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Treadmill: 5 Amazing Trends Revving up Gym Space in 2023


The current size of the treadmill market in the US is $875 million, and it has the potential of climbing further in the years to come. Surprisingly, the report shows that residential consumers account for nearly half of the market—leaving a sizeable slice to hotels, clubs, gyms, etc.

It means that homes are purchasing treadmills as exercising equipment more than ever. And the market is currently booming as it stands.

This article will present five amazing trends revving up the fitness health and gym space. But before moving, here’s detailed information that shows the fast-growing rate of the market.

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The treadmill market is fast growing in 2023
5 Fast-moving and efficient treadmills of 2023
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The treadmill market is fast growing in 2023

The demand for treadmills is hitting the roof as they are perfect for starting a new exercise routine. Learn how to be profitable with this.

Since 2018, there has been a huge craze for losing weight globally, especially in the US. Interestingly, many consumers are looking for practical ways to achieve weight loss results. And they tend to look towards dieting and mostly exercising to cut down some pounds. As a result, more consumers are actively investing in gym equipment, and the treadmill seems to be one of the key tools.

The US has the highest number of treadmill users globally, and the demand for that equipment keeps growing. So, as a seller, it’s wise to jump on the trend in 2023!

5 Fast-moving and efficient treadmills of 2023

Incline treadmills for homes

Man in black tights running on incline treadmil

Incline treadmills for homes are ideal for consumers who want to burn calories faster in lesser time, engage the leg muscles, and strengthen them without hitting the gym. Interestingly, consumers can fix this treadmill machine on any slope setting to get the best workout routine. 

Some incline treadmills feature an incline of at least 10 percent, while others come with a decline feature. In truth, consumers can get good simulations of different outdoor running conditions with these features.

The machine comes with a belt size of 18 inches and 48 inches in length to boost smooth running experiences. They have a shock absorption function that decreases the impact on the back, knees, and joints. 

Treadmills for runners

Female runner in black sporty sets running on a treadmill

Most treadmills for runners come with advanced tech, a durable motor, and sturdier frames. The machines are most suitable for athletes or runners who want a reliable machine that can give them the same effect as outdoor drills.

Treadmills for runners are usually stable with less noise, while users run at high speeds. The machines feature quality motors of at least 3 CHP (continuous horsepower), which is crucial for consumers that train at high inclines and fast speeds. They also come with thick and long belts that give consumers a long stride.

Some machines have automatic incline adjustments. Others feature manual incline options that increase workout intensity and variety. In addition, treadmills for runners have extra features like on-demand workout classes, device trays, programmed workouts, etc.

Good deck cushioning is another key feature of these treadmills that help users reduce impact while maintaining healthy joints. Interestingly, some treadmills in this category have wireless heart rate monitors with accurate parameters.

Heavy-duty household treadmills

Man in white top jogging on a heavy-duty treadmill

These treadmills are heavy-weight capacity machines perfect for consumers who are over 300 pounds. The machines are comfortable to run on and sturdy enough to support plus-size consumers.

Heavy-duty treadmills do an excellent job supporting users’ joints and knees. Also, they come with two tow motors (one for the inclined floor and the other for the belt). The motor capacity of these treadmills ranges from 2 hp to 3 hp for proficient operation.

This treadmill trend has different running surface areas. For instance, a medium deck is ideal for small to medium spaces, while larger decks are for bigger spaces. 

Also, heavy-duty treadmills feature a functional and straightforward user interface with many functions that elaborate their maneuverability.

Consumers can build stamina and endurance with these machines because of their automatic incline options with over 15 percent. 

Foldable treadmills for small spaces 

Lady walking on foldable treadmill

A foldable treadmill features a design that allows consumers to save storage space. 

Foldable treadmills come with wheels at the bottom, and it’s easy to move them around without heavy lifting.

This machine is easy to clean since it’s moveable. Newer versions of this treadmill come with sturdy designs that operate without the deck falling. Consumers will need to lock the treadmill in place before using it.

When investing in foldable treadmills, confirm their folding mechanism. Some treadmills can fold completely, while others can only fold halfway.

Treadmills for senior citizens

Senior citizen in white tee jogging on a treadmill

Many senior citizens suffer from various health problems like aging, arthritis, limited mobility, loss of balance, osteoporosis, etc. Sadly, these conditions can cause inactivity and lead to more severe issues. Buying a treadmill for senior citizens can help them stay active and age gracefully.

The treadmills in this category have high-quality cushioning that reduces the pressure on joints when treadmill walking. Senior citizens can enjoy easier treadmill walking without suffering from joint aches and other pains.

They also have power incline features that allow people to quickly shift pressure away from the knees and burn calories fast.

Additionally, the machine comes with a digital display that consumers can easily read and safety features for protection against accidents and injuries. These safety features include extended handrails for support and a safety stop mechanism. 

This treadmill is ideal for seniors who want to remain active without hitting the gym.

Rounding up

This article has covered five fast-moving treadmill trends for 2023. Sellers can capitalize on this information to build a solid and profitable treadmill sales business. Depending on the targeted consumers, businesses can select one or any treadmill trends listed here, and they will be on the right track.

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