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How To Select the Right Ice Cream Machine


Funfairs have them, malls have them, and almost every arcade will feature them. What are they? Ice cream machines. They are practically synonymous with any fun-related activity. This article will dive deeper into the intricacies of acquiring one. From what businesses should look out for when ng them to their market share and growth opportunity.

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Demand and market share of ice cream machines
What to look for in an ice cream machine
Types of ice cream machines
Target market for ice cream machines

Demand and market share of ice cream machines

The ice cream machines industry was valued at US$ 68,052 million in 2020. The most significant contributor to the growth of this market is the summer season. Another factor is the production of different flavors of ice cream. The wide array of flavors means that the base market is higher. With the global population increasing, the demand for ice cream machines is expected to grow steadily. 

What to look for in an ice cream machine

The most suitable ice cream machine will depend on the several factors listed below:

Freezing method

Freezing bowl ice cream makers require freezing the bowl before making ice cream. Freezing takes 8 hours. The compressor ice cream maker takes a shorter time to make ice cream. Depending on the needs of the business, buyers should consider the freezing method employed by the ice cream maker.

Ease of use

An ice cream maker’s ease of use can be contributed by a faster freezing speed and having an extra bowl for freezing. Some ice cream makers also have a motor, which translates to ease when making ice cream. For businesses, a feature that saves time is crucial.


Simple ice cream makers can be as cheap as US$ 30. However, with the relatively low cost, extra work needs to be put in when making the ice cream. However, a business may consider more expensive ice cream makers, as much as US$ 700, or commercial ice cream makers, which cost US$ 6,000. They come with compressors that turn the ice cream making business a breeze in the park.


Businesses should consider the amount of ice cream they want to make before purchasing. Compared to industrial size demands, homemade ice cream may not need a giant maker. Knowing the capacity is helpful before placing the order.

Time and efficiency

Compressor ice cream machines make ice cream quickly. This is important for a business and a good selling point. On the other hand, if the demand for ice cream is for domestic purposes such as home parties, there is no need to get a costly efficient ice cream maker. 

Types of ice cream machines

We’ll look at the different types of ice cream machines available

Traditional ice cream machines

Traditional ice cream machines are also known as hand-crank ice cream machines. They are the earliest method of making ice cream and resemble a bucket with a crankshaft. Also, there are modern versions.

Traditional ice cream machine


  • They make use of a lot of salt and ice.


  • They have more control over the process.
  • They are affordable.


  • They take time to make ice cream.
  • They require more work.

Compressor ice cream makers

Compressor ice cream machines are unique in that they have a compressor that helps in mixing the different ingredients. They produce ice cream that is quite soft.

Compressor ice cream maker


  • They come with a compressor.
  • Mixing cream and milk is done simultaneously, making the process fast.
  • They are portable.


  • They are easy to use.
  • They are fast and efficient.
  • They come with handy features such as LCDs and temperature regulators.


  • They are costly to acquire and maintain.

Freezing bowl ice cream machine

Freezing bowl ice cream machines feature a removable bowl that must be frozen first before making ice cream, which takes 8 hours.

Freezer bowl ice cream machine


  • They have a double-insulated freezer bowl.
  • They do not need additional ice or stirring.


  • They are easy to acquire and require low maintenance.
  • They are easy to store.
  • They are suitable for small kitchens.


  • They may be tedious to use.
  • They take a longer time.

Commercial ice cream machine

Commercial ice cream machines primarily are for industry-scale ice cream making.

Industrial ice cream machine


  • They have a built-in freezer.
  • They come with a lucrative warranty of 1 year or more.


  • They can make more than one type of ice cream, gelato, soft ice cream, hard ice cream, etc.
  • They are easy to operate.


  • They are costly to acquire and maintain. One can cost US$ 6,000.
  • They consume a lot of power in operation.

Target market for ice cream machines

The ice cream machine market is projected to grow with a CAGR of 5%. Its value will be US$ 122,051 million in 2031. The Asia Pacific region is expected to lead this growth due to its high population growth rate. Diversified products such as low-fat and low-calorie ice creams that are mindful of the consumer’s needs are seen as driving factors contributing to widening the market reach.


Not all ice cream machines will suit any business. While some are efficient for producing large quantities of ice cream, other machines are best for home gatherings. It is also clear from this outline that ice cream machines still have growth potential globally. More information on ice cream machines can be found in the ice cream machines section of Alibaba.com.  

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