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Preppy Poolside Menswear Makes Ultimate Searing Summer Style


Shorts and T-shirts will get a revamp this summer with a poolside preppy feel. This look is about using the tailored style drawn in from the 50s, combined with shorts that sit well above the knees inspired by 70s activewear. These styles are seamless in their effort to create a casual and polished image for the perfect menswear in summer 2022. 

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Why is casual menswear on the rise in summer 2022?
Check out 4 key casual preppy men’s trends
How will these trends play into menswear this summer?

Why is casual menswear on the rise in summer 2022?

The increase of males within the population has resulted in an escalation of men’s spending, especially within the clothing sector. More men now own smartphones than in previous years, which has promoted an increase in online sales. On top of this, it has become more feasible to travel again, and with more flexible working conditions (such as working from home or hybrid work), there is a distinct move away from formal wear and a deviation towards casual wear. As a result, men’s casualwear/preppy men’s clothes will feature highly in summer 2022.   

Another factor to consider is the advancement of sustainable fashion. Summer 2022 casualwear trends can be worn at home and work, encouraging style longevity. Good consideration of fabrics and designs will be equally important to promote further sustainable values and encourage more sales in this trend. 

Check out 4 key casual preppy men’s trends

Preppy men’s clothes for summer 2022 bring in a whole host of looks. Design aspects will come from the 50s mingled with snippets from the 70s. Color combinations will tie together buttery pastels, with the odd bright colors, plus the occasional need for some subtle color blocking. The vibes created from this casual menswear trend have a Miami feel and can be worn by young and old alike, both professional and rookie, ensuring its broad reach. 

Casual preppy men’s clothes inspired by a combination of eras create retro looks for summer at the poolside in 2022. Read on to know more!

The 50s inspired resort shirt

50s’ inspiration has waved through the eras with its iconic look continuously making comebacks. Summer 2022 will be no exception with the presence of the resort shirt. The shirt is a loose-fit woven knit with wide-cut short sleeves. Ideal fabrics consist of linens or viscose/poly-cotton blends; the latter fabrics wash well at low heat and often don’t require ironing, all of which create a more energy-conscious product. 

50s inspired resort shirt, menswear summer 2022

The design is fun, pulling in retro patterns such as large palm leaves and exotic flowers, in either pastel pinks, seaweed green, and denim blues, or with more contrasting shades of white, sulfur spring green, and red. Another component of the design is color blocking, again using the same combinations previously mentioned.  

These lightweight shirts are ideal for summer wear and can be worn by either a homebody or office type, as they give off a tailored yet comfy casual feel. A collection would work well with a range of shirts with leaf print alongside some of the color-blocked variety. Preppy men’s clothes such as these would be well situated within a boutique menswear store (on the high street or online) that would sell an assortment of all four trends discussed. 

Resort shirt: the perfect vacation wear

The 70s look hybrid short

Moving from the 50s to the 70s, we see the introduction of the hybrid short. Over the last few summers, shorts have become shorter, gradually creeping over the knee and into the thigh area. This summer will see them rise again, and look much like the athletic shorts of the 70s, but with the color combinations of 2022. 

70s’ style hybrid short

The cut is loose with a large leg opening and an elastic waist with a drawstring for convenience and comfort. If pockets are included, they should be incorporated into the side seam. The fabric should be kept light and ideally quick drying. A good option is a nylon spandex mix or a recycled polyester, the latter encouraging the product’s sustainability. Hybrid shorts are ideal for the holiday goer and will work well in a store that has a good range of beachwear items. Shorts could be stocked in a range of block colors, with the option of a logo or text graphic by the final target customer. 

The resort set

The next trend merges the resort shirt with a matching short combination. The shirt has loose sleeves but isn’t too baggy on the chest, and the shorts are once again shorter than last year but don’t sit as high as the hybrid shorts, giving them a slightly more formal feel. The fabrics are more focused on cotton blends, allowing for more structure than the 50s’ style resort shirt and hybrid shorts.

Resort set, combining shirt and shorts

To stylishly achieve this look, avoid bright contrasting colors and stick with a more Miami vibe of pastels with the use of botanical prints. As a twist, try gingham or stripes. The resort set is well suited as an alternative summer evening outfit, especially whilst traveling or as a daytime option instead of a shorts and T-shirt combo. 

Resort set incorporating the Miami vibe

The loose fit trouser

The loose-fit trouser is the final installment of the four trends. The trouser has a tailored straight leg but is wide enough to feel cool for warmer weather. Ideal for the beach and the office, its versatility ensures sustainable use as it can be carried through from summer vacation to work life. Colors should be kept light, ranging from optic white to pale taupe, as well as some pastel pinks and denim blues. 

Loose fit trousers, from the beach to the office

The loose-fit trousers can be fused with items such as the resort shirt or alongside the resort set, sold as a preppy men’s clothes collection. The proposed target audience for this product could be smaller online sellers or well-established mid-sized menswear stores. The loose-fit trouser could be purchased for the summer line with its longevity extended to an autumn collection.

How will these trends play into menswear this summer?

When thinking about preppy men’s clothes this summer, the key four trends discussed will be integral in creating sellable collections for this season. The mentioned trends include the resort shirt with its 50s cut; the 70s-inspired hybrid shorts with their fast-drying fabrics and loose fit; the resort set with Miami vibes of pastel shades and botanical prints and combining shirts and shorts; and the loose fit trouser. All these make for a foolproof selection of clothing ideal for a range of men’s wardrobes. 

Whether the look is for traveling, for work, or for pleasure, it can be used on a variety of levels, ensuring it is a sustainable trend for summer 2022. When looking at what to purchase for the trend collections, considerations should be made on the durability of the clothing, mainly on the types of fabrics and how well the designs can cross over into different seasons. All this will allow for the products to be promoted as sustainable and therefore increase demand. 

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