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How to Source a Great Laser Cleaning Machine


Metal surfaces can easily get rusted or eroded when exposed to moisture. Painted metal surfaces may also need regular cleaning in order to maintain their appeal. That’s where laser cleaning systems come in handy. They effectively remove elements such as rust, corrosion, and selective paint removal from metal surfaces, leaving them looking great. 

Given the value of laser cleaning machines to various industries, this guide will highlight the models that businesses should be looking out for, and explain how to source the best machines available on the market today.

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Laser cleaning machines: market share and demand
Factors to consider when buying a laser cleaning machine
Types of laser cleaning machines
Target market for laser cleaning machines
Final thoughts

Laser cleaning machines: market share and demand

The laser cleaning machine market was valued at US $587.18 million in 2021. Several factors are driving the global laser cleaning machine market, including the rising adoption of laser technology and its use in the automotive industry, factories, and manufacturing plants.

Laser cleaning provides micron precision accuracy during cleaning while minimizing excessive thermal stress. As a result, they’re commonly used for cleaning electric vehicle batteries, and have become instrumental in cleaning and restoring high-value steel parts. Beyond this, they have various industrial applications for cleaning and maintenance in manufacturing and construction, which will lead to sustained growth in demand for laser cleaners globally.

Factors to consider when buying a laser cleaning machine

The right power level

Laser cleaning machines can be categorized into three types based on their power, which can help one to get an idea of the extent to which the machine may be suitable for certain applications.

Low power cleaner

The power range of low-power cleaners is between 20W and 100W. This power is suitable for light rust removal. It also works for businesses with a small setup and where lower batches are handled. One benefit of low-power cleaners is that they tend to be the most affordable option on the market.

Medium power cleaner

The power range of medium power cleaners is between 200W and 300W. They are suitable for removing moderate levels of rust or grease on materials. However, they tend to produce much more heat due to the higher power of the laser, and as a result tend to require a cooling mechanism attached to them.

High power cleaner

These machines have a power of 350W, 500W, 1000W, and even 2000W. While they are certainly the most expensive option available, they are the best choice for industrial cleaning and jobs that require the handling of heavy-duty metals.  

The right laser delivery system

Two delivery systems are available for laser cleaning, namely handheld and automatic. The handheld option is suitable for projects that require mobility and surfaces with unique shapes. Automatic delivery, on the other hand, is best used when there are regular repeated cleanings. 

The mobility of the machine

Based on their portability, laser cleaners can be divided into three categories.


These laser cleaning machines are small enough to fit into a suitcase. They weigh approximately 15 kg and are suitable for cleaning items away from the production/repair line. They’re also great for cleaning hard-to-reach places.

Machine fix

Machine-fixed systems are ideal for repairing and maintaining items on a conveyor belt. The fixed system is more stable when cleaning parts and keeps the laser cleaner steady, leading to accurate results and efficient cleaning.

Cabinet system

Cabinet systems are designed to ensure the safety of the personnel using them. They operate from enclosures, where the material to be cleaned can be placed and cleaned remotely. 

The price of the laser cleaning machine

The price of a laser cleaning machine varies depending on the technology used, the machine’s size, and the machine’s power. The most basic laser cleaning machine costs between US $6500 – $8500, but prices can quickly increase depending on the size and features of the machine. 

Types of laser cleaning machines

Continuous-wave laser cleaning machine

Continuous-wave laser cleaning machines focus their light on the top surface of the material for an extended period of time. 

Continuous wave laser cleaning machine
Continuous wave laser cleaning machine


  • It has an air cooling or water cooling system.
  • It has an average laser power of 200W.
  • It does non-contact cleaning. The parent material is not damaged.


  • It is highly efficient and precise.
  • It is highly adaptable.
  • It can be used to clean organic and inorganic materials.


  • Its applications are limited due to its size.
  • It has a low power output compared to pulse laser cleaning machines.

Pulse laser cleaning machine

Pulse laser cleaning machines produce a series of pulses at a specific width and frequency that can clean the intended surface.

Pulse laser cleaning machine
Pulse laser cleaning machine


  • The pulse width of a single laser is 0.25 seconds and it works at specific intervals.


  • It is used in fine processing because of its strength.
  • The heat-affected range of the material is minimal.


  • It needs to be maintained frequently.

Target market for laser cleaning machines

The laser cleaning market is expected to grow to US $803.28 million by 2030 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.10%. North America has the largest share of laser cleaning machines, followed by Europe and the Asia Pacific. The establishment of the manufacturing sector in North America is expected to increase the demand for laser cleaning machines. The Asia Pacific market is expected to grow significantly mainly because of the increased use of laser cleaning machines in aerospace maintenance. The rise in the infrastructure market in the region will also boost the growth of laser cleaning machines. 

Final thoughts 

Laser cleaning machines help to clean metal while maintaining quality finishes on the metal’s surface. The base material damage is reduced because the laser can selectively remove layers. They also address EPA and chemical containment issues due to their eco-friendly technology, and as a result of this many industries worldwide benefit significantly from laser cleaning machines. Visit Alibaba.com for a selection of laser cleaning machines available.

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