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How To Choose a Reliable Packaging Manufacturer


Experienced business owners recognize that client satisfaction is essential and frequently results in repeat customers. They generally know that the customer experience starts before a customer sees a glimpse of the product inside the container.

For this reason, selecting the best package maker might be the difference between getting one-time consumers and more repeat ones. For your business to expand and provide better customer service, this post will go over how to choose a trustworthy packaging manufacturer.

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Global packaging market overview
Choosing a reliable packaging manufacturer
A reliable manufacturer improves sales

Global packaging market overview

The rapid urbanization of countries worldwide is fueling the growth of the global packaging market. One unique factor of urbanization is lifestyle changes, which spur a lot of packaging of products. 

For instance, the fast food industry flourishes in cities due to processed food packaging. Also, there’s the packaging of electronics, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, household items, etc.

An overview of the global packaging industry puts the market at an incremental value of USD 170.6 billion between 2021 and 2025. The value is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 4%.

Food packaging takes the lion’s share of the industry, and as of 2020, it was worth USD 323.8 billion. It was forecast to grow from USD 328.3 billion in 2021 to USD 478.1 billion by 2028 at a CAGR of 5%. The market is driven by a shift in eating habits and lifestyle changes.

Choosing a reliable packaging manufacturer

Packaging plays a critical role in appealing to a buyer’s visual impression. Some products end up in shopping carts because of their packaging. Therefore, as a company, it’s imperative to source for a reliable packaging manufacturer. The following are some points to consider.

Leverage the logistics advantage

Currently, China is the world leader in many packaging companies. Most renowned companies have some, if not all, of their packaging done in China or ship the packaging material from the country.

Engineer checking and controlling logistic network distribution

The Chinese airline industry has grown in leaps and bounds, with networks worldwide making it easy to deliver packaging material to customers. Likewise, due to China’s large market, most airlines fly into Chinese industrial cities, making air cargo a faster way of shipping.

For instance, air freight to the U.S. can take 1-3 days if it’s express, 8-10 days for regular air freight, and 30-40 days for ocean freight. Considering the distance from China to the U.S., the above options offer a decent turnaround time for a company to procure packaging materials.

Evaluate their custom packaging capabilities

A woman holding a gift

Unique packaging always gives any product an edge over its competition. Companies are always after packaging that fits and promotes their brand. If possible, most companies want unique packaging tailored to their taste. And the packaging company should not use the same for their other customers.

For example, jewelry needs to be uniquely packaged as an extension of its beauty and elegance. Before settling for a suitable supplier, a company should conduct due diligence by examining the manufacturer’s portfolio and their products in the market to establish if they meet the threshold.  

Understand structural engineering and quality control

Manufacturers often ought to have suitable structures to cope with the market demands of quantity and quality using quality management systems (QMS). 

The company needs to have the capacity to ensure products meet the strict demands of the customer like shape, material quality, color, labeling, etc.

For example, manufacturing packaging materials shouldn’t go through quality control at the end of production only. It’s advisable to apply quality control in all the stages of production, which include;

Incoming quality control: Will check on the incoming materials, handle identified issues, and give feedback on quality issues

In-process quality control: Will ensure material placement, testing methodology, machinery and tools check, staff handling procedure, etc.

Final quality control and outgoing quality control: Will involve function testing, product appearance, packaging testing, etc. 

Look for experience and reputation among their support staff

Staff experience for any manufacturing company plays a pivotal role in promoting the company’s reputation. 

Consumer choosing four stars as part of a review

Churning out world-class packaging stems from acquiring the correct information from the customer, coming up with designs that capture the customer’s imagination, and taking them through production.

Also, engineers, product line managers, and assembly line workers need adequate experience to guarantee top-notch products during the manufacturing process. So, it would be best for a company to ensure packaging manufacturers have an experienced workforce to produce quality. 

Ask for product certificates

A product certificate is evidence that a product has met strict guidelines of performance and quality assurance tests. That includes contracts, specifications, or regulations (certification schemes). 

The certification gives end-users confidence since the products have been internationally approved. It also means they have passed quality and safety standards. 

Currently, there are four certifications subject to which part of the world a company resides in. The certifications are unique to the U.S., Latin America, Europe, Asia and Australia, and Africa with the Middle East. That said, the four certifications are as follows;

Europe – CE Marking: The product is expected to meet the EU’s directives of their basic standard safety, health, and environmental requirements. CE Marking is a legal requirement that allows the free trade of products in the EU/EEA.

U.S. – FCC Declaration of Conformity: It’s a declaration mark for electronics that are manufactured or sold in the U.S. Some include IT equipment and medical or industrial devices emitting RF radiation.

U.S., Europe, Australia, and parts of Asia – IECEE CB Scheme: The CB Scheme of the International Electrotechnical Commission for Electrical Equipment is a worldwide system of product safety test reports and certificates with mutual acceptance.

U.S. – FDA: The Food and Drug Administration is an American entity that’s responsible for the safety of substances like food, cosmetics, medical devices, and veterinarian and tobacco products.

Similarly, a packaging company should meet certification requirements for the customer’s products to be considered in the local or world market.

Value factory qualification

According to the Berkeley Sourcing group, factory qualifications are processes that need to meet specific criteria. They use manufacturing, tooling, quality control, and prototyping criteria as yardsticks to qualify credible manufacturing companies.

Magnifying lens and quality control

In manufacturing, factory qualifications ensure the factory sources suitable raw materials and maintain high standards in production.

In tooling, they ensure the factory is well-equipped with the right tools to produce quality products.

A prototype is different from the first sample. A prototype is a product used to test the market to determine if it meets the standards and identifies what needs improvement.

In quality control, factory qualifications ensure that selected factories maintain and improve quality control to meet customer expectations.

Opt for a stable supply chain

Outside of logistics retail warehouse

A stable supply chain is essential for the packaging manufacturer to avoid delays in delivery, which can lead to losses for the customer. Case in point, if packaging for a cosmetic is not delivered on time, the product can’t be dispatched to the market. 

If the company is working with timelines concerning sales, a delay in revenue will cause a ripple effect in the company’s administrative responsibilities. Some of the duties can be delayed salaries or canceled orders.

A reliable manufacturer improves sales

Reliable packaging manufacturers play a pivotal role in the sales of products. Unique packages, quick manufacturing, and adherence to high quality all lead to consistent sales for the customer’s products. 

That means there will be no delays, the customers will always get value for money, and the customer’s brand will grow, raking in more revenue.

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