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Makeup Trend: Futuristic Colorful Eye and Cheek Look 2023-24


Imagine yourself meeting someone in the metaverse and being totally mesmerized by the vibrant eye and cheek colors of their avatar. You could even feel as though you will miss them dearly once you return to reality. 

The good news is that thanks to the advancements in eye and cheek makeup, the digital experience is about to come to life, so you will probably encounter many of those looks in real life soon. Read on to learn more about how the trend is influencing and advancing eye and cheek cosmetic products.

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How well the cosmetics sector is performing?
Eye and cheek makeup trends for 2023/24
Explore the dernier-cri in cosmetics

How well the cosmetics sector is performing?

Similar to many other industries that heavily relied on retail fronts, the global cosmetic business saw a substantial decline in 2020 as a result of the disruption to the global health sector, as well as the widely enforced requirements for individual quarantine and social distance.

Although the industry was close to a 25% dip at the time, analysts were hopeful about a steady rebound between 2021 and 2028, attaining a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.2%. Given that makeup is all about improving one’s look and is mostly applied on the face, the face category is undoubtedly the one with the most notable growth that businesses can draw attention to and is still anticipated to account for the largest market share.

In addition, eye makeup products, among the cosmetics grouped under the face segment, have experienced significant development in light of the widespread use of facial masks, which have now grown to be considered essential in many parts of the world. The entire market value of eye makeup products is anticipated to increase by around $10 billion, from $15.6 billion to $24.5 billion in 2029, at an anticipated CAGR of 5.8% between 2021 and 2029.

Shiny new look

Over the past 1,000 days, face masks have been a regular part of our lives. This has unwittingly resulted in the attention on eye areas in style. As long as people are still wary about potential self-care issues, and are still utilizing masks as their first line of defense, makeup that emphasizes the eyes area will continue to be the major attention grabber.

For this reason, in terms of textures, shimmer and glitter eyeshadow are much more favorable in accentuating the eyes area compared to the traditional matte eyeshadow, which is shimmer-free and does not reflect any changes under the light.

Cream-based eyeshadow primers in different colors

In the meantime, as depicted in the picture above, cream-based eyeshadow is among the three main types of eyeshadow formulations along with the most traditional powder eyeshadow and the newer formula of liquid eyeshadow. According to an expert makeup artist, liquid-based eyeshadow is the most frequently used to enhance the shimmer or glitter effect as it is often more pigmented, which is exactly the main focus of the upcoming spring/summer seasons in 2023/24. 

As a general rule of thumb, higher pigment presents a truer and more vibrant color tone appearance on the skin and is hence able to better set off the shimmer and dazzling effects of the eyeshadow, which are greatly desired in 2023/24 for the eye makeup. In other words, the emphasis of the next season at the start of 2023–2024 will not only be on shiny eye cosmetics but also on makeup products with highly pigmented colors.

Multi-use cream 

Multi-use cream applicable on both eye and cheek is in fact not something new but has existed for quite a while. The fact that many renowned worldwide beauty brands carry such multifunctional creams proves not only that they are well-received among consumers but also the practicability behind them. The need for such multi-use cosmetics products was intensified by the popularity of the minimalist lifestyle in recent years combined with the wide usage of face masks and social distancing policies that greatly reduced face-to-face interactions. People rely on these multi-use makeup sets to streamline their makeup routine while also staying more creative in self-identity presentation.

Three women using multi-use blush stick

As shown in the picture above, most of these multipurpose cosmetics products provide 3-in-1 solutions that can be used on eyes, cheeks, and lips to serve as blush, lipstick, or lip gloss as well as eyeshadow. As the line between the cheek and eye categories continues to blur in 2023/24, such multifunction makeups enable the users to experiment with harmonious color tones and formats on their face, thereby easily creating a matching, balanced and natural color scheme on facial features. 

Another obvious added feature for such a multi-use makeup product is that it is much more suitable and convenient to carry along, especially when one is traveling, and it is greatly generic to be applicable across different ages and skin types.

Future colors

Remember the attractive metaverse avatar colors that captivate your attention? These virtual space-inspired color tones are the future colors that may very well lead the upcoming makeup product color tones in 2023/24, way beyond the 2022/23 makeup trends. And almost certainly, these colors are more on the vivid, vibrant side, as a positive reflection following the previous two years of global health worries and worldwide wellness concerns.

Assorted bright color tones

WGSN, a B2B information provider on consumer and design trends, released a joint research list of upcoming color tones in mid-2022, together with Coloro, the coloring system joint venture between China Textile Information Center (CTIC) and the international B2B information provider Ascential. Cyber lime and elemental blue are among the most “digital/virtual world” colors among their highly metaverse-influenced new colors list. While it may be possible to test out these new colors with the manufacturers for customized color tone makeup such as eyeshadow during the customized product development discussions, a feasibility check should be conducted to confirm that the desired new colors are compatible across multiple substrates. 

And of course, another way to explore more different colors for the market response is to offer multi-color tones products, such as this 99 colors eyeshadow or even this 194 colors eyeshadow makeup. In fact, these multi-color cosmetics launched by various companies are among the most popular makeup products available on the wholesale platform of Alibaba.com now.

Explore the dernier cri in cosmetics

The three key trends in cheek and eye makeup in 2023 and 2024 that the wholesalers should keep an eye out for are: glittering eye makeup, multi-use cream, and metaverse-inspired color tones in cosmetics. In conclusion, the color tones of the virtual world are very influential and going to lead the trends over the next two years. Wholesalers may explore more into these facets to learn more about the possibilities of the eye and cheek cosmetic goods or gain additional concepts for related products from Alibaba.com Reads.

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