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5 Desk Trends That Are Boosting Home Office Productivity


The rise in remote work or teleworking has led to a significant increase in the demand for home office items. Desks and chairs were the top priorities for consumers in the US in 2020 when it came to home office furniture. Look into the types of desks that are gaining popularity as the market for home office furniture expands.

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More dedicated workspaces are needed at home
Raising productivity with a suitable desk
Greater focus on home office optimization

More dedicated workspaces are needed at home

Popularity of remote work

Many employees are finding satisfaction and success in remote work. Globally, more than 75% of employees prefer to continue working from home, a Global Workplace Analytics survey has found.

Recent research by the Gallup Panel indicated that remote work is likely to persist. Companies recognize the benefits of remote or hybrid working arrangements. Furthermore, more employees prefer such modes.

In recent years, some US states like Massachusetts and Vermont have attempted to offer tax credits for employers and grants for employees who work remotely. These states might be providing incentives for different reasons, but extra benefits would push workers and companies into looking at the value of remote or hybrid work.

Adjustable white desk in a home office setup

Market growth potential for home office furniture

Many well-known companies are now offering remote or hybrid work arrangements. This could pave the way for other companies to do the same. Companies can potentially save more than US$10,000 per employee per year with remote working arrangements. With this and the increasing popularity of working from home, remote work seems to be here to stay.

With remote and hybrid work on the rise, more realize the importance of having comfortable and functional workspaces. There will be more individuals looking into building a home office as more people are working from home. Such demand can fuel strong market growth.

Raising productivity with a suitable desk

A study done by The Human Factors and Ergonomics Society found that most employees use a desk, table, or a standing desk as their workstation. A great home office layout with a suitable work desk can greatly boost an employee’s productivity. Here are five types of desks that can enhance home office setups.

Ergonomic desks

Being hunched in front of a desk for hours on end might lead to back and shoulder pain. Adjustable desks, or sit-stand desks, can improve the ergonomics of a home office setup. Periodically changing the height of one’s desk can help ensure that users do not hunch over for hours on end.

For those who prefer to stand after their meals, such desks are especially useful. Using adjustable desks can benefit one’s posture and improve overall comfort. Users can easily change the height of their desk at any time to ensure that it is always at the level most comfortable for them.

Folding desk that saves space

The global adjustable desk market is expected to grow by US$2.72 billion from 2021 to 2025. Consumers might get increasingly picky when shopping for ergonomic desks. Switch up product lines by offering ergonomic desks with customizable components. Desks with adjustable frames are great choices as both their heights and widths can be tweaked to the users’ preference. Consider offering desks in a variety of colors as well.

Space-efficient desks

It is no surprise that some workers do not have dedicated office spaces at home. Space-efficient desks are great for small spaces. Such items may be popular among those who do not wish to use dining room tables or coffee tables in living rooms as their workstations. These are also great choices for consumers who are living alone in tiny apartments.

Furniture like a folding desk that can be kept away after work would be a great way to save space. It can be tucked under the stairs or stashed away in an obscure corner when not needed.

Mobile workstations are also useful. These are compact and can be moved to wherever the user wishes. Workstations like these can also double as mobile coffee tables when required.

Folding desk that saves space

Unique and stylish desks

Freelancers or creatives might wish to furnish their workspaces in their own style. A modern and sleek desk would undoubtedly be a safe choice for many. Those who prefer unique styles might go for themed desks. Pique the interest of consumers who are into the retro aesthetic with vintage-looking or industrial-style desks.

Consumers who prefer luxury might even consider something like a Baroque-style desk. Providing a range of styles helps cater to varying home office design demands.

Wooden desk in a rustic-looking home office

Minimalist desks

Minimalist desks would be a product of choice for those who prefer clean tables without much clutter. For those who need to store materials for easy retrieval, minimalist desks with built-in storage are an attractive option. For example, artists might want their art materials in easy reach, and video producers can use the space to store some props as well.

Designed to be simple but functional, a small desk with fittings to place things like printers might also be rather useful.

Simple and neat desk

Office pods

Those who require distraction-free office spaces can look into getting office pods. Office pods can be used in home offices, traditional offices, or coworking spaces. They are essentially separate rooms that can be installed on-site easily.

Soundproof pods are especially useful for video conferencing and podcasts. These isolated units also work well as smaller meeting rooms. Dedicated working areas like these provide a more focused working environment.

A spacious office pod provides a quiet work environment

Greater focus on home office optimization

As workers become more aware of how improvised setups can take a toll on productivity, more of them are likely to look at interior design or home office trends for ideas and ways to create comfortable work environments. The types of desks mentioned above are among some of the popular pickings when it comes to home office furniture.

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