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Magnetic Fluid Career Fashion Trends Revving up in Autumn/Winter 23/24


The fashion world is experiencing a significant shift within the workwear category as more design solutions emerge with flexibility, color, gender inclusivity, comfort, versatility, and sustainability at the forefront.

Fluid careers herald the introduction of de-gendered apparel trends while creating adaptable details for the changeable weather and compatibility with different body types.

This article will explore five outstanding fluid career trends with high gender inclusivity and profit potentials. But first, keep reading to discover the statistics of the apparel market.

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How profitable is the global apparel market?
5 key fluid career apparel trends for more sales in 2023/24
Rounding up

How profitable is the global apparel market?

People wearing long-sleeve shirts and denim outfits

The global apparel market grew from US $551.36 billion in 2021 to US $605.4 billion in 2022 at an impressive compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.8%. However, experts still predict the market will reach US $843.14 billion by 2026 at an 8.6% CAGR.

Additional research suggests that increasing online shopping demand will help propel the apparel market’s growth. In addition, since retailers can now sell their products on broader platforms, they will access larger customer bases and this will positively contribute to the global industry’s expansion.

Western Europe generated the highest revenue in 2021, allowing it to dominate the apparel market. However, Asia-Pacific emerged as the second-largest region due to its increasing population and purchasing power.

5 key fluid career apparel trends for more sales in 2023/24

1. Adjustable blazer

Lady resting on a fence in a blue adjustable blazer

Blazers are timeless classics that have a place in every consumer’s closet. However, designs for longevity redefine the polished tailoring piece, introducing clever design elements that provide adjustability for various body builds.

Adjustable blazers come with roomy shoulder widths, armholes, and a relaxed sleeve. In addition, the elegant piece features a stylishly casualized fit that can work with most body shapes. For example, blazers with longer-line lengths are ideal for taller silhouettes.

More importantly, adjustable blazers have double vents, allowing the wearer to loosen or tighten the piece for the perfect fit. Beyond the updated detailing, these tailored coats retain their classic counterparts’ aesthetics and universal appeal.

Consumers spending more time at work can rock an adjustable blazer with tailored trousers for smart and stylish formal attire. Although suit-inspired outfits may feel old-fashioned, matching a blazer with digital lavender trousers offers a modern appeal. In addition, wearers can ditch the boring basics and spruce things up with mixing and matching. For example, try pairing a colored or patterned blazer with neutral-shaded trousers.

2. Fluid trousers

Person putting hands in gray work trousers

With hybrid working lifestyles gaining more prominence, fashion continues to tap into versatile business-casual trouser styles that appeal to consumers unwilling to ditch their comfort. Fluid trousers are one of the many styles emerging this season to satisfy the desire for loungewear and workwear hybrids.

Fluid trousers come with drawstring waistbands and ankle straps, allowing the wearer to switch between wide-leg or tapered fits. In addition, this piece’s adjustability and comfort extend to the crotch area, making the bottom a perfect fit for all body types.

In addition, retailers can offer fluid trousers in a matching set with adjustable blazers, creating an ensemble that consumers can wear together or apart. Wearers may also match them with tailored vests in matching colors.

But that’s not all. Fluid trousers can showcase the ultimate comfy look, especially when consumers pair them with slightly oversized astro dust dress shirts. Whether long or short-sleeved, the business-casual pants will upgrade the shirt to a polished level.

3. #ConsideredCommute cagoule

Woman wearing a yellow cagoule

Cagoules may have launched as unstylish jackets, but recent iterations have made the piece fit for the runway. #ConsideredCommute cagoules merge fashion with function to create a throw-on appeal for unpredictable weather conditions.

This trend imbues the classic cagoule with durable, long-lasting, and natural cotton. The piece’s design elements have also received updates, allowing the cagoule to stand the test of time. In addition, retailers can invest in variants with high-grip rubber zip tapes, anti-mold treatments, and antiviral properties.

Businesses should also consider designs with detachable and packable elements, like concealed hoods and zip-off sleeves. Stylistically, consumers can rock the cagoule with joggers for a sports-inspired look.

Cagoules also look amazing with denim pants. The combinations make a perfect blend of streetwear and functional aesthetics. For the top, wearers can layer a hoodie, sweatshirt, or classic tee under the cagoule for added warmth.

4. #SmartenUp cardigan

People wearing blue and cream cardigans

Cardigans are adaptable knitwear layers that consumers can wear in any season. However, the cozy piece dips into business-casual waters this season as A/W 23/24 shifts cardigans toward elevated hybrid workwear.

#SmartenUp cardigans open opportunities for retailers to utilize decorative buttons made from stone cycling and gemstone repurposing. However, they must invest in variants with removable details to ensure end-of-life recycling.

As mentioned earlier, cardigans are essential for business-casual looks, and consumers will find them easy to style. For instance, they can layer a shawl-collar cardigan over their favorite button-down shirt. Then, wearers can tuck the dress shirt into denim or dress pants.

#SmartenedUp cardigans can become the statement piece of any outfit, especially when consumers choose them in bold colors. For example, they can pair a bright-colored cardigan with suede pants or slim-fitting midi skirts. Wearers may also sport cardigans with intricate designs, like beading and embroidery, to spruce up the outfit.

Cable-knit cardigans are comfy items that wearers can pair with a long-sleeve shirt, wide-leg pants, or slouchy joggers. In addition, consumers can wear an oversized cardigan with skinny or mom jeans for the perfect daytime look.

5. Adjustable shirt

Lady wearing a white button-down shirt

Although the deconstructed shirt is an established classic and minimalist staple, retailers can give it a broader appeal by offering the piece in gender-inclusive silhouettes. But that’s not all. These shirts come updated with adjustable button details, allowing consumers to create exciting shapes and silhouettes.

What’s more? These details showcase incredible adaptability, appealing to a broader range of sizes and genders. Adjustable shirts can also come with detachable sleeves that imbue them with a year-round charm. In addition, this removable detailing allows the wearer to switch between short and long-sleeved styles.

Adjustable shirts still have the versatility and beauty of their traditional counterparts. As a result, consumers can go wild with throwing them into various ensembles. For example, they can pair a striped adjustable shirt with denim or chinos. Then, they can tuck the piece in or let it fly for a more unstructured look.

In addition, wearers can layer a long coat or blazer over the adjustable shirt to give it a more structured look. Finally, cardigans and sweaters paired with adjustable shirts will craft a relaxed business-casual look for remote-working and work-from-home lifestyles.

Rounding up

Fluid career trends revolve around offering gender-inclusive designs with adjustable details that empower the wearer, allowing them to create their preferred fit and style. Retailers must also ensure they provide accommodating styles that cater to various shapes and sizes.

Consumer lifestyles are evolving to balance work and comfort, and retailers must follow suit to make more sales. Consider investing in adjustable blazers, fluid trousers, #ConsideredCommute cagoules, #SmartenUp cardigans, and adjustable shirts to keep up with the changing trends.

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