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Future of Packaging: Paper Sees Resurgence in Recent Years


Paper is edging out plastic when it comes to packaging. As the world focuses on sustainability, more businesses are opting for paper packaging. This article covers four types of paper boxes that are in growing demand. Paper packaging is likely to see continuous market growth in the upcoming years.

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Rising demand for paper packaging
Four types of paper boxes in high demand
More businesses opting for paper

Rising demand for paper packaging

In taking steps towards a sustainable future, well-known brands like McDonald’s and Apple have moved towards paper packaging in recent years. Governments and nations are also taking steps to reduce or ban plastic packaging and encourage the use of eco-friendly packaging. There is a rise in environmental consciousness worldwide, and consumer awareness about plastic waste has been on the rise.

Apart from greater awareness of how materials like plastic can be detrimental to the environment, the rise of e-commerce and a rapid increase in food delivery services are key factors that drive demand for paper packaging and paper boxes. Such trends contribute to healthy demand in the global paper and paperboard packaging market, which is projected to reach US$ 254.51 billion by 2026.

Inside of a paper takeout box

Four types of paper boxes in high demand

Kraft paper boxes

As food delivery services gain global popularity, more restaurants are now offering takeaway and delivery options. A lightweight paper food container is usually the go-to choice for many businesses. Providing food-grade paper packaging products in different sizes allows businesses to select the ones most suitable for their needs.

Having secure, quality containers is important for those in the food and beverage industry. Adding features like tuck-in flaps and oil-resistant coatings will give these products an edge over standard kraft paper boxes.

Kraft paper boxes stacked on top of each other

Businesses like bakeries might consider kraft paper boxes with extra features like transparent windows on top as these can showcase the baked goods better. It is a plus if the containers can be opened without too much of a hassle because that improves the consumer experience.

Biodegradable food containers

For restaurants and businesses big on sustainability, packaging like biodegradable food containers might be the preferred choice. Since these containers are meant to store food, they have oil and water-resistant properties and are usually microwave-safe and refrigerator-safe.

Ensure that customers from the food and beverage industry can select from a wide variety of choices by offering optional features like logo customization, color options, packaging sizes, and styles. Businesses which pride themselves on being environmentally friendly are extremely likely to look into customized containers like these.

Burger and fries in a cardboard food container

Corrugated paper boxes

Sturdy packaging is a must for e-commerce brands, and this is especially so when it comes to fragile products like glass bottles and accessories like watches. The growth of e-commerce and the increase in the number of online shopping platforms herald the corresponding rise in demand for packaging products.

A sturdy, corrugated paper box is likely to be popular due to its versatility. Because of its strength, it is suitable for sending a wide variety of things. Be it packed food, accessories, personal care products, or books – these paper boxes can deliver a myriad of items safely to the customer.

Brown cardboard box used for shipping products

With how useful it is, many businesses and companies are likely to opt for corrugated paper boxes. It is essential to look into options for paper thickness as well. For example, a wine business would need a stronger paper box to keep their bottles safe during delivery. Material options for inserts within the box should also be considered. Softer foam inserts are suitable for fragile products, while cardboard dividers might be enough for products like stationery.

Having options for surface finishings would be a draw for the business owners who prefer customizing boxes in their own styles. Color and logo customization are other factors that should not be neglected. Paper boxes with customization options are more likely to be popular with businesses trying to grow their brand.

Cardboard boxes with white exteriors

Luxury gift boxes

Businesses that sell more expensive goods might prefer to differentiate themselves from the rest by using luxurious packaging. For example, luxury gift boxes are likely to be preferred by accessory brands as these look sleek and elegant.

One would usually see such a packaging style for items like jewelry and perfumes, but these boxes are also great for businesses looking to market themselves as high-end brands. Therefore, these boxes are not limited to only beauty or accessory brands.

As with other types of paper box packaging, providing custom packaging options allows customers to select the right type of design for their needs. Some possible options are having different surface finishings, color combinations, and also different opening styles.

Simple and unadorned rectangular cardboard box
Rectangular cardboard boxes with a sleek design

More businesses opting for paper

The paper box is a popular choice as packaging since it plays a huge role in the supply chain and fits almost every single consumer product category. With sustainable packaging trends and the extensive applications of paper packages, the global paper packaging market is poised to grow. Look into the wide range of paper boxes available on Alibaba.com to provide your customers with several different options.

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