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How to Select the Right Cutlery Sets in 2024

22-piece cold-colored stainless steel cutlery set

While etiquette differs significantly between countries, most agree that cutlery is a  popular addition to the dining table. And because many cultures like to use knives, spoons, and forks, they often buy these items in sets for added value. Some families may even purchase one set for daily use and another more sophisticated set for special occasions or to entertain important guests.

In this guide, retailers can discover the exciting and evolving world of the cutlery market and use the trends highlighted here to enhance their offerings. So read on for an overview of this market and discover valuable tips to ensure you are stocking cutlery sets that domestic and commercial customers will be delighted to use daily.

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The market value of cutlery sets
What to look for in cutlery sets
Give customers what they want

The market value of cutlery sets

Graphic illustration of the flatware market value up to 2033

As the global economy evolves, the cultural practices across countries adapt. Yet, despite new generations leaning toward casual dining and even disposable (or edible!) knives, forks, and spoons, traditional and contemporary high-quality cutlery sets continue to dominate sales.

Due to the demand for fine dining and casual eating habits in domestic and commercial scenarios, the value of cutlery and cutlery sets remains a significant drawcard worldwide. One report shows the value of this market is set to reach USD 10.38 billion by 2033. This figure is calculated on a positive compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.1%, starting from a value of USD 5.74 billion in 2023. The value of five major countries and their interest in the flatware market is evident in the graphic above, highlighting the potential for retailers in various markets.

In support of this growth, Google Ads keyword searches for “cutlery sets” remain strong. In July 2023, search numbers were 90,500, rising to 165,000 in December 2023. Even though this increase of 45% is impressive, the months between July and December remained at a steady 110,000 searches, still showing significant growth by the end of the year.

What to look for in cutlery sets

Elegant 5-piece stainless steel flatware set

The most important aspects of choosing cutlery sets for different markets are set composition, design, materials, quality, and cost. Within both domestic and commercial markets, the demand for cutlery and sets differs, which impacts buyers’ choices when stocking flatware. For now, we examine the fundamental characteristics of cutlery set composition and materials, leaving retailers to gauge designs and the latest trends that will appeal to their customers.

Cutlery set composition

Minimalist Nordic style stainless steel cutlery set

Flatware sets typically consist of a fork, knife, spoon, and teaspoon, with the smallest sets curated for four people. However, the world of flatware ranges from simple to complex. This characteristic means a set can comprise several different eating utensils for various food courses, such as a dinner fork, oyster fork, and dessert fork. The same principle applies to the other utensils. Also, the silverware sets in this class tend to include serving spoons and can be large enough to entertain anywhere from six people to 24. At this level, retailers are aiming at niche markets with specific needs.



Luxury gold-plated wedding style flatware

Gold flatware is a high-end niche market product that costs more than cutlery made from other materials. But despite its impressive gold color, this food-safe flatware is not pure gold. Instead, it is typically stainless steel with a gold plating or a physical vapor deposition (PVD). Retailers who serve a luxury niche market should consider selecting flatware with a PVD finish. This technique is of higher quality because the gold is fused to the stainless steel at a molecular level rather than using a less durable plating technique.


7-piece sterling silver cutlery set

Another prestigious product is silver cutlery. Like gold flatware, this type of cutlery is popular in niche markets due to its price. Because this metal is soft, it is not dishwasher safe and dents easily. These characteristics mean that sterling silver cutlery requires careful cleaning, polishing, and storage to keep its alluring luster. Despite these issues, silver flatware is antibacterial, remains attractive, and is perfect for anyone wanting to establish their status in society. Retailers wishing to cater to the sterling silver cutlery market should check for the STER mark that is proof of the pure silver content or the 92.5% or 925 markings. Otherwise, silver-plated flatware is an affordable option.

Stainless steel

Simple 5-piece flatware set for 6 in a box

Ideal for residential and commercial use on massive scales, stainless steel cutlery is the go-to choice for most markets. Not only do these cutlery sets come in various designs and qualities, but they have a variety of finishes, from shiny mirror polishing to gold, silver, and other plating. Needless to say, these finishings are priced accordingly, ensuring a wide appeal across mass target markets for these flatware sets.

Stainless steel flatware sets consist of different ratios of chromium and nickel from 18/10 to 18/8 and 18/0 and 13/0. The 18/10 ratio is the benchmark for the best quality stainless steel flatware since it is durable, corrosion- and stain-resistant, and maintains its glossy appearance for longer than those with less nickel.

The 18/10 ratio flatware is also heavier and less bendable than the others, so it keeps its shape better. Because the metal mixtures of this flatware are so specific, retailers can use this practice to their advantage by buying cutlery for diverse end users.

Easy grip

Basic stainless steel cutlery set with burgundy easy grip handle

Modern, attractive, easy grip cutlery sets are stainless steel flatware with plastic handles or materials other than metal. These handles have comfortable grips and are available in many colors. The chunky style has a massive market appeal for everyday residential users and some commercial customers, offering retailers an excellent selection for specific markets.


Black plastic disposable flatware set

Polycarbonate is a type of clear, hard plastic that is suitable for making cutlery for everyday use. Although this material is shatter- and heat- resistant and lightweight, it also has drawbacks. Polycarbonate contains bisphenol A (BPA), which is easily released after contact with boiling water. So, despite its durability, this plastic cutlery becomes toxic after exposure to boiling water, certain chemicals, and cleaning agents. Regardless of these disadvantages, the price of plastic cutlery is still hugely appealing to many fast food restaurants. However, the trend towards healthier, sustainable options is growing, so retailers can also purchase biodegradable flatware for their customers. 

Biodegradable cutlery

3-piece disposable bamboo flatware

Besides disposable cutlery, biodegradable flatware is becoming a popular, healthy, and eco-friendly alternative to plastic eating utensils. Items made of wood, bamboo, sugar cane, and similar materials are often reusable and leave less of a carbon footprint on the environment. However, these products typically cost more than plastic disposable cutlery, making them more likely to attract niche markets. Retailers can still use this trend to supply health-conscious restaurants and street vendors with this cutlery to encourage growing support.

Edible flatware

Corn cob next to a 3-piece edible flatware set

Although it has a wide range of benefits, edible flatware is still in the development stages. Some companies have had limited success with these products, but they still offer retailers an option for environmentally conscious customers.

Give customers what they want

Understanding the market prospects for cutlery sets makes it easier to understand which materials are better suited to your buyers, and how these materials impact the quality and cost of these utensils. Similarly, these factors play a vital role in defining end users, with some being residential and others being in the commercial sector.

Against this broad background, retailers should decide on cutlery set designs, pricing, and the markets they are aimed at. A trip through the Alibaba.com showroom should help you to pinpoint the ideal cutlery set styles for your buyers, so we invite you to build supplier relationships with those who can meet your needs.

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