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How To Select the Top Facial Tanning Machines in 2024

Woman enjoying a bronzing session with a facial tanning machine

In pursuing sun-kissed radiance, facial tanning machines have emerged as a popular option for achieving a golden glow. These devices offer convenience and control, promising a bronzed complexion without extended sun exposure. However, sellers must understand various factors before providing these machines for their buyers. 

This article will dive into five features sellers must prioritize to ensure the safety of their tanning machine offers in 2024.

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How big is the tanning machine market in 2024?
5 features that indicate tanning machines are safe for purchase
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How big is the tanning machine market in 2024?

Experts predict the tanning machine market will grow at a 5% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2021 to 2028 due to the increasing popularity of indoor tanning. As consumers show more interest in outdoor activities, the cases of sunburns have shot through the roof. As a result, many consumers demand tanning machines to increase their melanin production, driving this market’s growth. 

North America also held the highest market share due to its large population with more disposable incomes and increasing demand for tanning equipment from commercial businesses. Meanwhile, experts predict the tanning machine market for Europe, Latin America, Asia Pacific, the Middle East, and Africa will grow at a speedy 12% CAGR.

5 features that indicate tanning machines are safe for purchase

UV output

Woman using a customizable facial tanning machine

Think of UV output like sun power in a tanning machine. It’s what helps consumers get that golden tan. So, when the machine has enough UV output, it’s like giving consumers the perfect amount of sunshine to provide them with the tan they want, just faster and without waiting outside. But there’s a flip side. 

If the machine doesn’t have enough UV output, it’s like not getting enough sun at the beach—It might take longer to get tan or to look as nice. And nobody wants to spend forever waiting for a tan, right? But since everyone requires something different, what is the best way to solve this UV output? The best solution is adjustable UV settings.

Adjustable UV settings offer some control for the tan. Everyone’s skin is different, so not all tans require the same UV output. Some consumers need less UV power to avoid getting burnt, while others can handle more without problems. Always prioritize stocking up on facial tanning machines with adjustable settings—that way, each person gets the perfect tan for their skin type.

Safety features

A powerful LED facial tanning machine with purple hue

Safety features are another important aspect when choosing facial tanning machines. They ensure consumers get a comfortable and risk-free tanning experience. Here are some key safety features facial tanning machines must have before purchasing.

Built-in timer

People often make mistakes—as this is how everyone learns. But some mistakes, like letting a tanning machine run for extended periods, can cost more than others. That’s why built-in timers are a necessary feature for facial tanning machines. They help automatically end the session after a predetermined time, preventing overexposure to UV radiation and all its negative effects (like sunburn or skin damage).

Eye protection

The eyes are not like the skin, which means they need protection when consumers are engaging in their tanning sessions. This means sellers should opt for facial tanning machines with built-in goggles or eye shields, protecting consumers’ eyes from harmful UV rays. No one wants eye damage and discomfort because of a tan.

Skin sensors

Some advanced facial tanning machines feature skin sensors that assess the user’s skin type and condition before starting the tanning session. These sensors adjust the UV output levels accordingly to minimize the risk of overexposure and ensure safe tanning for the specific skin type. While not a common feature for most facial tanning machines, it adds a layer of safety to high-end models.

Cooling system

Look for a facial tanning machine equipped with a cooling system to prevent consumers from overheating and feeling uncomfortable. Light often generates heat, so proper ventilation and cooling will help maintain comfortable temperatures, especially during longer tanning sessions.

User manual and instructions

Ensure the facial tanning machine has a comprehensive user manual and clear instructions for safe and proper use. Consumers should be able to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for tanning duration, recommended exposure times, and any other safety precautions. It’s a great way to minimize the risk of adverse effects.

Size and portability

A high-tech facial tanning machine on a white background

Whatever reason consumers have for indulging in facial tanning machines, one thing’s for sure: size and portability matter.  These are the factors that determine how convenient each tanning session would be. No one wants a bulky machine hogging up their precious home’s space. A compact facial tanning machine allows consumers to achieve that perfect tan without sacrificing valuable real estate in their bathroom or bedroom. Whether they live in a cozy apartment or a spacious mansion, having a smaller, more portable device makes it easier to integrate tanning into daily routines!

And don’t forget about travel. Whether consumers are jet-setting across the globe or embarking on a weekend road trip, offering them portable facial tanning machines means they can take their glow wherever they go. Gone are the days of relying on sketchy hotel tanning beds or trying to cram oversized equipment into suitcases. With a travel-friendly device, consumers can maintain their bronzed complexion no matter where life takes them.

Bulb type 

Facial tanning machines also come with different bulb types. Each has different tanning requirements, effectiveness, and perks, so businesses should choose the right ones depending on who they want to target. Generally, facial tanning machines can have fluorescent, LED, high-pressure, and low-pressure bulbs.

Fluorescent bulbs

These bulbs are the classic options. They emit small levels of UVB rays, making them a great way to stimulate melanin production and give consumers that golden tan. Plus, they’re super affordable and widely available. However, they can be a bit harsh on sensitive skin, so sellers must avoid offering them to consumers prone to sunburns or irritation.

LED bulbs

Next up are the ever-popular LED bulbs. These tanning bulbs are all the rage these days, and for good reason. In addition to emitting UVA rays (which penetrate deeper into the skin for a longer-lasting tan), LED tanning bulbs also offer various colors to suit the user’s mood. Plus, they’re energy-efficient and have a longer lifespan than traditional bulbs.

High-pressure bulbs

These bulbs emit primarily UVA rays, with a slight percentage of UVB rays. High-pressure bulbs are great for achieving a deep, even tan quickly. So, facial tanning machines with these bulbs appeal to consumers searching for quick results without sacrificing quality.

Low-pressure bulbs

Low-pressure emits a perfect blend of UVA and UVB rays, giving consumers the best of both worlds. Such facial tanning machines are ideal for those with sensitive skin or seeking a gentler tanning experience. While they may take longer to achieve the desired tan, consumers concerned about skin damage or irritation will think they are worth the wait.

User-friendly controls

User-friendliness is essential for ensuring users get a positive experience, regardless of their expertise. Facial tanning machines with intuitive controls and clear instructions make the tanning process straightforward and accessible, eliminating confusion and frustration. That way, consumers can focus on getting their desired results without technicalities bogging them down. Moreover, user-friendliness promotes safety! Intuitive controls reduce the risk of user error and improper machine use while streamlining the tanning process for a hassle-free experience.

Final words

Facial tanning machines offer a tempting shortcut to a sun-kissed complexion, but their use comes with important considerations. While they provide convenience and control, their potential risks, including skin damage and premature aging, cannot be ignored. However, offering machines with the right UV output and safety features will help limit these issues. So remember to follow the insights discussed above to offer your buyers the best and safest facial tanners in 2024.

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