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Facial Cotton Pads Buying Guide for 2024

facial cotton pads

Skincare has become a necessity for many people, regardless of age or gender, and one of the best tools to incorporate into a daily skincare routine is a facial cotton pad. 

These pads are a hit because of their affordability, versatility, and irritation protection. In short, this beauty care product attracts up to 18,100 searches monthly—and it has been that way since 2022.

This article will explore what to look out for when selecting these trendy products so that you can add the best options to your inventory in 2024.

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What are the benefits of using cotton pads?
How profitable will the cotton pad market be in 2024?
Everything to look out for when buying facial cotton pads
Wrapping up

What are the benefits of using cotton pads?

When it comes to skincare, consumers want bang for their buck, and facial cotton pads meet the requirements perfectly. 

So, here’s the scoop on facial pads—they make the skincare game more effective. How? By soaking up liquids like toners or makeup removers effortlessly, reducing the chances of wasting precious products.

They also limit hand-to-skin contact, reducing the risk of bacteria build-up on the skin. Cotton pads are also gentle on the skin, and their multi-use nature makes them a must-have item for consumers concerned about their facial beauty.

How profitable will the cotton pad market be in 2024?

The global market for facial cotton pads is rising. Experts predict that by 2030, the market will surpass US$ 1.185 billion (boosting from 2022’s US$ 760 million) in value, exhibiting a 5.71% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) over the forecast period.

Experts also attribute the market’s growth potential to the rising awareness of personal care and increasing disposable income. Asia Pacific also emerged as the dominant region with a 37.0% market share. 

Everything to look out for when buying facial cotton pads


Facial cotton pads used on woman’s face at spa

When purchasing facial cotton pads, there are three material types to consider: pure, non-woven, and material blend cotton pads.

Manufacturers make pure cotton facial pads from 100% cotton. Super soft and gentle on the skin, these facial pads are perfect for sensitive consumers. But here’s a little heads up: not all consumers will love them because they can puff up a bit when they soak up water.

On the other hand, material blend cotton pads introduce a bit of fiber, offering a soft but tough texture. Although they may have more friction, material blend cotton pads are the go-to products for removing makeup.

Lastly, non-woven fabric pads come in with a different purpose. These bad boys are big, easy to handle, and perfect for wet compress situations. The cool part? They don’t turn into saturated weights, keeping things light and easy.


Stacked pile of facial cotton pads

Retailers can invest in several types of facial cotton pads, but the best ones to stock up on depend on what the consumers want. Keep reading to find an overview of all the types available today: 

Conventional cotton padThe most common type. It’s also multifunctional, allowing the pad to remove makeup, tonal application, and clean skin.
Organic cotton padsThese types feature 100% organic cotton without pesticides, fibers, or chemicals. Choose them if consumers have sensitive skin or prefer natural products.
Exfoliating cotton padsThese pads come with a textured surface to help exfoliate the user’s skin while removing makeup and dirt.
Dual-sided cotton padsThese offer the best of both worlds: a smooth surface and textured side.
Thin cotton padsThese are like regular pads but thinner, making them great for applying liquid products like toners.
Thick cotton padsThese are thicker than regular cotton pads, ideal for applying more viscous products or removing heavy makeup.
Multi-layered cotton padsThese pads are great for absorbing liquid products.
Pre-moistened cotton padsThese pads come pre-soaked in solutions like micellar water—perfect for easy and quick makeup removal.
Lint-free cotton padsThese pads help reduce shedding and work best with oil-based or liquid products.
Silicone cotton padA reusable alternative to traditional cotton pads.


Pressed edge cotton pads against pink background

All facial cotton pads are either pressed-edge, non-pressed-edge, or full-edge facial cotton pads.

Pressed edge pads have some wool and are pinched on two sides of the edge. They lock in moisture well and can wipe back and forth without deforming easily. 

Non-pressed edge pads are a bit more malleable. However, they don’t lock in as much moisture. 

Full-edge pads combine the convenience of the pressed edge and the thickness of the non-pressed pads to provide a flexible yet well-formed pad when used. 


It’s key to understand why and how a consumer intends to use the facial cotton pads before investing in them.

Facial cotton pads are not one-size-fits-all. For instance, pure cotton pads are best used for applying liquids or lotions. For makeup removal, both pure and mixed cotton pads work perfectly. However, non-woven cotton pads are the best options for wet compresses.

Wrapping up

Facial cotton pads bring many benefits to the skincare table. They seamlessly offer various textures and help enhance the user’s overall soothing experience. The diverse options allow users to pick what aligns with their unique preferences and needs.

So, don’t hesitate. Facial cotton pads offer a profitable opportunity to sellers catering to this growing market of fashion savvy buyers. But don’t forget to consider everything discussed in this article before stocking up for 2024.

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