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Make a Splash With These 4 Bath Tray Trends

Dark stained wood bathtub tray

A bathtub caddy is an attractive and functional addition to any bathroom. From natural bamboo racks with multipurpose features to simple plastic tray caddies, these are the latest bath tray trends for businesses to add to their inventory.

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The bathroom accessories market
Top 4 bath tray trends

The bathroom accessories market

Globally, the bathroom accessories market was valued at USD 20.95 million in 2022 and is anticipated to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.6% between 2023 and 2032.

The market is driven by increased consumer spending on home renovation projects. In many cities, a residence with a minimum of one bathroom is becoming commonplace.

As the sustainability trend continues, there is a growing interest in eco-friendly bathroom accessories made from materials like bamboo, reclaimed or natural wood, or recycled plastic. Minimal designs that promote relaxation and a high-end, spa-like experience are also gaining popularity. 

Top 4 bath tray trends

Bamboo bath rack

Pink freestanding bathtub with metal and bamboo tray

A bamboo bath tray is trendy in the bathroom because bamboo is naturally water-resistant and quick drying. The material also contributes to sustainability initiatives for customers interested in an eco-friendly option. 

Bamboo bathtub racks will often feature compartments for bath time essentials, such as a holder for a glass of wine, bar of soap, or candle, a smartphone slot, and a stand for a book or tablet. They may even come with cutouts along the back to hang a razor or loofah. Many bamboo bath caddies are foldable or extendable with a sliding design or metal arms that can be pulled in and out.

A bamboo bath rack can be coated with an additional protective lacquer and come with a slotted base for optimal drainage. The bottom can also be fitted with silicone grips to prevent the tray from slipping off the edges of the bathtub. 

According to Google Ads, the term “bamboo bath tray” witnessed a 30% increase in search volume over the past four months with 1,300 in November and 1,000 in July. 

Metal bath caddy

Oval bathtub with chrome metal bath tray
Antique tub with silver metal bathtub rack

A metal bathtub rack is great for customers looking for a bath caddy tray to match their metal bathroom fixtures. Metal bathtub trays are durable and can come with waterproof and rust-resistant construction.

The key feature of a metal bath tray is the spacing between the metal rungs. The metal rungs must be wide enough for water to drain but narrow enough for items to be placed easily inside the tray without tipping over. 

Metal bathtub caddies boasting premium finishes like brass or gold are in demand among customers who are aiming to create a luxurious, spa-like bathroom environment. 

The term “metal bath tray” had a search volume of 390 in November and 260 in July, which represents a 50% increase over the past four months.

Plastic bathtub tray

Plastic bathtub racks are popular because of their lightweight, sturdy, and easy-to-clean construction. Compared to other models in the market, plastic bathtub trays are the most affordable option available to customers. 

A plastic bathtub caddy generally comes in white, black, or clear plastic. It can feature removable compartments or an expandable design for easy storage. Some plastic tub trays can even come as a freestanding table for bathtubs that are built against the wall and do not have enough space on the ledge for a tray.

Although plastic is a waterproof material that will not warp over time in humid conditions, a tray design with cutouts and built-in airflow ensures moisture and mold do not accumulate in the compartments. 

The term “plastic bath tray” experienced a nearly 1.3x increase in search volume over the past four months, with 590 in November and 260 in July.

Wood bath tray

White freestanding tub with wooden bath tray
Soaking tub with teak wood bath rack

Although not the most durable material in wet environments, a wooden bathtub rack boasts an attractive finish with natural grains and ripples. The organic appeal of a wood bath caddy is ideal for any farmhouse bathroom.

Wood bath trays often maintain a flat tray design with slightly raised edges. There may be handles attached to either end of the tray for easy portability.

A solid wood construction adds weight to the tray to ensure it does not tip over the bath ledge. There may also be a set of feet on either edge lifting the tray off the surface of the tub to improve airflow and prevent water damage.

The term “wood bath tray” saw a 50% increase in search volume over the past four months, with 6,600 in November and 4,400 in July.


The latest trends in bathroom bath trays continue to make a big impact in the market. Trends like bamboo, metal, or wood tub racks boast timeless design and durability in the bathroom. Alternatively, plastic bathtub trays offer more product variety at a different price point in the market. 

As the clean and simple aesthetic gains popularity in bathroom design, bathroom accessories that promote relaxation will continue to expand. Businesses operating in the market are advised to invest in bath accessories with a high-end appearance or construction to meet this consumer demand. 

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