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5 Stunning Wardrobe Trends Consumers Love in 2022


Living in a cluttered bedroom can be frustrating, so most consumers don’t mind investing in stylish and trendy wardrobes that give them neater spaces. 

It’s undeniable that finding wardrobe trends to suit various consumers could be confusing. This article has a compiled list of five wardrobe trend designs that buyers will love.

In addition, the post will unveil brief information on the size of the wardrobe market in 2022. Keep reading to discover all the details.

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Trends of wardrobes 2022: how huge is the global market size?
5 wardrobe trend designs consumers will kill to have
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Trends of wardrobes 2022: how huge is the global market size?

According to reports, 2021 was a good year for the cloth wardrobe industry. The market experienced a progressive level of growth.

This year, more manufacturers are producing innovative wardrobe designs driving the market. Plus, globalization and urbanization are largely influencing market growth.

For instance, the Asia Pacific region has the largest market penetration, especially in India and China. Interestingly, both countries owe it to their huge production capacity. 

The European region market, which is the second largest, attributes its growth to the expansion of key cabinet and design furniture companies. Next are the North American and MEA regions sharing most of the the remaining market parts.

5 wardrobe trend designs consumers will kill to have

Ceiling to floor wardrobe

A gray ceiling to floor wardrobe in a spacious bedroom

Consumers looking for an elegant solution with seamless compartments will love this wardrobe trend. As its name suggests, it extends from the floor to ceiling—giving users adequate storage space for shoes, clothes, and accessories.

No doubt, this design features precise craftsmanship and a highly customizable build—giving users more bedroom space.

The floor-to-ceiling wardrobe is a tremendous loft option. It’s convenient and easy to use. Multiple partitions are possible with this wardrobe, which translates to ample storage space.

Moreover, this design is ideal for consumers’ bedroom dimensions—making it possible to suit limited spaces. The ceiling-to-floor wardrobe comes in different materials like wood and glass. 

Walk-in wardrobe

A light-brown walk-in closet and an LED ceiling light

The walk-in wardrobe takes the crown for storage solutions. It features a small room that people can walk into. This popular trend has a depth of 6.5 feet with a limitless length. Some walk-in wardrobes are bigger than standard bedrooms.

Intriguingly, this trend is perfect for consumers who have a luxury of space and crave to add some personal touch. Most times, this design doubles as a dressing room, and users can iron their clothes in the wardrobe.

Because of the ample storage of this wardrobe, consumers can store more things in them than in regular wardrobes. 

There are many options when it comes to setting up this storage space. Users can go for the pole system, built-in shelving, rotatable mirrors, shoe display, bag storage, or the complete setup with lighting. Also, the walk-in wardrobe comes in different materials like the BWP grade plywood, veneers, laminates, oak, pine, maple, beech, marble, glass, etc.

Louver wardrobe

Louver wardrobe with beige bricks

Louver style is a functional bi-folding wardrobe that comes with a certain level of ease. This design is the perfect go-to for consumers with low budgets and tiny bedroom spaces. The louver style can conveniently fit a small space without restricting traffic.

Another standout feature of this trend is its visual appeal. The louver style features a classic front door that helps divide a house aesthetically. The piece also works with most interior décor.

But there’s more. This wardrobe also comes with door slits that allow adequate airflow to reduce moisture.

The louver style comes in different materials like wood (pine, oak, etc.), glass, metal, UPVC, and plastic.

Sliding-door wardrobe

A light-brown sliding door wardrobe in a modern bedroom

The sliding door design is an incredibly stylish wardrobe that allows users to store clothes and crucial items. It’s suited for consumers that want to maximize their room space and storage. The sliding door comes with additional features like shelves, hanging rails, etc., to further boost storage and functionality. This popular design offers great ventilation and limitless configurations.

With this trend, consumers can add different mirror styles like decorative mirrors, wood grains, shaded glass, partly frosted, etc. 

The fun part is that this design offers consumers easy access with its sliding mechanism. Asides from adding extra space to a bedroom, the sliding door design is pretty easy to use. 

Plus, consumers can enhance the aesthetics of their bedrooms by adding wallpapers to their ergonomic-styled sliding-door wardrobes. Interestingly, the wardrobe design can fit most small bedroom sizes because they require less space thanks to the sliding door function. 

Free-standing wardrobe

A blue free standing wardrobe in a modern bedroom

The free-standing is an affordable and versatile piece with a lot going on. It’s a suitable choice for consumers that want portable wardrobes they can easily coordinate with other bedroom furniture.

This affordable piece comes in three major build types. The first is the one-door wardrobe, which is usually tall and slender. It takes up a bit of floor space, but it is ideal for small rooms that only require hanging space.

Two-door wardrobes are a popular choice that works for both large and small spaces. They usually provide full double hanging or shelving and hanging spaces. Consumers can use this design for various interior fitting combinations.

Users living in mansions with large bedrooms will prefer the three-door wardrobes—particularly if they have many clothes and items to store.

The bi-fold free-standing wardrobes are the most popular in terms of wardrobe closure. They take up less room than hinged wardrobes—which are brilliant space-saving options for large spaces. Then, there’s the open wardrobe closure type, a budget-friendly and minimalist option—combining shelving and hanging rails.

The free-standing wardrobe comes in different finishings, so consumers can choose from a wide range of materials like wood and metal.

Wrapping it up

Businesses can take advantage of the wardrobe trends covered in this post to boost their business sales in 2022. It’s ideal for sellers to identify the exact needs of their consumers and offer any of the five trends—based on their bedroom space and interests.

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