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Pergolas: So Stylish, They Practically Sell Themselves

Luxury open-sided aluminum pergola with retractable roof screen

Designed to enhance outdoor living, even in poor weather, pergolas are an enriching addition to anyone’s lifestyle. Because of this potential, customers want to include these beautiful products in outdoor spaces. Furthermore, research indicates that this global market will be strong in the near future, so we invite buyers to examine the facts before developing pergola inventories that align with residential and commercial expectations.

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Research: proof of pergola popularity
Understanding the pergola
Meeting customer expectations
Final thoughts

Research: proof of pergola popularity

Ornately designed, waterproof, and motorized aluminum pergola

Market research shows that the pergola market value was USD 5.82 billion in 2023. Growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.91%, this value is projected to reach USD 8.77 billion in 2030. Most of this value is generated by North and South America, the Middle East, Africa, Asia-Pacific, and Europe.

Google Ads also shows enormous search interest in pergolas. Monthly search volume for this keyword averaged 201,000 for the year, reaching a high of 301,000 in July 2023.

Customers seek eco-friendly ways to uplift and energize the ambiance of their outdoor spaces. Installing bioclimatic pergolas helps them create beautiful, functional spots for relaxation in any season.

Manufacturers have developed innovative pergola designs using a variety of materials inspired by this strong demand to meet diverse customer expectations. Today, homeowners, property developers, restaurants, hotels, and other commercial organizations have every reason to invest in these structures to beautify their surroundings and offer shelter to users.

Understanding the pergola

Open-air aluminum structure with a retractable roof

A pergola is also known as an arbor or a trellis, and while many people confuse these structures with gazebos, there is a difference. Gazebos typically have pointed roofs, ensuring optimum shade, whereas pergolas have flat roofs, allowing sunlight to penetrate the structure. Other differences distinguish these shelters from one another, which is important to understand when sourcing products for target markets.

Traditional designs

Intended initially to expand outdoor living space, the traditional pergola has a framework that guides climbing plants to grow over the roof. The effect of this design is that it provides shelter from the elements, extending the time that people can enjoy the backyard or commercial areas outdoors.

Modern pergolas

As time progressed, so did the styles and sizes of these products. Now, contemporary pergolas are often enclosed and incorporate technology so owners can remotely control moving parts like the roof and sides from smartphone apps and even activate climate control.


Pergolas are constructed from high-quality materials like wood, glass, steel, aluminum, polyethylene (PE), and vinyl. Each material delivers a different aesthetic appearance, offering residential and commercial customers various products that integrate with their architectural visions. Similarly, the pergola material influences its bioclimatic impact, reducing or increasing its environmental effect.


Customers appreciate the multiple functions of these architectural frames because they can be situated in many locations. These structures can be freestanding in the garden on lawns or near swimming pools, permanent fixtures over patios, or car covers. Customers use them as offices, entertainment spots, and for protection from the sun. Because of these qualities, buyers can be confident that there is a broad market for these products.

Diverse markets

These structures are ideal complements for private homes and open-air restaurants where owners can attract more traffic throughout the year. Property developers incorporate these edifices into new developments, such as undercover parking, a community meeting area, or open spaces between office blocks to enjoy the outdoors.

Municipalities even erect pergolas to enhance public spaces and attract more people to city businesses. All of these functions give buyers a good reason to offer their customers multiple options for beautifying their outdoor areas.

Meeting customer expectations

An elegant, motorized patio structure

Motorized aluminum carport-style trellis

This product goes all out in expanding outdoor living. Owners can install this aluminum, waterproof trellis over an existing patio and enjoy motorized control of the roof and side wall slats to shut out inclement weather. Alternatively, this structure is available with transparent walls and a moving roof.

Freestanding poolside building

Pergola with translucent retractable screen walls and roof

Introduce this attractive structure alongside the pool for shade, easy living, entertainment in the summer, or a haven in the cooler months. Elegant retracting zip screens serve as protective walls or open-air buildings, while rubber-ended waterproof adjustable roof blades can open and close at the touch of a button for an all-weather outdoor living experience.

Recycled plastic wood

Wood-plastic composite trellis with pillars and slatted roof

Treated to be weatherproof and from recyclable sources, these traditional-style wood-plastic composite pergolas offer a natural complement to homes and gardens. Customers can fill in large, bland spaces with this elegant structure or include it as a permanent fixture adjacent to the home. However your customers choose to use this product, it is ideal for climbing plants that will eventually provide shelter from the sun.

Transparent walls

Triple glass wall framework mounted against a wooden wall

Manufactured with aluminum supports, glass, and other materials, this sophisticated outdoor kit can quickly be installed against a stationary brick or wooden wall. With three glass walls and a retracting roof, customers can enjoy fresh air from an outdoor office or fun entertainment area that includes shelter, shade, light, and warmth.

Corten steel framework

An arched framework made from Corten steel

This design is simple yet rustically modern and breaks tradition with its arched roof. Created from Corten steel to produce a weathered look in a few months, this high-quality material can last for over 20 years. 

Customers who want to be surrounded by greenery will love this frame, which brings them closer to nature while offering some cover from the elements. Buyers can easily recommend this item for restaurants, walkways, arches, and over-short bridges.

Bioclimatic terrace pergola

A bioclimatic pergola roof kit with lattice roof over walkway

The lattice roof design and open sides make this edifice a modern take on the traditional installation. However, the simplicity of this one, situated over water and a walkway surrounded by climbing plants, gives buyers yet another idea for meeting customer preferences when seeking ways to bring nature closer to their indoor living space.

Final thoughts

A polyethylene wood-like pergola

Pergolas are exquisite structural additions to existing locales, expanding indoor living so that users can experience nature more fully while remaining protected from bad weather. A broad target market recognized this value, and manufacturers stepped up to meet the design, experiential, and property value improvement potential. As such, demand has grown, providing buyers with an exceptional array of designs and customizations for every market.

However, other than the small selection of pergola kits presented here, we invite you to explore the entire Alibaba.com website to see another dimension of this market and its opportunities.

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