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How to Choose Profitable Barbecue Accessories in 2024

Beef steak on a hot grill

A barbecue with friends is often the perfect way to chill after a hectic week. This recreational activity has been part of communities for decades, as people love to hang out in their backyards and farmhouses while munching on delicious barbecue food.

Recently, manufacturers have started to come up with innovative products for barbecue lovers. This has spiked consumer interest and triggered market growth. This article discusses all that businesses should know about starting a profitable barbecue business in 2024.

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The market size of barbecue accessories
Top-selling barbecue accessories
How to choose barbecue products

The market size of barbecue accessories

A person cooking food on a hot grill

The worldwide market for barbecue accessories is expected to grow to US$ 1,328 million by 2030, up from US$ 915 million in 2021. This growth is at a rate of 5.4% annually from 2022 to 2030. North America has the largest market with a share of 35%. It is followed by Europe and Asia Pacific with a share of 30%.

The market for barbecue accessories is fueled by intense research and development supported by notable manufacturers in this field. They strive to provide prospects with high-quality products that could resolve their pain points. Besides the rising trend of outdoor cooking, a surge in social media and food culture has also contributed to a surge in barbecue accessory sales.

Retailers and wholesalers need to observe the market closely. This helps to maintain a relevant stock and make the most out of their investments.

Top-selling barbecue accessories

There are many options to consider when investing in barbecue accessories. As more companies dive into the market, a business should ensure they don’t add products with limited value for consumers. Here are some top-selling barbecue accessories that are likely to attract interest this year:

Meat thermometer

Meat thermometer kept on a hot piece of meat

An undercooked steak or an overcooked chicken can be a major turn-off at a barbecue party. People who are there to devour food may go home hungry. A meat thermometer can save the host or chef from ending up in this situation. These come in various forms including a stainless steel thermometer, a Bluetooth rechargeable thermometer, and a digital thermometer.

Grilling tools set

A three-knife set

A complete grill set of stainless steel accessories like spatulas, forks, tongs, and grill brushes is a must-have for barbecue restaurants and those who frequently host such gatherings. Businesses that are doing well can even expand their product lines by adding new tools like grill baskets or smoker boxes. But before working on this, it is essential to implement a strict quality control process to deliver a smooth experience.

Heavy-duty tongs

A dish with barbecue meat

Cooking on a barbecue grill is a whole different experience to preparing ordinary cuisine in the kitchen. The food is typically meant for a large number of people which means regular kitchen tools might not do the trick. And this is the reason why the market potential for heavy-duty tongs seems quite favorable. Consider factors like materials, ergonomic design, and locking mechanisms to make tongs stand out in the market. Plus, it is important to double-check that the tongs can handle bulk servings of meat, give greater control to the users, and keep their hands away from the grill.

LED BBQ light

Fresh meat on a grill

Enhancing the outdoor barbecue experience goes beyond serving mouth-watering burgers and sizzling steaks. The right LED lights can improve visibility, allowing the grillers to cook safely even in dark settings, like a forest campfire or a secluded farmhouse. These lights are known for their energy efficiency compared to the traditional fluorescent bulbs. As the awareness about food safety and hygienic practices continues to increase, more people are likely to invest in accessories like LED BBQ lights to ensure the safe preparation of grilled food.

Rib racks

A man grilling bbq

Rib racks allow people to maximize the grill space by arranging ribs vertically or horizontally. An efficient use of space allows people to cook larger quantities of ribs at once, making them ideal for parties or commercial cooking settings. The fact that racks elevate ribs above the grill grates also reduces the risk of flare-ups caused by direct contact with flames. Scanning the market for in-demand rib racks is the first step. The common types of rib racks include vertical rib racks, horizontal rib racks, specialty rib racks, and adjustable rib racks.

Given the volatile nature of the market, businesses in barbecue accessories must stay agile and adapt to the changes in the market. Some steps they can take include monitoring performance metrics. This can then help to adjust product offerings and inventory levels accordingly.

How to choose barbecue products

A scrumptious bbq burger

Starting a business in a new sector is an exciting prospect but it is not without its challenges. Evaluating the following factors can help businesses to minimize potential setbacks:

  • Price: Pricing the products too high can reduce sales, but pricing too low can compromise the business stability. The right balance between price and quality can maximize the profit and bring long-term success for the business.
  • Quality: Low-quality products can leave a lasting dent on sales. On the flipside, a business that prioritizes quality can obtain a positive reputation in the market. So, choose products made from high-quality materials. These are often built to withstand the rigors of outdoor use and offer a convenient experience to users for an extended time.
  • Innovation: The public are always tempted by products that offer innovative ways to resolve their pain points. Barbecue supplies integrated with advanced technologies or customized options can steal a buyer’s attention. However, the key is to ensure that the business budget doesn’t go haywire with such investments.
  • Compactable: Space is one of the biggest problems people face when it comes to keeping barbecue supplies. Choose accessories and add-ons that are functional but compact. Foldable grill racks, multiple-tiered smoker boxes, and adjustable tongs can become a crowd-favorite. Just ensure that these products are also serving a purpose.

Driving success in a competitive landscape like barbecue products can be daunting. Nonetheless, monitoring these factors can help businesses to choose barbecue products that resonate with the target market and meet their quality standards.


For businesses aiming to cater to the growing market for barbecue products, it is important to keep a keen eye on the latest trends. Keeping track of what sells and what doesn’t can help to drive sales growth, and to avoid overstocking items that move slowly off the shelf. Find out more about trending barbecue products at Alibaba.com and explore a range of quality listings to determine what’s hot and what’s not!

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