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How To Buy the Bestselling Console Tables

Console table in a living room

Setting up a console table is an excellent way to utilize tiny areas in homes or offices for more than additional storage. These tables are also a great fit to ensure the alignment of both the ornament and temperament. Their prime surface is supported by corbels or brackets instead of the same old four legs.

Therefore, a console table is like a supported shelf and is not designed to function as a complete surface. Instead, it is often used as a pier table. A console table will even work well with tiny areas, particularly hallways, as they are available in numerous shapes and sizes to suit even compact spaces. 

Whether a narrow console table, a console table with drawers, or perhaps a mirrored console table, you will surely find the ones making profits for you. 

This article rounds up the very best console tables that are a beautiful blend of functionality and style.

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Overview of the console table market
Top 4 console table designs
The era of console tables never dies

Overview of the console table market

In 2020, the global furniture market was valued at USD 475.4 billion and is expected to grow to USD 720.2 billion by 2028, exhibiting a CAGR of 5.5%. 

The console table market will reach a multimillionaire share by 2028, despite the global impact of the pandemic and the ongoing Ukraine-Russia war.

The rise in demand for console tables for home, commercial, and other applications is one of the key drivers enabling market expansion.

Console tables are sleek and stylish and come in various formats to complement any room. On top of providing a visual enhancement to any space, these tables are also highly functional, making them a versatile choice for home and office settings.

The slim and narrow postures make these tables perfect for maximizing floor space. Console tables can be kept standalone as a focal point or tucked away in a different corner. They can also set the tone of a room and leave a lasting first impression on the visitors.

Top 4 console table designs

1. Storage console tables

The storage console table is the perfect go-to for those looking for a multifaceted and functional furniture piece. The multi-functional design of these storage console tables is well-suited for various interior placements, including home offices and living rooms.

This type of storage console table comes with open shelves for display and convenient cabinets for efficient organization. In addition, the perfect combination of wood and other elements can create a smart mid-century modern aesthetic, providing timeless appeal.

Moreover, the table is super functional and can safely store wallets, keys, and other essentials needed on the go.

2. Console tables with drawers

This attractive piece combines the all-sharp mid-century style with modern sensibilities to create a slim table that can be a versatile addition to any space.

The console table stands on slim tapered legs and features a rich espresso finish that will make a striking impression. With drawers as an addition, this piece is perfect for any area that could benefit from additional storage, such as a hallway, bedroom, or living room. 

The beautifully framed drawer fronts and hardware provide ample storage space, while the table’s lower shelf can be used to display open storage.

3. Glass console table

Glass console tables are the perfect choice for those looking to add elegance to their office or home spaces while establishing a high-class and appealing aesthetic.

Designed with clear and transparent glass, this table makes a bold statement without taking up too much visual space for its viewers. In addition, the unique design edges of the glass ensure that the glass sides do not cast significant shadows, making it an excellent addition to the spaces with the most sunlight exposure.

The clear glass complements serene interiors and green spaces, creating a sleek and stylish centerpiece and boasting a fashionable and delicate silhouette.

4. Console table with mirrors

Thanks to their reflective qualities, console tables with mirrors are an easy way to add a touch of glamor and style to any living space.

The greatest appeal of console tables is that they capture sunlight and reflect it, creating a sparkling effect that adds a touch of elegance to the interior space.

A bright console table placed in a living room, bedroom, or office can instantly make the area more stylish and visually appealing.

Besides, mirrored furniture and accessories add visual interest to a space, making it appear larger and more expansive. The reason behind it is that mirrors reflect light and create the illusion of space, so they are an ideal addition to smaller spaces.

The era of console tables never dies

Console tables are a piece of furniture that has stood the test of time.

Along with providing functional storage, these tables also serve as a piece of furniture filling transitional spaces. Whether used as an entrance table to hold mails and documents or as a focal point to display personal items, console tables can improve the visual appeal of any space, be it residential or commercial.

As a furniture piece that has been prevalent for centuries, console tables have repeatedly proven that they are here to stay and will continue to act as an item that is adaptable to the changing design trends.

Make the most of this trend. Add the right mix of console table designs to your portfolio and expand your furniture business.

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