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7 Stylish Sliding Barn Door Styles for Interior Design


Barn doors, and barn sliding doors, in particular, have become increasingly trendy over the years. With this rise, the global barn door hardware market is expected to reach US$ 2,272.1 million by 2027. This blog aims to provide readers with the latest trends and styles of sliding barn doors to give businesses the best chance of success in this growing market.

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Sliding barn doors: a promising market
The sliding barn door trends you should consider
Choosing the perfect sliding door 

Why sliding barn doors are the next big interior design trend

Within the home improvement sector, there are a variety of ways to bring light into small spaces. One way to do this is to use a sliding barn door. Despite its name, this type of door is often found used in kitchens, sliding open from left to right instead of swinging open as standard hinged doors do. The popularity of this kind of door has skyrocketed due to its versatility and unique style. Sliding barn doors come in various colors, shapes, sizes, and materials to suit any need or taste.

Sliding barn doors save space by eliminating the space needed by standard doors when swinging open. Interior designers think that the barn door trend is here to stay — both because of its looks and functionality. In addition, sliding barn doors provide a focal point in any room and can be used as a statement piece in any home or office. More importantly, a sliding barn door is more than just a conventional door, it is a piece of functional art that allows for the display of conflicting materials and adds excitement to an interior element that is usually dull and neglected.

Brown wooden sliding door

The sliding barn door trends you should consider

Chalkboard-finish sliding door

A chalkboard finish is one of the latest trends for sliding barn door designs. It offers users the freedom to decorate their door as they please and provides the home with a fresh new look. Covering up the exterior of the sliding barn door with a black chalkboard finish can give the room an instant upgrade that will modernize its appearance, and also make it functional as a chalkboard.

A chalkboard finish provides a whimsical element to any home or office space that fits into rustic, modern, industrial, or farmhouse-style home-décor. Additionally, sliding barn doors with a chalkboard finish can be used to cover closet openings or as dividers between rooms. They’re also perfect for those small spaces where a swing door wouldn’t have enough room to open properly. They can also be used in high-traffic areas like hallways or foyers, as they can make a great place to leave messages, reminders, or notes.

Sliding barn door with black chalkboard finish

Sliding pocket doors

Sliding pocket doors are an innovative way to save space and make the home more inviting. These doors are a great alternative to traditional hinged doors and are especially good for smaller rooms or tight spaces. They are often used for closets and small rooms, such as bathrooms, laundry rooms, and other spaces where a full-sized swinging door would not work well.

A sliding pocket door is often used to separate rooms that share a common wall with no doorway between them. The pocket door slides out of the way when not in use and creates an opening between the two rooms when opened. Sliding pocket doors can be made from wood, metal, plastic, or glass.

One of the most popular wood choices is oak, as it is a versatile hardwood that can be stained out to suit various interior design schemes. For metal doors, sliding aluminum pocket doors are a good option because they’re easier to open and close — these are available in clear glass or opaque glass panels. Plastic pocket doors are usually made from uPVC or PVCu — materials that are resistant to corrosion and require little maintenance.

Wooden pocket sliding door for a wardrobe closet
Aluminum pocket sliding door in a living room

Mirrored barn doors

Mirrored barn doors are an efficient way to optimize space in the home, increase light, and add utility. Constructed from metal and mirrors, these doors have a sophisticated, contemporary look that pairs well with virtually any decor style. The mirror surface features beveled edges for added elegance, and the doors come fully assembled for easy installation on any sliding barn door hardware track.

Mirrored barn doors combine traditional style with modern simplicity. The circular shape of the handle enhances the sleek look of the door and gives it a luxurious feel. Furthermore, the mirrored surface provides the space with an added depth, creating the illusion of more space and light, and adds the utility function of a dressing mirror. The easy-glide mechanism also makes it a breeze to open and close, even in tight spaces.

Mirrored sliding door for bathrooms and closets

Glass barn doors

Glass barn doors are a versatile addition to any home for many reasons. Their use of glass makes it easy to see through them, and their transparent nature gives the illusion that there is more space. This type of barn door comes in two styles: traditional and modern. The traditional style has a wood base with metal brackets on the top and bottom, while the modern style is made entirely of metal with no wooden parts at all. 

Glass barn doors are available in a wide variety of materials, styles, and configurations. Common materials used for the construction of glass barn doors include wooden frames with tempered safety glass or a steel frame with safety glass. These doors can be customized by adding frosted glass inserts or film to obscure the view through the door.

Mobile glass door

Rustic barn doors

Rustic barn doors are the preferred sliding doors for those with a taste for antiques, country living, and outdoor activities. The rustic charm of a barn door is not only attractive but brings back memories of a simpler time and place. The unique designs expressed by these rustic barn doors, both within homes and business, add a sense of style and class.

Wooden rustic barn doors are the most popular type of rustic barn doors. They are typically made of pinewood or oak and come in a wide variety of stains and finishes. Pine is resistant to damage from wear and tear and has a high degree of insulation.

Barn doors made of oak, meanwhile, provide an attractive finish while also offering strong support. Oak has small grains that can be easily stained or painted to achieve the desired color in the finished product.

Wood sliding doors can be heavy, so it’s important to pair them with heavy-duty hardware that will accommodate their weight. Popular choices for hardware include modern barn door handles and rustic pull handles, such as leather straps or twisted metal bar handles.

A rustic style wood barn door
A rustic style wood barn door

Unfinished barn doors

The idea of using unfinished wood barn doors brings back the charm and rustic feel of the past and adds a level of elegance that is appealing in today’s home décor styles. Unfinished barn doors are very popular among homeowners and interior designers as they can be easily customized to match any interior décor style.

Unfinished barn doors are available in natural wood or steel. Wood designs usually feature hardwood frames and panels with a quality finish that looks just like real wood. These doors also feature adjustable rollers for easy installation. Steel sliding barn doors, meanwhile, are made out of galvanized steel and have quality finishes that look like real steel.

Unfinished glaze sliding door

Cottage-style barn doors

Cottage barn doors are a popular design trend used in bathrooms, bedrooms, and closets. They add character to the home while also functioning as a space saver. A cottage-style door is any door that has a flat panel of wood with no visible hinges or hardware on its front face. The popularity of this door style is down to its flexibility in fitting into nearly any décor style.

Cottage-style barn doors can be found in different styles and materials. One of the most popular styles is the country-inspired double-hung door. These types of doors have two parts to them: an upper section and a lower section. Each section opens separately, which makes them easy to clean.

Country-inspired double-hung sliding door fitted in a gray cottage

Choosing the perfect sliding door 

To help businesses choose the perfect variation and the right product for their customers, this blog covers seven of the most popular styles and designs in sliding barn doors, including cottage-style, unfinished, rustic, glass, mirror, and sliding pocket doors.

Overall, a sliding door is an elegant and stylish way to open-up space where traditional doors would be cumbersome. Sliding doors embody an elegant and rustic style while also providing a more private entrance into the home or room.

Sliding door selection must reflect the customers’ tastes and specific needs. For example, rustic and cottage-style doors are best for homes with traditional-inspired décor, mirrored barn doors are suitable for smaller spaces,  and pocket sliding doors are ideal for locations where standard sliding doors would be impractical, such as in closets and bathrooms.

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