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5 Apparel Packaging Trends To Capitalize on in 2022


For small business owners focused on the apparel industry, competition can be quite tough. Apparel businesses require focus not only on the design and aesthetics of apparel but also its packaging to enhance the overall buyer experience. 

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Importance of good apparel packaging
5 major trends in the apparel packaging industry
Good apparel packaging improves sales

Importance of good apparel packaging

In addition to marketing the apparel product and amplifying sales, good apparel packaging also signifies the effort that your brand has put in to deliver quality to your customers.  

5 major trends in the apparel packaging industry

Keeping in view of customer preferences, there is a wide variety of styles in the apparel packaging industry that abound today. The packaging is an extension of the apparel itself and an important expression of branding and class. Let’s take a look at some of the major trends defining the apparel packaging industry. 

Minimalistic designs

clothes displayed in a minimalistic open beige box

Minimalist yet interesting designs in apparel packaging are gaining quite a lot of popularity these days. Equal parts simple and modern, they are colored in shades of beige or white. Their producers really bank on the idea that “less is more” and in doing so they impart elegance and grace to their designs. 

When you plan to go for minimalistic packaging of your apparel products, you should design with simplicity. The design should look uncluttered and promote the idea of transparency. This means that instead of relying on fancy graphics to divert the attention of buyers, you invite them to focus on the apparel product itself.

Use of pastel colors

Another trend that is in vogue is the use of pastel colors in apparel packaging. Pastel colors have the right amount of white color mixed in them to give off a mild pale look. In addition to looking pleasing, they are easy on the eyes and offer comforting visuals to the customer in a sea of sharp, loud colors. The most common pastel colors seen in apparel packaging are creamy mint, millennial pink, baby blue, and whimsy yellow. 

a blush pink apparel packaging box displayed against blush pink petals

While they were previously mostly used for cosmetic and baby product packaging, we now see that many apparel packaging brands have started using pastel colors for branding. 

 Bold patterns

Some brands have also started employing bold patterns in their packaging. If you feel your apparel brand should be known for its vibrancy and energetic prints, the usage of bold patterns in packaging can help market your product.  

smooth edged triangle shapes shaded in deep orange contrasted with green, yellow, pink, rust and white

Usage of bold patterns in packaging will also counter the wave of minimalism that most brands have been following these days. This can help you create an individual personality for your apparel brand and help gain traction with consumers. It is however important to choose a specific color scheme that complements the overall aesthetics of your apparel product and sticks in the mind of your consumers. 

Reliance on flat illustrations

Gaining popularity back in 2019, flat illustrations continue to draw the attention of the design and apparel industry. Their simple and humanized imagery is unique, offering flexible and easy customization options to designers. The use of flat illustrations in apparel packaging can help complement the branding of minimalistic apparel brands. They can be easily printed on a variety of packaging materials.

pastel-shaded leaf print flat illustration design

If you opt for using flat illustrations in your apparel packaging design, it is important to select an illustration that complements the theme and principles of your brand. This will help in branding since the moment your customers see the packaging, they will know that the package belongs to your brand.

Promotion of sustainability

Many brands are now considering eco-friendly and sustainable options when it comes to apparel packaging. A report produced by the World Economic Forum highlights that consumers are willing to invest more in brands that adhere to sustainable practices.

earth-friendly fabric bag for apparel packaging

By using sustainable packaging, you help both the planet and your own business. 

Given the great damage dealt with the environment by poor brand packaging choices in the past, this change is quite welcoming. 

Good apparel packaging improves sales 

In conclusion, good packaging is a great way to improve the marketing and sales of apparel products. Given the fierce competition in the apparel industry, it helps to know what gives your brand a competitive edge. Be it through the use of minimalistic designs or pastel colors, reliance on flat illustrations, or sustainable packaging, each apparel brand has a variety of ways to make a statement. Ensuring your packaging is in line with industry trends is key to providing the best customer experience.

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