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How To Sell Outdoor Playhouses in 2024

A cute children’s playhouse

Kids love it when they are set free – allow them to pretend and play as they like, and they can often surprise us with their creativity. Outdoor playhouses then provide a safe space for little ones to explore their imagination. But with so many designs and features available, it can be tricky to determine which are more likely to perform well in this competitive market. Here we’ll give an overview of the most popular playhouses available as well as provide advice on everything from choosing the right materials and roof type to maintenance and assembly.

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Why invest in outdoor playhouses?
Different types of outdoor playhouses
How to choose outdoor playhouses
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Why invest in outdoor playhouses?

A wooden outdoor playhouse

Parents are always looking for ways to distract kids from the ever-growing allure of screens, and the market for outdoor playhouses remains lucrative thanks to these types of toys allowing kids to spend time amid nature while boosting their creative skills. Children are often happier, fitter, and healthier if they have time allotted to running outside and burning off energy productively.

According to Google Trends, average monthly searches for outdoor playhouses are around 27,100, indicating a high customer interest. As more parents look to get their kids outside and active, there’s a good potential for growth and profitability in this sector. Finally, offering different types of outdoor playhouses that cater to a diverse range of customer preferences can help sellers to generate multiple revenue streams simultaneously.

Different types of outdoor playhouses

An outdoor playhouse with swing and slides

Outdoor playhouses come in various different materials and designs, though some of the most common types of outdoor playhouses are as follows:

Wooden playhouses

A child playing in a wooden playhouse

Wooden playhouses are a classic variety of playhouses known for their sturdiness and durability. Wood is able to resist harsh weather conditions, ensuring longevity – a good-quality wooden playhouse may last through generations when maintained well. Wood is also versatile, with some designs featuring a raised balcony with a ladder at the front, expanding the floor space and allowing kids to play underneath.

Hence, wooden playhouses help to stimulate children’s imagination and improve physical strength. In addition, they also look aesthetically pleasing and blend in with other outdoor wooden furniture.

Waterproof playhouses

Cute pink boots and umbrella in the rain

Waterproof playhouses – usually made from wood or plastic – are great for places with unpredictable weather conditions. The waterproof element makes them durable and resistant to moisture.

Kids love it when they can play freely outdoors in the rain, and parents can rest assured that a waterproof playhouse will keep their kids out of the elements. Another benefit of them being waterproof is that they are easy to wash and keep clean.

A high-quality waterproof playhouse shouldn’t show significant wear over time. Instead, their resistance to extreme weather means they may last longer than many other varieties.

Luxury playhouses

Puppets on a playhouse

Having a luxury playhouse in your inventory may bring sound profits in markets where customers have higher disposable incomes. Parents love to pamper their kids, and luxury playhouses allow them to do just that, giving them the chance to play outdoors without compromising their safety and comfort.

The best luxury playhouses are designed specifically with aesthetics in mind and often come with added play features and intricate details using high-quality materials. The artistry and craftsmanship of these playhouses is distinct, making them instantly appealing.

Plastic playhouses

Children playing together

Plastic playhouses are often favored for being bright, lightweight, and portable. Compared to some other materials, plastic is also relatively low-maintenance, making them easy to clean with a little soap and water.

Plastic is also a versatile material that allows for imaginative and creative playhouse designs. Sellers can offer several shapes, sizes, and themes to cater to different tastes and preferences. Some plastic playhouse varieties are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, which helps them appeal to markets where weather conditions don’t allow children to play outdoors year-round.

Customized playhouses

An indoor playhouse

Customized playhouses give an edge to ordinary designs by accommodating the customer’s personalized needs. Evaluating your market may help to determine whether there’s a need for you to stock such products. For instance, some buyers may prefer themed playhouses, while others may favor ways to add or remove features according to their children’s age and skill.

Customized products tend to generate positive word-of-mouth, with satisfied buyers more likely to share their experiences with fellow parents, potentially leading to more referrals and business.

How to choose outdoor playhouses

An elevated wooden playhouse

Choosing a playhouse for outdoor use requires analyzing various factors, such as:


The most important aspect of choosing a playhouse for the outdoors is safety. Ensure the playhouse is sturdy and does include any design aspects that may harm children during play. Buyers are likely to look for playhouses with rounded corners and no rough edges, as they could cause scrapes. It’s important to also check the playhouse’s certification to see if they’re suitable for a particular age range.


Checking the playhouse’s quality is also important. Invest in playhouses from reputable manufacturers known for good-quality products. It is essential to check that the playhouse is made of sturdy materials that can withstand various climates and more extreme weather conditions.


Similarly, choose playhouses that are made from sturdy, durable, weather-resistant, and long-lasting materials. While wooden playhouses tend to be more rugged, plastic playhouses may be preferable for being lightweight, portable, and more cost-effective.

Design and size

Having a variety of outdoor playhouses is the key to profitability. Consider featuring outdoor playhouses of different sizes, designs, and shapes to appeal to a mass market. Smaller families with younger children may prefer small-sized playhouses, whereas families with more or older children are likely to want slightly bigger playhouses.

The variety of playhouses is constantly growing, with modern and contemporary outdoor playhouses increasingly taking center stage.

Parting notes

A colorful plastic playhouse

Considering parents’ preferences and the dynamic needs of children is the key to standing out in the outdoor playhouse market. Sellers may opt for sturdy plastic playhouses, traditional wooden ones, or playhouses with more modern designs – there is an endless array of options available.

Offering outdoor playhouses of different designs, sizes, and price points sets the stage for increased profits by appealing to a larger target audience. If you want to stay up to date on outdoor playhouse market trends and evolving customer needs, browse the huge range of playhouses on Alibaba.com.

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