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The Best-Selling Garden Décor for 2024

White flowers in a vase on a chair

Dardens or even a collection of plants are an increasingly valued part of a complete home nowadays. The chaos and stress of daily life mean that spending time in a small slice of nature can help us to refresh our minds and deal with the humdrum.

Here we’ll take a look at some of the top trending garden décor and accessories – valuable knowledge every home business looking to boost sales must have.

Table of Contents
1. Global market size and landscape for garden accessories
2. Top-selling garden décor accessories
3. How to choose the right garden accessories in 2024
4. Summary

1. Global market landscape for garden accessories

Fresh fruits and flowers

Valued at USD 83 billion in 2022, the global garden décor market is expected to increase exponentially in the coming years, growing at a CAGR of 3.5% to reach an estimated USD 117.7 billion by 2032.

Terrace and comfortable couches and armchairs around a table

Consumer tastes have considerably changed in recent years as more and more people opt to spend time relaxing in the backyard gardens, heading outdoors for quality time, and taking photos in picturesque settings for social media. This change has led to growing interest in beautifying these spaces with unique designs and accessories.

Analyzed by region, Asia Pacific had the biggest outdoor décor market in 2022, with China leading the charge in terms of revenue. Europe and North America are also key regions contributing to market growth.

The changing market reflects consumer interest in a better quality of life as well as significant development potential for companies in this sector.

2. Top-selling garden décor accessories

Potted green indoor plants

As we continue into 2024, a wave of cutting-edge garden décor and accessories continues to capture the attention of seasoned gardeners and novices alike. The top-selling products in this segment are designed to make gardening more efficient and promote sustainable practices.

1. Artificial ivy

Green leafed ivy hung around a trellis

The use of artificial ivy in homes or gardens is rising. Unlike natural ivy, which demands a certain level of care, artificial ivy does not, staying in place and maintaining a lush appearance throughout the year. High-quality artificial ivy is made from durable and UV-resistant material, guaranteeing it will continue to look vibrant for years to come.

Many interior designers use artificial ivy to create statement walls in yards or inside homes. Another use is to place it in a hanging basket, with the leaves trailing over the edge. Its multiple uses reflect its versatility, which in turn helps boost its demand.

2. Outdoor rocking chairs

A woman sitting and reading on a rocking chair

Rocking chairs have long been used in gardens and yards to sit back and enjoy the finer things in life, and this year is no different. In today’s market, rocking chairs come in a variety of materials, including hardwood, high-density polyethylene (HDPE), wicker, and more.

Similarly, there are numerous styles: A beachy, laid-back rocker is the best fit for the coastal climate, while sleek, angular seats are preferred by adherents to more minimalist aesthetics wanting to add a modern touch to their garden spaces. Likewise, rustic rockers are suitable for farms and vintage-styled yards.

3. Rustic willow trellis

Decorative trellis next to a table filled with food

A trellis is a simple garden structure that secures plants in a way that allows them to grow vertically. Besides working as an accent piece in the gardens, trellis can also add privacy to a yard.

Here are some types of trellis designs found in the market:

  • Lattice: Made of wood or vinyl and has a traditional crisscross look
  • Wall-mounted: This can attach to the sides of a home or a building, making it stable and sturdier
  • Arched: Flat on both sides and connected by an arch on the top, this type of trellis is usually made of wood or metal, and can be attached to the side of a fence or home for added support
  • Obelisk: Standard styles of obelisk trellis are column and pyramid, helping to train plants to climb vertically

It is vital to pair the trellises with suitable plants, creating a timeless and charming appeal that resonates with traditional and contemporary garden designs.

4. Decorative lanterns

A lantern hanging on a tree in a garden

Lanterns bring a soft and warm glow that creates a cozy environment in a patio or garden. Before investing, it is essential to determine what type of lighting the consumer requires: Is it for safety, to create a cozy atmosphere, or to highlight certain features? Whatever the case is, the lanterns should seamlessly blend with the garden’s overall aesthetics.

The most popular kinds of lanterns include:

  • Solar-powered lanterns: These lanterns use sunlight during the daytime to power LED lights at night without relying on electrical wires or batteries
  • Vintage-inspired lanterns: Lanterns with warm-toned glass panels or intricate glasswork offer a conventional, vintage vibe
  • Hanging lanterns: These are usually made from glass, metal, or rattan and can be suspended from trees, porch ceilings, or pergolas
  • Moroccan lanterns: These lanterns create a captivating play of shadow and light, adding an exotic and bohemian touch to the outdoor areas

Practical aspects like weather resistance and power sources should be considered when investing in decorative lanterns. Remember that trends and preferences may evolve, so exploring the latest designs and innovations is always a good way to stay ahead of the curve.

3. How to choose the right garden accessories in 2024

Painted and decorative mushrooms

The desire to create classy and comfortable outdoor spaces has inspired many homeowners to expand and do up their gardens. Garden accessory trends that look to be big this year include:

  • Eco-friendly: People are increasingly looking to reduce their carbon footprint, so stock with a preference for sustainable and recyclable options
  • Tech-friendly: The gardening landscape is witnessing a notable surge in innovative outdoor technology, and more people are looking for tech-intensive accessories to make their gardening experience easier
  • Durable: The priority for quality and long-lasting material is rising as people look to reduce the chances of needing to repurchase and replace garden décor
  • Local and unique: Businesses should look to collaborate with local artisans for special, handmade touches, adding a sense of community to their products

4. Summary

Rectangular, brown wooden table in a garden

Gardens are getting a major style upgrade, and businesses these days have many ways to help consumers spruce up their outdoor spaces. Whatever you decide to invest in, try to remember that people are increasingly looking for durable, sustainable, and potentially tech-laden products to bring their green areas into the 21st century.

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