owners?

Why is glamping becoming popular?

Nowadays, glamping is becoming so popular in the travel and tourism industry. In a 2020 report, the global glamping market was worth around USD 1.88 billion. From 2021 to 2028, it is expected to surpass that number, projecting at a compound annual growth rate of 14.1%. Here are three core reasons why the trend is not fading.

People want to connect with nature

People have a healthy demand for it because they want to get away from the bustling urban lifestyle and reconnect with nature. Glamping has been a thing for several years. In 2021, the recent remote-work lifestyle has encouraged people to appreciate nature more and explore different exotic locations and sites.

It provides a luxurious lifestyle

Glamping is a more glamorous version of the camping lifestyle. The roughness endured in traditional camping is removed and replaced with luxury and comfort. People want to step into glamorous big tents, feeling like royalty and enjoying a good time with friends and loved ones.

It brings families together

As a result of these comforts, it brings families closer than before. Glamping is an activity people go for to imprint some memories to look back on in the future. Also, it makes the outdoor experience comfortable for families with little children. 

Types of glamping trends to watch out for


People enjoy treehouses as an alternate accommodation. For most people, it brings nostalgia to their life when they used to dream about treehouses in their childhood. Furthermore, it provides an opportunity for those who could not build or live in a treehouse as a child.

Two people in front of a treehouse

Treehouses are becoming a hot trend in the UK, and their influence has spread across other parts of Europe. Treehouses can accommodate different designs. One prefab treehouse that could give an elegant look blended with nature is the portable timber frame treehouse with a wooden cabin housing.


Inspired by the Native Americans in the United States, they are cone-shaped tents that have caught the eye of many traditionalists. Commonly, they use animal skins covered upon wooden poles, but a modern-day tipi tent utilizes canvas instead. The shape and structure of a tipi make it suitable for having an open fire inside the tent. The height of the tipi allows smoke to drift out and fresh air to enter.

Two people standing beside tent during the night

Tipis attract people who are fond of Native American culture. They are a good addition for families with small children when they travel to the rocky mountains and grasslands. Check out different types of tipi tents – made out of waterproof cotton canvas and supported by wooden or galvanized steel poles. Ideally, these features make them suitable for family camping.

Five tipi tents on a muddy surface


Yurts are similar to tipis but differ in their round shape. Traditionally, they are assembled by pieces of wood and bamboo. Glamping has evolved yurts into a luxurious indoor tent, allowing people to spend quality time with their loved ones and benefit from good sleep.

Mongolian-style yurt in snowfall

Originating from Central Asia, Yurts have spread their influence over different parts of Europe. Their ability to endure climate change makes them a popular choice for campers. For authenticity, Mongolian-style Yurts are the go-to choice for many Yurt lovers out there.


Moving away from tents, glamping pods have their quality with their insulated structure to withstand extreme weather conditions. Pods have been an ongoing trend in the UK, France, and other parts of Europe.

Brown wooden pods near mountains

Their shape and structure give people a good comfort of snuggling in living like a furry animal. An igloo-shaped glamping pod bodes well in extreme winter conditions. It gives people the experience of living in the arctic region.

Gypsy caravans

Caravans were a unique way for gypsies to travel around the world. Van life is becoming popular with glampers since it caters to a nomadic lifestyle.

White RV on green grass field during daytime

A caravan is mobile and offers a comfortable indoor experience for travelers. The most common caravans used by glampers are the traditional off-road camper RV and caravan camping trailers. Glamping caravans can satisfy all the nomad’s needs and provide them with a flawless nomadic experience.

Urban glamping

Who said campers only go camping in the wild? Urban glamping is taking the outdoor camping experience to the next level. Some campers prefer to camp in the urban areas and still feel at home.

A couple relaxing in a dome tent

It allows travelers to get away from their hustling lifestyle and does not require them to leave their beloved city. A simple bell-shaped tent provides urbanites with the comfort they relish to enjoy the urban nights. Additionally, urbanites enjoy camping with glamorous hotel dome tents and glamping pods – made out of durable PVC tarpaulin and supported by hot galvanized steel tubes.            

What does this mean for glamping business owners?

Learning more about these different trends has given more reasons to believe that glamping would not be going away any time soon. The recent lifestyle of staying and working from home has urged people to do outdoor travel and have a better time.

There is rising interest among consumers living in North America, Europe, and some parts of Asia. The 18-32 years age group mainly dominates the market size.

It is not inconceivable to believe that it will keep evolving, and this is primetime for glamping business owners and decision-makers to take advantage of this trend.   

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