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7 Must-Know Trends for Berlook’s Swimwear & Apparel in 2024

Women in different types of swimwear standing on the beach

As more people shift towards eco-friendly living, the fashion industry is evolving to meet this demand. Berlook, a leading brand in sustainable swimwear, stands out by using recycled materials to create a range of clothing, particularly swimwear. 

What sets Berlook apart is its commitment to ethical production, ensuring fair labor prices and transparent processes. These unique selling points make Berlook an attractive choice for consumers looking for stylish and responsible designs.

This article highlights the key trends in Berlook clothing designs to help you select the options that will boost your inventory this year! 

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The core of Berlooks sustainable clothing
7 must-know Berlook trends for retailers to stock in 2024

The core of Berlooks sustainable clothing

According to the UN Environmental Programme (UNEP), the fashion industry contributes about 8 percent of global carbon emissions. This majorly comes from the materials used (which end up as waste) and the production process. To counter this, Berlook relies on three central pillars in its commitment to produce eco-conscious clothing. These include:

Use of eco-friendly materials

Berlook clothing uses 80 percent recycled materials, including Econyl and elastane. Econyl is a sustainable material usually derived from ocean waste, such as plastic bottles and fishing nets. This is without compromising on the style and sleek nature of swimwear. 

Using these materials not only reduces the existing plastic waste but also the need for virgin nylon. Therefore, consumers feel fashionable and responsible when choosing Berlook. 

Linen also features in Berlook eco collection as it’s durable and natural. This makes it easily biodegradable hence environmentally friendly. So apart from taking care of the environment, Berlook is focused on providing high quality clothing to consumers.


2 small blue and white textile bags on a marble surface

Berlook capitalizes on simple but effective packaging, ensuring their clothing reaches the consumer in good condition while staying true to sustainability. The packaging includes an easily composable linen bag making it easy for consumers to dispose of or reuse. 

Furthermore, the packaging is made from fabric scrap, giving it a touch of authenticity and eco-consciousness.

This approach is a compelling value proposition for consumers who want to look trendy without compromising the environment.

Use of sustainable production practices

The Berlook clothing production process aims to reduce stress on the environment. For instance, Berlook uses green energy from solar panels instead of carbon-emitting energy sources such as electricity and fossil fuels.

Also, the process is designed to reduce water and energy consumption, further contributing to environmental sustainability.

Direct contribution to environmental conservation

Berlook contributes 1 percent of every purchase consumers make towards environmental conservation. Therefore, women can feel beautiful, comfortable and responsible when purchasing any piece from Berlook. 

As a retailer, it’s best for your business to make this possible for your consumers by providing Berlook as an alternative to the environmentally unconscious clothings.

7 must-know Berlook trends for retailers to stock in 2024

Berlook provides a collection of clothing for both men and women giving you a variety to choose from depending on your consumer’s preferences. Some of the most trendy types include:

1. Lounge and sleepwear

A woman in white pajamas meditating on bed

Berlook has a wide collection of lounge and sleepwear for consumers’ comfort and elegance while sleeping or just relaxing around the home. These pieces come in different styles to fit different consumer preferences. 

From solid color wide-legged shorts and leg pants to mini dresses and robes, you have a variety to fit all your consumer’s preferences. 

Furthermore, the pieces are easy to style for consumers who may want to step out in Berlook sustainable wear.

Ensure you look out for matching sets, mix and match to give your customers different tastes to choose from. And like every other Berlook clothing, the sleep and loungewear are made from environmentally conscious and organic materials.  

2. Floral and printed bikini tops and bottoms

A woman in a printed one-piece swimsuit lying on the beach

Bikini tops and bottoms are popular and trendy beachwear for women. Berlook offers a wide array of printed and floral patterns leaving you consumers feeling beautiful and fashionable. Stock up floral and printed bikini tops and bottoms allowing your consumers to feel flattered while taking care of the environment. 

Also, Berlook offers a variety of luxurious one piece swimsuits for the consumer who likes to cover up. So look out for the different styles such as strapped backside, halter necklines and backless styles.

3. Ribbed swimwear

A woman in an orange bikini lying by the pool

Ribbed swimwear is perfect for consumers who like a touch of texture in beach clothing. Due to its flattering and stylish look it has become popular especially for the young generation. Berlook has a  nand comfort.

Ribbed one pieces are also popular as they help make a statement while enjoying a swim by the beach or pool. Stock up on a variety of colors, styles and sizes of durable and quick-drying swimwear.  

4. Printed and solid color men’s shorts

A close up of man in a yellow swim short

For your men consumers choose from the simple yet fashionable men’s swimming trunks. Although the styles are limited, look out for different colors to fit different beach activities. 

Some of the best to choose from include floral and print beach swimming men’s trunks. Solid colors such as army greens, navy blues and brick red are available for consumers who prefer less flashy prints. Remember to include various sizes depending on your consumers’ preferences too. 

5. Eco-friendly beach accessories

A brown woven beach bag next to a brimmed hat

Beach accessories add a touch of sophistication and style to beach wear, allowing women to feel classy while by the beach or poolside. Make beach accessories special for your consumers by stocking eco-friendly pieces from Berlook. 

Berlook accessories are not only perfectly finished but also affordable and easy to pair with a wide range of swimwear.

Go for practical must-have beach accessories like the beach swimming storage bag or beach handbags. Wide-brimmed hats are also a hot cake as consumers want to protect themselves from harmful rays and look trendy while at it. So have those in a variety of sizes and colors, too.

Other accessories to consider from Berlook are their classic beach towels. These are carefully made from sustainable materials ensuring they’re soft hence perfect for covering after a refreshing swim.

6. Sustainable women’s dresses

A close up of woman in a white maxi dress

While Berlook is largely known for it’s swimwear, it has a hidden gem in it’s assortment of elegant womens dresses. Whether your consumers fancy maxis or minidresses, Berlook has them in a variety of colors and sizes.

Shirt dresses and midi dresses are also available providing variety for your consumers. Mix styles such as short sleeved, sleeveless and strap dresses to meet your consumers expectations. 

Apart from being eco-friendly and long-lasting, Berlook dresses are perfect for summer wear since they’re light. 

7. Plus size swimwear

A plus-size woman in a bikini standing on the sea shore

Traditionally, beachwear was associated with petite bodies and figures. However, this narrative has changed as the plus women have learned to love and embrace their bodies.

Berlook has a collection of fabulous and elegant plus-size swimwear to help these women feel more confident in bikinis and one-piece swimsuits. They have a variety of cuts and styles to flatter curves while maintaining comfort. 

Furthermore, these trendy plus-size pieces are designed to go with a myriad of accessories for a modest but elegant look. As a small or medium business ensure you stock a variety of these gems putting your consumer’s preferences in mind.


Environmentally friendly products are gaining popularity as many people embrace eco-conscious living. Therefore it’s important for retailers to partner with econscious clothing producers like Berlook.

Berlook offers a variety of eco-friendly swimwear for men and women, women’s dresses, and beach accessories. Other interesting trends from Berlook include the elegant and classy plus-size swimwear as well as a variety of environmentally friendly beach accessories.

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