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Top Motorcycle Cameras To Capture the Full Ride Experience


Not all motorcycle cameras are created the same way, and each brand or model has specific features. Read more to find the different types of motorcycle cameras in the market and how to choose the right one depending on customers’ needs.

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Riders love to document their experiences
The most important features of motorcycle cameras
Top motorcycle cameras for the best rider experience
Explore the world of motorcycle cameras

Riders love to document their experiences

When riding a motorcycle, many bikers want to capture their road adventures and experiences to share them with friends or their fans on social media platforms. The best motorcycle cameras will allow bikers to document their experiences while keeping their hands on the handlebars and their eyes focused on the road. 

Each motorbike rider has different expectations from their motorcycle camera. Some riders want to capture every second of their ride and enjoy detailed footage, whereas others may prefer a quick-and-easy installation process and an affordable price tag.

The most important features of motorcycle cameras

Motorcycle cameras are designed to cope with the extreme conditions of riding. Wholesalers or retailers need to understand the important features their customers are looking for when buying a motorcycle camera.

FPS is the frequency at which consecutive images or frames are displayed in an animation or video. A high FPS is important because it ensures that the video footage is smooth, clear, and doesn’t skip or jump. The minimum acceptable frame rate is 30 fps but most riders prefer 60 fps for HD video recording. 

Image resolution is one of the most important features of a motorcycle camera because it determines how detailed the image will be on screen. The higher the resolution, the more pixels there will be in each frame. The acceptable image resolutions are 720p, 1080p, and 4K.

The lens angle refers to how wide-angle a lens is, and thus how much of a scene will be captured by it. The lens angle affects the image quality considerably, as a too wide angle can capture enough light to make a good image. The wider-angle lenses can be very helpful in low-light or foggy conditions.

Battery duration is how long a camera’s battery can last until needing to be recharged. This feature can be especially important for those interested in recording long rides.

Top motorcycle cameras for the best rider experience

Bike-mounted motorcycle cameras

AYellowSock Full HD camera

The AYellowSock motorcycle dual camera is a Full HD camera, able to capture both high-resolution photos and videos. It comes with two lenses (front and rear) and has Wi-Fi, GPS, and infrared night vision capabilities. The AYellowSock MDVR mobile app allows bikers to edit, trim or compress the videos in all formats even when they are on the ride.

Motorcycle equipped with a dual-camera on the front-rear”

EGO action camera

The EGO action camera features a forward-facing 3-inches IPS high-definition display with a built-in six-layer and 150° wide-angle lens, and a high-performance CPU, ensuring that no detail is missed. This dual-camera design allows for the capturing of both front and side views to provide a complete view of the road ahead. This powerful all-weather camera is impact-resistant and includes a built-in G-sensor function, allowing it to capture clear event data in the event of an accident or crash. 

Motorcycle camera with dual-lens

Body-mounted motorcycle cameras

OEM mini helmet camera

The OEM mini helmet camera is a must-have for every motorcycle rider! It easily mounts on the biker’s helmet and connects via Wi-Fi to the smartphone to capture fully high-definition video footage during the ride. At 900mah, the long battery life ensures that bikers will be able to record their entire ride. The CCD imaging sensor provides clear image quality and the 170-degree wide-angle lens captures everything in the path.

Mini helmet camera for motorcycles

AKASO chest camera

The AKASO Brave 7 is a waterproof chest action camera for motorcycles with a 2’’ dual touch screen that provides an intuitive user interface. The Brave 7 features clever voice control, enabling the camera to react to voice commands to start and stop recording or taking photos. It also features visual remote control using the motion sensors built into the camera. Utilizing state-of-the-art EIS technology and real-time gyroscope stabilization, this motorcycle camera functions to provide super smooth video footage.

AKASO chest action camera for motorcycles

Safety motorcycle cameras

OEM dual DVR

The OEM dual camera comes with a smart gauge function that provides riders with insights regarding their speed, location, altitude, and mileage. Furthermore, this motorcycle cam is equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system that can predict air leaks, thus increasing the life of motorcycle tires. This camera has a 4.5” LED screen that makes it easy for bikers to keep an eye on the real-time recording. This motorcycle camera will meet any biker’s need for recording their journeys and provide additional insights. 

Safety camera for motorcycles

4G motorcycle dashcam

Built for the extreme, the 4G motorcycle dashcam protects motorcycles at all times. This camera will detect when the bike is colliding with another vehicle and will begin recording automatically, providing detailed evidence of the accident. The 2.7-inches HD screen allows the bikers to view what the camera sees in real-time, while the GPS positioning provides the riders with exact GPS location data.

4G motorcycle dash camera with two lenses

Motorcycle cameras with 360° view angle

AT-10 360° camera

The AT-10 camera features a 360° wide view angle and is ideal for capturing the scenery while driving the motorcycle. Built with a collision sensing detector, this camera comes with a waterproof case so that bikers can snap all of those exciting moments that occur in or around the water. This action camera records at 4K resolution and is powered by a 1000mah battery that ensures long trips are recorded completely.

360° action camera for motorcycles

AT-Q60 touch screen camera

Boasting a 2-inches touch screen and 4K/60FPS video resolution, the AT-Q60 action camera delivers smooth and stable footage with a 360° view angle. With innovative electronic image stabilization technology, motorbikers will not need to worry about body shakes! This will enable them to capture their favorite memories in ultra HD. Additionally, the AT-Q60 features time-lapse photography and loop recording modes.

4K motorcycle camera with 360° view angle

Continuous recording cameras

WCR45 cam recorder

The WCR45 motorcycle camera offers continuous recording on the road by letting riders connect the camera to the motorcycle engine using a permanent power cable. This compact camera has a built-in 3-inches LCD screen that offers optical viewfinder clarity to bikers so they can preview, shoot, and playback with one button push of a finger.

Motorcycle dash camera

TEFRU dashcam

The TERFU dash camera is equipped with a 3-inches RGB screen, waterproof lens, and gravity sensors for a smooth driving experience. The long-lasting battery allows for continuous recording including at night. It has a small body for easy installation and offers 4K high-resolution recording. The loop recording capability allows the user to automatically overwrite the oldest video recordings with new ones without manually deleting them.

Motorcycle camera for continuous recording on the road

Explore the world of motorcycle cameras

Touring on a motorcycle is an exhilarating experience. But for many riders, it’s also about sharing the experience with others. A motorcycle camera can be used to record crashes and traffic incidents or to capture some scenic footage while riding through beautiful landscapes. With plenty of cameras for all types of motorcycles including action cams, motorcycle helmet cameras, and body cams, there is no shortage of options to choose from on Alibaba.com

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