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Women’s Active Garden Party Wear: 5 Exclusive Trends


Are you a seller contemplating what female fashion trends to follow in the spring-summer season of the year 2022? The women’s active garden party wear is a prospective style to consider.

Projections show that the garden wear or outdoor attire market will keep experiencing massive growth up to 2026. So, it’s not surprising that by 2026 the market value will be $19.6 billion, which is way higher than previous years.

This article will introduce five exclusive garden party wear trends that businesses can profit from in 2022. But before jumping into the trends, let’s look at the profit potential of the garden party attire trends in 2022.

There’s a demand for active garden party attire in 2022

Two women rocking their performance leggings in a gym

The rise of the women’s activewear and outdoor apparel market shows the high demand for active garden party wear in 2022. The spring-summer season usually brings a deep sense of occasion, conveying a unique and depraved style for active garden party wear.

Most women naturally love to wear light fabric or skin-revealing outfits during the spring-summer season because of the sunny weather. As a result, the active garden party wear trends tend to flourish at this time.

According to the above report, the market has seen a climbing growth rate in previous years, and 2022 looks even better.

Five highly profitable garden party dress trends in 2022

Here are the five amazing garden party dress trends for 2022:

Performance leggings

Woman wearing performance leggings with a beige top

Performance leggings are at the forefront of athleisure styles, combining practicality and comfort. They also create an ultimate versatile casual style for women. Compression is a key feature of this outfit that helps consumers avoid leg cramps.

Moisture-wicking is another vital feature of the performance leggings because it helps with natural thermoregulatory processes. Other features include superior breathability, pockets, and 4-way stretch capabilities.

Most performance leggings come from solid fabrics like spandex, polyester, or lycra—which boost comfort, durability, strength, and resistance to sweat. So, it’s no surprise that these lightweight leggings pass for a garden party dress code.

Consumers can pair the performance leggings with ribbed-knit tanks or crop tops for a simple look. Alternatively, they can opt for a softer casual look by wearing a matching set, pairing the leggings with a long floral chiffon top, or loose-fitting tops for an appealing contrast.

Lady wearing brown matching set activewear on gray bridge

Sports bra

Lady standing in front of pillar rocking sports bra and leggings

Most women believe the sports bra is a good mix of comfort, performance, and versatility. This intimate apparel comes in different fabrics and designs that support workout and everyday use. For instance, the racerback variants help reduce shoulder pressure, while the encapsulation sports bra holds each breast for maximum support.

Every woman wants to look hot and classy in this piece—making it a favorite garden party style. Hence, consumers can create bold style statements by pairing the sports bra with high-waist denim or sticking to a matching piece. Combining the sports bra with a denim jacket is another way to give off a hot and stunning look. For a calm and chic look, they can give the sports bra a lift with a long floral printed skirt.

Tall women with straight body shapes can also style the sports bra with random or floral printed palazzo for a cool look. They can also get a chic and casual look by pairing a black sports bra with light blue mom’s jeans.

Lady wearing a sports bra on ripped denim shorts

Cycling shorts

Lady in black cycling shorts standing beside glass balcony

Cycling shorts were a thing in the 90s, but they left after a while and came back two decades later. Since then, the polarizing trend has stayed strong because they are comfortable and easy to style, especially for outdoor parties.

Cycling shorts are like most women’s absolute closet stable—whether they’re hitting the gym or not. In short, cycling shorts are the go-to alternative to leggings for consumers that want function over style. Most of the cycling shorts consist of spandex, synthetic chamois, or cotton, and they come in various sizes to suit different body types.

Females that love a resort style can combine the cycling shorts with a cropped tank and an oversized printed button-down shirt or pair floral bike shorts with a sports bra. Consumers that want a cool look can pair the cycling shorts with an oversized denim jacket and sports bra.

Alternatively, they can stick to a simple look with a matching set or pair the cycling shorts with graphic tees. Another option is to combine black cycling shorts with a colorful crop top for a complete summer look. 

Lady wearing a floral jacket over crop-top and cycling shorts

Performance vest

The performance vest became a common part of women’s wear in the 70s. Then, the vest was a casual work attire until it became an everyday style in the late 90s. Since then, it has won the heart of many women.

Interestingly, there are four major types: short, puffer, long, and knit vests. The puffer vest is for consumers who want a jacket with style and function. It’s also perfect for seasonal transitions in spring. Women can easily pair these with a sports bra and leggings for a classic themed garden party look.

Woman wearing blue performance vest with white long sleeve top

The long vest makes a bold fashion statement, ideally for people who want an everyday chic look. The piece goes seamlessly with high-waist shorts or jeans. Alternatively, the long vest can pass for a gown if it’s long enough with buttons.

The short vest is more common with younger women because it’s a crop top alternative that nails a casual look effortlessly. It can go with high-waist jeans, miniskirts, cycling shorts, and clutch bags.

Consumers that love a chic, cool, and dynamic look would go for the knit vests. The matching sets give off a simple and classy look. But for a spicier look, consumers can combine the knit vest with ripped denim.

Cute black lady rocking designed-print performance vest with black trainers

Post-workout sweat

Black female model rocks post-workout jacket and matching set

An active garden party is incomplete without a stylish post-workout sweat outfit to grace the occasion. The post-workout sweat comes in a fitness jacket, cropped variants, etc.

Most of the apparel in this category is usually lightweight. Thus, the outfit keeps users cool and dry thanks to its polyester fabric. It also features fitted handcuffs that balance the body proportions.

The jacket comes in bright colors that shine when consumers combine it with a matching piece, biker shorts, or leggings.

Curvy model rocking gray post-workout jacket

Wrapping up

Many female consumers are eager to spend tons of dollars to look stylish and trendy this spring-summer. Thanks to the five outstanding active garden party trend styles above, you’ve got all it takes to boost your sales this season.

So, you can choose to buy any of the five active garden party wear listed here. Alternatively, go for all the designs to give your consumers more options. 

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