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Performance, Recovery, Inclusion: 2024 as the New Era of Ath-Beauty


With health and fitness booming, a new breed of beauty products is emerging to serve active lifestyles. Dubbed ath-beauty, these items meet the needs of consumers pre, during and post-workouts. Thanks to rising enthusiasm for regular exercise and outdoor activities post-pandemic, the ath-beauty market continues to grow. Brands are innovating with performance enhancing solutions like supplements and sweat-proof items for comfort during activities. Packaging and formats are evolving too, with portability and quick application in mind for busy, on-the-go lifestyles. Ath-beauty also aids muscle recovery, while inclusive designs cater to all skin tones and body shapes.

Read on to explore the key innovations in ath-beauty today, spanning multiple categories from suncare to haircare. With so many new and exciting developments, it’s an ideal time for retailers to explore expanding their offerings to align with the booming interest in fitness and wellbeing.

Table of Contents
1. Performance enhancers for all activities
2. Speedy skin and hair post-gym
3. Beauty aids muscle recovery
4. Designing solutions for all bodies
5. Final words

Performance enhancers for all activities


One of the biggest growth areas in ath-beauty is performance enhancing solutions suitable for all types of workouts and fitness levels. An interesting development is deodorant mists that allow perspiration while combating odor-causing bacteria. Brands like Athletia Beauty offer refreshing deodorant sprays to encourage “comfortable sweating.” These provide odor protection without curbing natural perspiration needed to cool the body during exercise.

All-over deodorizing lotions are also gaining ground, designed to glide onto areas prone to sweat like the back and chest. Superdrip’s 5-in-1 Sweat Rescue lotion promises to dry quickly without stickiness, making it ideal for vigorous workouts. Stick and spray deodorant formats are also on the rise for their ease of application on the move.

Another major opportunity is supplements that provide an extra boost pre-workout. Asystem creates “science-forward supplements for active lifestyles” with ingredients like cordyceps to enhance energy.


For retailers, consider exploring new deodorant formats beyond traditional sticks, as convenient application is key. Also look into the fast-growing supplement space for pre-workout enhancers. With the right innovations in formulas and formats, there are exciting possibilities to help consumers power through their fitness regimens in comfort.

Speedy skin and hair post-gym

With busy, active lifestyles on the rise, convenient products that quickly refresh skin and hair after workouts are in demand. These new innovations save time for on-the-go consumers seeking seamless post-gym routines.

Skin spritzes and mists are proving popular for their portability and fast application. OffCourt’s aluminum-free body sprays function as deodorant and cologne in one, with sophisticated scents and deodorizing properties. Lumion’s Miracle Mist can be spritzed on as a facial cleanser to instantly calm irritation and replenish hydration after breaking a sweat.

post-gym skin care

For hair, no-rinse and towel-dry solutions eliminate showering. Swair’s Showerless Shampoo is designed to simply towel away dirt and sweat post-workout. Hair blotting papers like those from Recess Beauty absorb oil and sweat without washing. These clever products allow consumers to promptly refresh hair before commuting or social engagements.

Multifunctional products that save steps are also desirable. Studio Tropik’s face and body mist tones, protects and hydrates skin in one quick application. Xexymix athleisure brand IonCera includes skin-replenishing ingredients like ceramides in its lip and body care range.

For retailers, travel sizes, stick formats and powder-to-liquid exfoliants can upgrade post-gym routines. Also consider innovative applicators like blotting papers and towel-dry shampoo for convenience. The growing interest in streamlined beauty routines presents an opportunity to provide time-saving solutions to active consumers with packed schedules.

Beauty aids muscle recovery

self-care & recovery

Bridging the gap between recovery, self-care, and beauty, a new generation of products is emerging to help active bodies bounce back. These items provide soothing relief for overworked muscles, turning recovery into a ritual.

Topical pain relief and muscle care brands lead the way in effective solutions. The use of aromatherapy also provides comfort – the brand’s Rest Nightly Lotion combining lavender, geranium, and Epsom salts aims to ease muscles and improve sleep quality.

Niche items treating skin side effects from frequent exercise are also desirable. Blisters, calluses, and cracked heels are common with regular workouts. Brands like Moss & Noor offer targeted products like a hand cream that softens and repairs callused skin from fitness activities. Foot care brand Pedestrian Project also focuses on rejuvenating and protecting feet with items like purifying soaks and heel repair creams.

For an extra sensory experience, bath products encourage recovery rituals. ESPA Fitness Bath Salts promise to recharge the body through a restorative soak, while Will Perform’s aromatic formulation turns bathing into self-care. Muscle relief ingredients like magnesium flakes also hold appeal.


As active lifestyles increase, products aiding muscle recovery present an opportunity for retailers. Consider unique applicators that provide massaging benefits, plus aromatherapy and bath products that soothe both body and mind. The ath-beauty market allows for innovative solutions that unite recovery with pampering.

Designing solutions for all bodies

An exciting shift in the category is more diverse and inclusive ath-beauty products. Previously taboo issues like sweating and chafing are now being addressed for all body types.

Brands are offering solutions tailored to specific body parts prone to sweating or rubbing. Hiki makes “Stop Odor Anywhere” products for folded skin areas like the underarms and thighs. The marketing depicts models of all races and sizes, normalizing issues around sweat.

suncare & skincare

Suncare is also becoming more inclusive. Tennis pros Naomi Osaka and Venus Williams have launched sun protection suited for melanin-rich skin. Their brand formulas claim to leave no white cast and stay put through sweat and movement. This helps promote suncare’s importance for all skin tones.

The position that fitness is only for the already active is fading too. Megababe’s product range tackles problems like chafing “for those being intentionally active or not”, making self-care approachable. Brands embrace that movement comes in many forms, not just hardcore exercise.

As ath-beauty expands, retailers have an opportunity to choose brands that speak to a wide range of consumers. Consider suncare that caters to diverse skin types and products addressing issues once deemed unattractive. Alongside function, be sure to evaluate inclusive marketing and branding when curating assortments. The category’s message must resonate with all who see fitness as self-care rather than hardcore performance goals.

Final words

As interest in health and fitness reaches new heights, the ath-beauty category is innovating to meet emerging consumer demands. From convenient performance boosters to muscle recovery rituals, brands are uniting beauty with active lifestyles in creative ways. Alongside function, inclusivity and diversity are becoming integral in targeting products and messaging. With formulations, formats, applicators and more undergoing an evolution, retailers have an exciting opportunity to expand offerings. By staying on the pulse of key trends, they can provide customers with solutions that empower and energize their pursuit of fitness, mindfulness and wellbeing.

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