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How To Choose Frames and Photo Accessories for Your Business


Photos are an excellent way for people to capture their memories. With the widespread use of smartphone cameras, people are now taking more photos than ever. Though some people will leave their photos on their phones or in digital storage services, there are still more than enough consumers who want to use frames, albums, and other accessories. Photo accessories include products like photo albums, picture frames, hanging supplies, and photo printers

The picture frame market alone is expected to grow to over $8 billion by 2029 with a CAGR of 5.2%. When it comes to photo books, the biggest consumers of traditional photo albums are older parents with children and couples getting married. Both sets of consumers will look for ways to organize their special memories, which will drive demand in this market. 

This article will help you understand what products are in demand in this market so you can make the best choices for your storefront. 

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Why do these products have business potential?
What products are in demand?

Minimalist frame sitting on a side table as decoration

Why do these products have business potential?

Now more than ever, people have more photos of loved ones and special events because of smartphones. Everyone has a camera, and everyone is constantly taking pictures, so there will still be demand for items like picture frames and photo albums. Additionally, items like frames can be used for interior design and decorating. They come in many styles, making it easy for customers to find frames that will match their decor choices.

Photo albums are still popular as well. Older consumers will see frames and albums as ways to preserve special memories, while younger consumers will look at these accessories for their decorative potential. Which items you choose to place in your storefront will depend on the market you are trying to attract.

What products are in demand?

Interesting and decorative frames used on wall for interior design

Frames for interior design

Picture frames come in a variety of designs, from simple and basic to extravagant and flashy. 

Simple and modern frames that offer a mix of function and form to the consumer will be high in demand. Most consumers will look for products that do not take too much attention away from their photographs or artwork. 

However, some people will make the frame and the picture inside act as art together in a wall collage or photo wall. Decorative photo wall kits are an excellent way for consumers to show their photos creatively and stylishly. These kits come as one piece or as several pieces in various shapes and sizes that all share an aesthetic design. 

There is also decent demand for more elaborate frames that look like art themselves. Some consumers will want fun and beautiful frames to highlight their photos. Adding pictures to a space is an easy way to decorate a room, and using interesting and eye-catching frames may be part of the design. 

Instant photos hung on a cord for room decoration

Product pairing

Certain products will also drive the demand for photo accessories. The Fujifilm Instax camera, for example, is very popular among younger consumers. The camera will create instant prints, so selling a product like a mini photo album will be in demand with this group. These photo albums are also popular among music fans who use them to organize their official photos and merchandise. 

Similarly, smartphones have increased the number of photos taken daily. Though some people are fine leaving the photos on their phones, some may want to print them off and give them to friends or add them to a small photo wall. Offering products like the portable photo printer will be very popular with younger, tech-savvy consumers who will want to print photos for photo albums, personal journals, and sentimental decor.

A person holding a wedding photo album

Sentimental accessories

Customers who have photos from special events, such as weddings, dances, or coming-of-age ceremonies like a quinceañera or a bar mitzvah, will look for photo albums with a more everlasting and classic aesthetic style. Wedding albums will be especially popular, as newlyweds will want to be able to sit with friends and family and flip through the photos together.

There will be consumers who will not feel the need to print out photos for frames or albums when they can keep their photos digital. In that case, be sure to offer products like this digital picture frame. This will allow consumers to keep their photos digitally while also getting the aesthetics of a traditional picture frame. It will also allow them to sort through their pictures on a bigger screen, which will mimic the feel of a traditional photo album. 

A person adjusting picture frames on wall


Even with the trend to digitize photos, there is still high demand for frames and photo accessories. Important milestones and ceremonies are often commemorated with photos, and customers will always look for a place to put their special pictures. The market is expected to experience steady growth between now and 2029, so it would be a smart idea to invest in these products for your business. 

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