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Men’s Denim Trends for 2022


Denim jeans are a staple of the modern wardrobe. In fact, some fashion guides recommend that a man should own at least around 4-6 quality denim products.

Today, buyers are on the lookout for denims that meet a number of criteria, including  feeling both classic and contemporary, as well as being suitable for a range of occasions, from casual hangouts to semi-formal engagements.

Given the popularity of men’s denim, this guide will highlight some great items to stock. So read on to learn about recommended styles, popular fittings, and other exciting trends for men’s denim that will grab your customers attention this year.

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Denim jeans: a reliable market  
This year’s trends for men’s denim
Final thoughts on men’s denims in 2022

Denim jeans: a reliable market

The fashion and clothing industry continues to grow each year. As a subset of the fashion industry, the global denim jeans market size was valued at over $64 billion by the end of 2018. Fortunately for shoppers, there is sure to be more in store in the future as projections indicate a compound annual growth of 6.81% between 2019 and 2025.

Consumers around the world are eager to explore new designs, and the clothing industry is working hard to match this increasing demand. This has led to the availability of a wide variety of denim items, from various jean cuts and styles, to denim shirts and jackets.

This year’s trends for men’s denim

Men’s denim jeans

When it comes to men’s denims, the first thing that comes to mind is most likely denim jeans. Known for being both durable and practical, and coming with a timeless appeal, they have been a staple of men’s fashion for years.

Typical features include a button clasp to secure the jeans on the waist, a zipper, and belt loops to hold a belt in place. Pocketsare usually found on both the front and back. As an essential item of the men’s wardrobe, men’s denim jeans will be available in many styles in 2022.

Dark-colored men’s denim jeans

Tapered jeans

The perfect fit of denim jeans can help set them apart from the rest. A tapered leg, for example, offers not only comfort, but also a stylish and neat fit. Narrowing toward the ankle, tapered looks offer a smart appearance for shoppers searching for popular men’s denim jeans.

Men’s denim jeans with tapered leg

Versatile jeans

Not every denim look has to be casual and laid back. Sometimes, the occasion may call for a semi-formal look, and the great thing about denim jeans is that a smart fit can be used for various occasions, from a weekend in the park to more formal business meetings.

Men’s denim jackets

Men’s denim jackets are both easy to style and fashionable. Whether designed with a wool interior and collar for warmth, or extra pocket options for convenient storage, men’s denim jackets offer the fashion industry another  timeless option for every shopper’s closet.

Deep-colored jackets

Men’s denim jeans have a certain appeal when offered in a lighter color, but offering richer colors is definitely the way to go for men’s denim jackets. The deeper the hue of the denim, the more they tend to stand out and catch attention.

Dark-colored men’s denim jacket

Men’s denim outfits

One of the trends in menswear that does not ever go unnoticed is men’s denim outfits. Fun features include patched-on designs such as names, symbols, graphic art, and other sources of creative expression. Usually coming as a matching pair – for example, matching jacket and jeans – these outfits are particularly suited to those who just can’t get enough of the denim look, and who want a fun and customizable option.

Denim shirts and denim shorts

A lot of the denim trends discussed may seem more suited to days with cooler temperatures, but what about when it heats up outside? During spring and summer, men’s denim shirts and shorts are a great way to boost the men’s denim outfit category.

Men’s denim shirts are fun to wear and they come in all sorts of styles. Button-ups are more suited for semi-formal occasions, but also work well for casual events. Men’s denim t-shirts offer a thicker fabric than standard t-shirts, but they are still light enough to comfortably complement a casual summer outfit.

Men’s denim shirt with short sleeves

On hotter days, men’s denim shorts are a great choice. With a fitted style, these shorts offer men a modern and neat style. They can also be purchased with a little extra length to be adjusted, and can be worn in a rolled-up fashion.

Men’s denim shorts with rolled-up design

Final thoughts on men’s denim in 2022

Men’s denim products, including pants and jackets, are becoming more popular with each passing season. This is because men of all ages appreciate well-fitted and comfortable denims that can offer style, character, and quality.

The classic appeal of denim, added to a growing global market, is why demand for men’s denim continues to rise. The trends highlighted here will help you to stock the items that buyers are likely to be on the lookout for this year.

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